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Unit 2:Graphic Organizers. Graphic Organizers!

Unit 2:Graphic Organizers

Overview Graphic organizers are also becoming a mainstream tool for promoting reading comprehension. They can be high or low tech, used in an individual or whole class format, and can focus on a single word, sentence, idea or an entire written work. This versatility makes organizers a handy aide for new or struggling readers. Within the reading environment, graphic organizers assist students in gathering thoughts in an easily depicted format-visually organizing. For more organizer templates to assist in comprehension, visit these sites: ScholasticEduplaceTeacherVision Story Map Story Maps organize the structure and flow of the story into identifiable categories. Typically, Story Maps center around characters and events in an outline format. Story Map Template The student will fill their interpretation of the elements.

Here is an example of a completed Story Map: Printable Story Maps:Eduplace Scholastic KWL Chart What Is K-W-L?. LearnZillion. Rthomasfwes - Alice in Wonderland. Lesson 3: Graphic Organizer - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alice In Wonderland. This lesson plan may be used to address the academic standards listed below.

Alice In Wonderland

These standards are drawn from Content Knowledge: A Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K-12 Education: 2nd Edition and have been provided courtesy of theMid-continent Research for Education and Learningin Aurora, Colorado. Grade level: 6-8, 9-12Subject area: language artsStandard: Demonstrates competence in the general skills and strategies for reading a variety of literary texts.Benchmarks: (6-8)Knows the defining characteristics of a variety of literary forms and genres (e.g., fiction, nonfiction, myths, poems, fantasies, biographies, autobiographies, science fiction, tall tales, supernatural tales). (9-12)Applies reading skills and strategies to a variety of literary texts (e.g., fiction, nonfiction, myths, poems, biographies, autobiographies, science fiction, supernatural tales, satires, parodies, plays, American literature, British literature, world and ancient literature).

Alice-lesson-plan-1.pdf. Alice-lesson-plan-2.pdf. Resources « Lewis Carroll Society of North America. A Trip to Wonderland: The Nursery 'Alice' Activity 1.

A Trip to Wonderland: The Nursery 'Alice'

Entering Wonderland Write the word "Wonderland" on the blackboard in large letters and ask students if they have ever heard of it. While some students might be familiar with the title of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, others may have different associations. Ask students if they think Wonderland is a place (like, for example, Disneyland). Why does the name of this place include the word "wonder"? Tell students that there is a famous book called Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, written more than a hundred years ago (1865) by a man who called himself Lewis Carroll. An electronic version of The Nursery "Alice" is available online. Activity 2. Read aloud the first three chapters of The Nursery "Alice. " In Chapter Two, Alice drinks the potion marked "Drink Me" and becomes "smaller, and smaller, till at last she was just the size of a little doll!

" Alice In Wonderland. Lessonplanet. Lesson_plan.pdf. Alice in Wonderland lesson plans. Alice in Wonderland Lesson Plans - FreshPlans. Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass is a perennial favorite, and for good reason.

Alice in Wonderland Lesson Plans - FreshPlans

In the story, Alice falls down a rabbit hole and ends up in a marvelous world full of frankly irritating creatures and surprising events. The story continues with Alice’s adventures as she tries to get home. Eventually, we discover with Alice that it was all a dream. Project Gutenberg has the whole text online.Enjoy Alice with illustrations.Listen to a performance at Wired for Books.Experience a very interesting approach to the text at Text Arc.Robert Sabuda has done Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-up Adaptation as a paper tour de force. Alice In Wonderland is a chapter book.

Once you’ve read the story, check out some cross-curricular connections: Technology Alice is a programming environment designed to help students learn basic concepts in programming, and to encourage young people to enter the field (there’s a shortage predicted). Math Character Education Art.