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Free Teaching Resources. Live Virtual Event: Constitution Day at the National Constitution Center. 2015 Constitution Day lessons. In preparation for Constitution Day 2015, several members of the Scholastic Press Rights Committee (SPRC), a committee of the Journalism Education Association, created lesson plans specific for the event.

2015 Constitution Day lessons

We suggest celebrating the day Sept. 17. We created these lessons to help celebrate the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as mandated by Congress. Legislation requires schools to offer lessons on the Constitution and how it affects all Americans. Common Core Exemplar: Teaching the Bill of Rights. Lesson Plans on the U.S. Constitution - Lesson Plans. Each year the United States celebrates Constitution Week, which commemorates the adoption of the US Constitution.

Lesson Plans on the U.S. Constitution - Lesson Plans

Created in 1956, the purpose of the week-long celebration is to promote civics education and the study of the Constitution. This year the event will take place between September 17 and 23 and marks the 227th anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution. The Share My Lesson team has selected a variety of free lesson plans, educational resources and classroom materials to support teachers as they celebrate Constitution Week in their classes.

Sign up for free and start downloading what you need today. Elementary school materials. Make Your Case. Play Make Your Case! Think your students have the Seventh Amendment down?

Play Make Your Case!

Then it’s time for them to play Make Your Case. Students can take part in this courtroom trial simulation and learn how important the right to a trial by jury is. Students will play the role of an attorney in a civil case against one of their classmates. They can also play as teams. Students should bring their best game, because we’re keeping score. For Make Your Case game instructions, click here. Constitution Day - Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids from the National Constitution Center. <a href=" title="Online Form">Online Form - Constant Contact Signup Form</a> Countdown to Constitution Day Great Classroom Resource:Constitutional Rights: Origins and Travels.

Constitution Day - Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids from the National Constitution Center

Thinking as a Founding Father. The National Constitution Center - Profile. The Constitution: Past, Present and Future. Liberty! To Sign or Not to Sign. "A More Perfect Union": Constitution Day Activity. Citizen Me. Passing the Constitution: State Ratification. What Basic Ideas Are in the Preamble? Boston Plays: Constitution Day Activity. What Is Authority? The Constitution: The Country's Rules. Lesson Plans on the U.S. Constitution - Lesson Plans. You're Searching 22 results found. 3 pages of results.

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These lessons look at poltical affairs and party systems. Lesson Plans – Youth Leadership Initiative. Now the most comprehensive civics lesson plans are right at your fingertips.

Lesson Plans – Youth Leadership Initiative

View Samples Over 100 teacher developed lesson plans K-12. Whether you are new to teaching government or civics or an experienced veteran- the YLI lesson plans page has something for everyone. “Thank you for some excellent lesson plans that coordinate with Virginia SOLs and provide good visuals for discussion and clarification of topics. My classes thoroughly enjoyed participation in this project.” —Margaret GurleyGeorge Washington High School, Danville, VA Sign Up Rigorous teacher-developed course units cover all aspects of civic education from voting to service learning to the legislative process and more! How It Works. Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Lesson Plans and Resources - civics_education.

Constitution Day Lesson Plans for K-12. Find Lessons - Teaching Civics. Deliberation: Sanctuary Cities From Street Law Should cities or counties be able to declare themselves “sanctuaries” and refuse to cooperate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detainer requests?

Find Lessons - Teaching Civics

Current Read More 2017 Supreme Court Nomination Advising Senators Activity From Street Law Are you teaching about President Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court? Federal vs State Laws video Produced by the Robert H. The House Rules Committee video Produced by the Robert H. Civics 101 – Episode 13: Filibuster Each podcast episode of Civics 101 gives listeners a non-partisan, topical “refresher course on how American democracy was designed and how it is practiced in Read More Civics 101 – Episode 12: The Nuclear Codes Each podcast episode of Civics 101 gives listeners a non-partisan, topical “refresher course on how American democracy was designed and how it is practiced in Read More Civics 101 – Episode 11: The State of the Union Produced by the Robert H.

Gideon v. Texas v. Civic Education Lesson/Unit Plans. Lesson Plan Library: Civics. Lesson Plans and Activities. Lesson Plans. Every year, more than 4.5 million students around the world participate in the Center’s education for democracy programs.

Lesson Plans

The Center’s research-proven and teacher-tested curricula reach K-12 students in every congressional district of the United States and in eighty countries. Through its curriculum, the Center engages young people to become informed, responsible citizens. The Center’s curricula include We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution; Project Citizen; the School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program; Representative Democracy in America; Citizens, Not Spectators; and Foundations of Democracy.

To purchase Center textbooks, visit our online store. Click here to browse our selection of civic education ebooks. The Center also provides a variety of free, downloadable curricular resources for teachers. Lesson Plans: Civics (6-8th Grade) Civics Lesson Plans. Lesson Plans - Civics and Government - Themed Resources. Constitution Day – Lesson Plan. Back to lesson plans archiveSeptember 16, 2013 By Katie Gould, Teacher Resource Producer for PBS NewsHour Extra Subjects History, government and civics Estimated Time One 90 minute class period Grade Level.

Constitution Day – Lesson Plan