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Translate faster. : Translate your mind. Traduce : English Spanish ImTranslator Dictionary. Vocabulist Bookmarklet. Select from and to languages Instant translation popups for learning languages About the translation bookmarklet tool Drag the vocabulist icon to the bookmark bar where it becomes a bookmarklet.

Vocabulist Bookmarklet

Activate for a specific webpage by clicking the bookmarklet. Read a webpage in the foreign language you are learning and, when you come across a difficult word that you don't understand, hover the mouse over the word, a helpful popup translation instantly appears! There is a new website (in progress) for the vocabulist bookmarklet/extension which is now called vocapop This software tool provides a translation in the form of a tool-tip or "speech bubble" that appears above words in the text of web-pages. Below is an icon for the Vocabulist bookmarklet: drag it to your bookmarklet bar, then click on it, the settings dialog will then appear at the top left of the browser page. To install the Vocabulist bookmarklet follow these instructions.

Old English Translator. Lingro: The coolest dictionary known to hombre! Good Word Guide - Dictionary, Thesaurus and much more... A free/open-source machine translation platform. Feel free to contact us if you find a mistake, there's a project you would like to see us work on, or you would like to help out.

A free/open-source machine translation platform

IRC channel The quickest way to contact us is by joining our IRC channel, #apertium at, where users and developers of Apertium meet. You don't need an IRC client; you can use freenode webchat. Mailing list Also, subscribe to the apertium-stuff mailing list, where you can post longer proposals or issues, as well as follow general Apertium discussions. Multilingual dictionary, thesaurus, translation. Online dictionary. LEXILOGOS Online dictionaries, maps, documents - languages & countries. English-Spanish dictionary.

Collaborative Dictionary Registration. TRAVLANG's Translating Dictionaries. Free Online Translation. Translation dictionary. Google Translator. Dictionary – online translation – We offer translations in many different languages, ranging from colloquial and regional expressions to more technical or field-specific vocabulary.

Dictionary – online translation –

Special features include search filters, synonyms, pronunciation, sample sentences and much more. Simply choose your preferred dictionary from the list below. Help us to improve our dictionaries by suggesting new translations in the entry box at the end of the page. Perhaps you are up to date with the latest French slang? Are you familiar with any regional expressions? Free Translation and Professional Translation Services from SDL. Web Translation, Online Dictionary, Language Translator. Free Translation Online. English-Spanish dictionary ABBYY Lingvo-Online. Free Online Translation. IATE - The EU's multilingual term base. Lexicool. - Free Online Dictionary - Translations & definitions. Translation Spanish English. Reverso offers you the best tool for learning English, the Spanish English dictionary containing commonly used words and expressions, along with thousands of Spanish entries and their English translation, added in the dictionary by our users.

translation Spanish English

For the ones performing professional translations from Spanish to English, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful. See the latest user contributions to the Spanish-English dictionary and add your own: To add entries to your own vocabulary, become a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member.It's easy and only takes a few seconds: How to participate: Add words and phrases with complete translations and definitions Comment on the Spanish to English translations submitted by other users Vote for or against the English translation of Spanish words. » Contribute. Online dictionary English-Spanish - Larousse. Dictionary for German, French, Spanish, and more. What is Linguee?

Dictionary for German, French, Spanish, and more

Linguee is a unique translation tool combining an editorial dictionary and a search engine with which you can search hundreds of millions of bilingual texts for words and expressions. The Linguee search results are divided into two sections. On the left hand side you see results from our reliable editorial dictionary. This provides you with a quick overview of various translations of your search term. On the right hand side, you see example sentences from other sources to give you an idea of how your search term has been translated in context. What are the benefits? Linguee offers numerous benefits compared to other online dictionaries: It contains approximately 1,000 times more translated textsSingle word translations are displayed in a clear, user-friendly structureLinguee offers a great variety of contextual translation examplesIts interactive user guidance facilitates the translation search.

How do I use Linguee? Attention! Spanish to English Translation, Dictionary & Translator / Diccionario y traductor inglés español. English to Spanish Translation, Dictionary, Translator. Dictionaries and translators on