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Smartworks Coworking Space

Founded in 2016, Smartworks is India’s largest and profitable coworking space provider serving 500+ customers with a presence in 9 leading cities and 23 centres through a footprint of 2.1 million sq. ft (and growing). Smartworks is focused on creating the next generation office spaces and highly productive community by ensuring customer centricity.

Best Office Space For Rent in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a distinct blend of rich cultural heritage and emerging commercialism.

Best Office Space For Rent in Hyderabad

The city is witnessing rapid growth due to the boom in the IT sector and burgeoning entrepreneurial ventures, which are disrupting the work culture of the city. Smartworks provides coworking space in Hyderabad with seamless technology integration and a wide expanse of amenities. Our managed coworking office spaces in Hyderabad are aptly configured according to your specific needs and represent your brand values. Our office spaces have top-notch real estate design and unmatched hospitality. Coworking Space in Bellandur, Bangalore. Smartworks’ Bengaluru center finds itself strategically shaped at Global Technology Park in Bellandur, which ensures close proximity to nature even within the workplace.

Coworking Space in Bellandur, Bangalore

Besides being the most sought-after corporate address, it enjoys easy connectivity to the entire city. Our coworking space in Bellandur, Bangalore is spread across a lavish space of 120 acres, equipped with every modern facility and the pleasing posh greenery. The complete eight-floor building is exclusively dedicated for agile workspaces, coupled with a fine delicate balance between comfort and utility to help decision making more delightful. Our coworking space in Bellandur has creative collaboration zones, sound-proof meeting rooms and spacious conference rooms that will assist you in elevating your business to the next level.

This fully furnished office space is surrounded with community management team that is committed to empowering members in every possible way. 5 Pillars that Helps to Design a Modern Workspace. The Covid-19 disruption has altered the way we work, making conventional office spaces redundant and obsolete with the current workspace demands of enterprises.

5 Pillars that Helps to Design a Modern Workspace

Businesses in the new normal are looking for flexible workspace solutions that are tech-enabled and driven to provide a safe and healthy working environment. How to Maintain Social Distancing at WorkPlace. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth a paradigm shift in the way we work, interact and communicate with each other.

How to Maintain Social Distancing at WorkPlace

As the lockdowns world over get lifted and staggered workspace resumption becomes the new normal, social distancing has become overtly critical for curbing the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Why is social distancing important? Social distancing is a precautionary measure which has been designed to help curb the spread of COVID-19 virus by minimizing physical contact. Maintaining a distance of at least six feet has become an integral part of the new normal. Social distancing is recommended because it creates a personal-safety zone for an individual, lowering the risk of contracting the virus.Even though the world is slowly flickering back to normal, it is recommended to avoid crowded spaces and limit travelling as much as possible.

Below are some tips for ensuring proper social distancing at work: 1. This is the most important rule of social distancing. 2. Tips to Utilize Your Office Space After Covid 19. The pandemic has disrupted the world economy, business and even the way we work.

Tips to Utilize Your Office Space After Covid 19

While work from home was a temporary makeshift solution to curb the spread, there is no denying that it is not the future of work. Remote working, not only multiplies working hours, it also brings forth a feeling of isolation owing to the lack of communications and shared experiences between colleagues. Home offices do not provide the necessary infrastructural and technological support required by employees to conduct business operations. As businesses consider workspace resumption, workspace strategies in the new normal would revolve around de-densifying office spaces, physical distancing and greater emphasis on personal hygiene for promoting a safe and healthy work environment for employees.

Workspace experience in the New Normal would be nothing like we have known before, it would be driven by contactless technology and focus on a holistic approach towards employee wellbeing. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. International Coworking Day: Celebrating Global Shared Spaces - Smartworks. There was a time when the concept of a shared work space was considered an anathema for any working professional.

International Coworking Day: Celebrating Global Shared Spaces - Smartworks

Not only could businesses bring their mind around this concept, there was hardly any need to build this up. Times have changed since then, with the rise of gig economy, there came a requirement to create a collaborative workplace for such professionals. International Coworking Day celebrates the milestones and the concept of utilising a shared space amongst a varied working professional, without hurting a business’ bottom line.

