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Ted - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland. Agile Plant Wall - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland. Miss Pak - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland. Miss Pak is totally customisable in a huge range of different materials.

Miss Pak - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland

She’s been developed, designed, and manufactured here in New Zealand, so everything from her shape to the colour of her legs (which naturally come in beautiful timber) can be tailor-made to suit your office’s aesthetic. And when it comes to posture, Miss Pak has your back. Like all of our products, ergonomics has been a huge factor in the design process. Designed and manufactured in New ZealandCustomisable shapeCustomisable finishes including legs and upholstery in a range of finishesEasily relocatableErgonomic designAcoustic panelling for noise protection. Framery O Booth - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland.

Our sleek pod’s superior sound insulation is perfect for making important calls, participating in video conferences, or doing tasks that require peak concentration.

Framery O Booth - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland

We’ve ergonomically designed the interior to minimise physical discomfort, with an adjustable seat, posture-correcting footrest, and laptop table. The pod’s inbuilt ventilation system creates a fresh and temperate working environment. The exterior is made of high-quality, sustainable materials and we have a range of finishes to suit your office’s décor. Noise-cancelling, private, and visually pleasing, the Framery O booth is at the forefront of agile workplace solutions. Check out the brochure for more information including your customising options, and contact us to see the Booth in action at our Auckland based office and showroom. Rubix Electric - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland. Apus Media Booth - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland. The Focus Range - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland. Lack of focus doesn’t just result in diminished productivity, it can result in stress – which quite easily escalates to a lower immune system, lack of sleep, or worse – snappy, irritable staff.

The Focus Range - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland

No one wants to work with snappy, irritable staff. Luckily, you no longer need to find your displaced focus. We have a number of solutions for this (check out our top noisy office solutions here), including our most recent addition – the aptly named Focus range. The Focus range all have similar basic attributes – upholstered in scientifically proven sound absorbing nanofibers (the latest technology in acoustic fabrics), a wrap-around shape for 360° audio and visual distraction blocking and a fairly generous desk space. They’re easily relocatable, customisable in a wide range of finishes and made here in New Zealand. The Focus Return, Engage and Touchdown are perfect for individual focused work, with room for a comfortable office chair of your choosing.

Smartalock - Smart Space Workspace Solution Auckland. FloorSight Office Sensors for Office Occupancy Tracking. This is the next level up from Floorsense, which adds a top desk component that monitors and collects data for each individual staff member and pairs with the under-desk monitor for a wide range of advanced solutions.

FloorSight Office Sensors for Office Occupancy Tracking

The Floorsight app, or your own building cards, are used to activate the monitor. Some of the advanced features available with the Floorsight setup include: Use ‘findme’ to locate individuals at the touch of a button.Book a desired workspace in advance either through the app or with building access cards.The top desk device doubles up as a wireless or USB charger. “Traffic light” feature shows the availability of a desk and/or worker and can deter interruptions.Monitor invoice-able time and track productivity.New Covid-19 features now available with FloorSight Virtual.

Contact Us. Blog. SmartSpace. Work Station Projects - Smart Space. Innovations. Factory. Team. Why SmartSpace. Lease High Quality Custom Office Furniture. Open Plan Office Space Solutions & Planning Services. Need someone to have your back at work? Now is the perfect time to step back and check that your office setup is working for you, not against you.

Need someone to have your back at work?

Why now? Because the longer you put up with something like a chair that isn’t ergonomic or one that is just plain uncomfortable, the more damage you can do. Look around the office. Can you spot chairs that are broken or sagging? There is nothing worse than being stuck with the chair with the cracked castor or an armrest that droops. However, there are worse kinds of chairs – the kind that don’t support you. What is the best ergonomic office chair? We spend nearly six hours a day sitting at our desks. The ideal office chair should be adjustable. Ideally, knees should be at a 90-degree angle, with your feet flat on the floor. That is quite a list! If your current perch is not pitch-perfect, consider going iKONIC. It’s crate co-working… it really is better to share! SmartSpace helps build classrooms of the future! Workspace Plan Space Solutions & Fit Out.