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SmartSpace was launched in 2012 to create the perfect model in agile commercial office solutions. In just seven years director James Dodunski and sales manager Sheila Ye have grown SmartSpace from a four-person team to a business employing 30 staff. We believe workspaces have the power to transform users into communities, and spaces into places. That’s why we place people - our clients, users and sustainability - at the centre of our product and supplier choices.

Standing Desk Benefits 2020. 4.

Standing Desk Benefits 2020

Standing desks help relieve back issues and improve posture The first thing you’ll notice after using a standing desk is that your body just feels better. The ergonomic benefits of being able to stand while working are widely known. The human body, quite simply, was not designed to sit for the length of time we sit today. Sitting too much can be detrimental to your posture and cause back issues. Storage Solutions For The Agile Workspace.

The modern workplace is so hot right now – and not just for hot desking.

Storage Solutions For The Agile Workspace

Best Ergonomic Chair 2020. Now is the perfect time to step back and check that your office setup is working for you, not against you.

Best Ergonomic Chair 2020

Why now? Because the longer you put up with something like a chair that isn’t ergonomic or one that is just plain uncomfortable, the more damage you can do. Look around the office. Can you spot chairs that are broken or sagging? There is nothing worse than being stuck with the chair with the cracked castor or an armrest that droops. However, there are worse kinds of chairs – the kind that don’t support you. What is the best ergonomic office chair? We spend nearly six hours a day sitting at our desks. The ideal office chair should be adjustable. Ideally, knees should be at a 90-degree angle, with your feet flat on the floor.

That is quite a list! If your current perch is not pitch-perfect, consider going iKONIC. What makes an office chair comfortable? Creating workspaces for Auckland’s future engineers. If you’ve ever known an engineering student, you’ll know it can be a tough gig.

Creating workspaces for Auckland’s future engineers

With long days and demanding schedules, prospective engineers need a space where they can focus intently on study to achieve those coveted A-grades. With this in mind, the University of Auckland invited SmartSpace to tender for the desks and electronic lockers part of the furniture fitout of their new, purpose-built engineering building.

The vision of the project was to create a flexible space where students could both study and collaborate with their peers. During the tender process, one of the criteria the university was impressed by was the style and durability of SmartSpace’s products. “The major thing we liked about SmartSpace was the style of their products – especially the durability,” says University Project Coordinator, Jordan Howell. Looking for a stylish and spacious work bag? Best laptop backpacks 2020. The average office worker carries at least two pieces of tech to work, so when it comes to choosing your laptop backpack, a well-cushioned, sealable laptop and tech storage is essential – to keep your expensive gadgets safe and secure.

Looking for a stylish and spacious work bag? Best laptop backpacks 2020

As an on-the-go worker, built-in USB power options are an excellent addition, so that you can charge your phone or tablet on the go, and don’t run out of juice if you forget your charger (so frustrating!). You want your bag to be functional and spacious, so you’ve got room for everything you need for a productive day at the office – water bottle, laptop, notebooks, folders, pens, portable mouse, phone, chargers, your lunch, even a sweater or scarf for overly-cold AC! And with one bag housing your office essentials, ergonomic straps that distribute weight and stop you experiencing back pain are very important.

Some backpacks even have technology that reduces the pressure on your shoulders. Floorsight: Helping you make your business Covid-19 safe. With the announcement made about initiating lockdown level 3 from Monday next week, there are now new rules in place for businesses.

Floorsight: Helping you make your business Covid-19 safe

Under alert level 3 most businesses can start to reopen as long as they aren’t client-facing; and if employees can work from home, they should. However, if you need to bring essential workers into the office, you are able to do so as long as you have safe-practice measures in place. "Covid-19 has spread in workplaces, so the quid pro quo of being able to open is doing it in a way that doesn't spread the virus," Jacinda Ardern said during Monday’s announcement. Work from Home Furniture Options. Do you need to support your key staff for long-term working from home?

Work from Home Furniture Options

We’ve got your back! In this blog post, we outline home office furniture essentials for pain-free and productive remote working. As companies around the world are forced into remote working amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are grappling with the reality of working from home for extended periods of time. The reality is, while some people may have Pinterest-and-physiotherapist approved home offices, most are having to flit between the dining room table, the sofa, and even the bed to get their work done.

Unfortunately, this kind of setup can wreak havoc on your body, your attitude, and cause productivity levels to plummet. Contact Us. Innovations. Factory. Team. Why SmartSpace. Lease High Quality Custom Office Furniture. Open Plan Office Space Solutions & Planning Services. Workspace Plan Space Solutions & Fit Out. It’s crate co-working… it really is better to share! SmartSpace helps build classrooms of the future! AA Insurance. “AAI made the decision to move to an agile workplace in 2018, with the move to our new premises, AA Insurance House,” says Malama.

AA Insurance

The office designs are predominantly open-plan shared workspaces with bookable meeting rooms, training rooms, and lots of informal collaboration spaces. Out of the 121 desks in Hamilton only 17 are fixed, and in the Auckland office only 30% of employees have a fixed desk. Malama was also finding it difficult to gain the real-time data she needed to make vital decisions about AAI’s accommodation strategy.

Trying to monitor the space manually was extremely time-consuming and, more often than not, the information gathered did not paint an accurate picture. Malama already had a great rapport with the staff at SmartSpace, so she decided to give the FloorSight technology a go. How to create a modern workspace that your staff will love… “A great start is to make sure you have the right office furniture in the right place.

How to create a modern workspace that your staff will love…

Whether your office is completely agile or, like many of our clients, part-agile, designating different spaces for different types of work will help allow for the right balance of collaboration and individual focus.” “Break-out zones created with soft furnishings are perfect for informal meetings or just simply relaxing.

Creating these spaces can be as easy as moving around the chairs and couches your office already has.’ Noisy office solutions. Should I Stay, or Should I Go? As Lorne Somerville, of Barfoot and Thompson's Commercial Leasing division, says, there is no one size fits all when it comes to advising clients on the right time to move offices, or staying put and redesigning.

Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

There isn't even a single standard measure to calculate the sq/m floor space an employee needs. But getting a company like SmartSpace in to help a business make these big decisions is essential. ‘It’s really important to challenge the company on what they think they need,’ Lorne says.