Today, coworking spaces has changed and developed new ways to work. Services given by companies hosting a shared work space provides flexibility, maintains the upkeep of basic amenities such as desk space, electricity, internet connection and businesses availing such service have pay is just for the space at a reasonable price. This is big number! Over the decade, 693 million workers will be retiring, a tectonic shift in the modern workplace globally. Coworking Space in Pune. Pune has catapulted its identity and has become a chosen business destination for many technology giants.

Coworking Space in Pune

Coworking Space in Delhi-NCR. Delhi is not just the capital of India, it is a metaphor for the aspirations and ambitions of modern India.

Coworking Space in Delhi-NCR

The centre of culture, finance and politics for centuries, every business wants to flourish and leave a mark in this city. Amidst the hustle and bustle of this densely populated area, your business can find its own world with Smartworks. Make The Switch: Choose Meeting Rooms over Coffee Shops - Smartworks. The world of business is constantly being dominated by burgeoning startups and small businesses that offer work flexibility and believe in getting things done effectively.

Make The Switch: Choose Meeting Rooms over Coffee Shops - Smartworks

The stepping stone for running a successful business lies not just in ideas and the team but on how effectively you can network and create new opportunities for growing your business. Connecting with new people for business pitches and holding business meetings is the part and parcel of being a business leader or a budding entrepreneur. While holding meeting in a coffee shop was acceptable in the past, it is, however direly frowned upon in the present times. How Large Organizations Are Taking Advantage Of Coworking For Expansion? - Smartworks. With rise of start-ups in India, came the issue of addressing a workplace set up which can assist in creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurial drive to thrive.

How Large Organizations Are Taking Advantage Of Coworking For Expansion? - Smartworks

From 2005, globally, the rise of shared, community based office space started to gain traction as professionals started moving in to the gig economy. Closer to home a similar trend was visible with many cafes and restaurants offering free wifi services. The start-up culture truly got a boost when co-working spaces started to emerge, allowing people from various diverse backgrounds to congregate at one point, everyday, and collaborating with each other to solve rising business and social challenges of the day. Coworking Space in Kolkata. Known as the City of Joy, Kolkata is regarded as the commercial and the financial hub of East India. This heavenly city guides you through its wondrous streets, and access to coworking spaces open gates to the golden opportunity of networking. Weathering the COVID-19 Storm Together. Let’s Fight The Covid-19 Challenge Together Smartworks is driven to provide safe and hygienic work environment for all.

While we will continue to implement all the global best practices and preventive measures as prescribed by the government, we will need your support and cooperation to make it successful. Read More Smartworks Preventive Measures Workplace Sanitization. 7 Best Productivity Tips for Working From Home - Smartworks. With the outbreak of COVID-19, many companies are opting to choose the work from home strategy but they also need to ensure the best productivity tips for working from home are put in place in a bid to flatten the curve in stemming the spread of coronavirus and ensuring productivity and output remains ongoing.

Social distancing is one key element in stopping the spread of this disease. It basically defines being physically distant while maintaining social solidarity. While not everyone will be comfortable or used to working from home, there are some simple behavioural tips that can be applied in these trying times. How You Can Protect Your Business During Coronavirus Outbreak? Building a Workplace (Coworking Office Space) that Works. Fun. Inspiring. Productive. Engaging. If you wouldn’t define your office space with any or all of those terms, then there is definitely something not right with your co-working office space. There are multiple reasons to push each one of us off balance at work. As per these reports, co-working office space is strongly correlated to employee productivity and performance and even a small shift can have a dramatic impact.

This physical workspace is the one we see, touch or smell. But before reading on, think for a minute about your co-working office space and how it makes you feel. If it’s the latter, then there is some learning to pull out from some of the greatest offices across the globe. There are no ‘fit-for-all’ workspaces Some of the most progressive offices across the globe are not just about an open floor plan or a cubicle, rather they’re about giving employees multiple moods of working. Innovatively Designed Tailor-Made Offices in Kolkata - Smartworks.

Coworking Space in Mumbai. Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. Popularly referred to as the ‘City that never sleeps’ and the ‘Dream City’ in the same breath, Mumbai is experiencing a burgeoning rise of the startup culture. Coworking spaces have disrupted the traditional office experience in the financial centre of India, Mumbai. Our coworking space in Mumbai has been intuitively designed to give your organization a seamless work experience. Our office space for rent in Mumbai is accurately designed to shadow your brand ethos. Coworking Space in Bangalore - Smartworks. Fully Furnished Office Spaces. Consolidation Brewing in India's Co-working Market - Smartworks.