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How to safeguard your children who are into sports during this COVID-19? - Use Smart SAN. 08 Aug How to safeguard your children who are into sports during this COVID-19?

How to safeguard your children who are into sports during this COVID-19? - Use Smart SAN

As each day passes by, the reality of the pandemic has struck all of us. People have realized that they need to turn to a new normal. The realization has led them to alter their ways of life to suit the situation. Parents are the worried lot of all! As the public are rebounding to their daily lives with an exhaustive set of safety rules, youth sports have also been taken into consideration. How to choose a safe sport for your child? As parents you need to first evaluate the sports itself. Few other important points to consider include Age: Analyse if the age group involved understand the gravitas of the situation. Team size: Practically speaking a big team with many players is hard to manage and follow guidelines. Staff team: Check if the coaches and staff can handle the children.

The venue: The venue of the practice sessions and competitions needs to be analysed. Wear a mask, always! Frequently asked questions. Toilet Seat Sanitizing Wipes. 25 Jun Most of us have an unknown fear in using public toilets.

Toilet Seat Sanitizing Wipes

We are scared about the infections we face. Especially women and children are prone more to these hygiene catastrophes. But we end up using public toilets in offices, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, trains, etc. on a typical busy day. So we could be prone to sexually transmitted infections / diseases, shigella bacteria, staphylococcus, streptococcus. A study done on hospital toilet seats proves that most of the hospital toilet seats were exposed to the antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus.

Types of Toilet Seat Sanitizers Typically there are two types of Toilet Seat Sanitizers available in store today. Typically most of the Toilet Seat Sanitizers available today are alcohol based. For SMARTSAN Toilet Seat Sanitizers the primary ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride. SMARTSAN Toilet Sanitizers SMARTSAN cares for you and your loved ones. Toilet Seat Sanitizer is a spray that: Toilet Seat Sanitizing Wipes: Smartsan - know about the hand sanitizers. 24 Jun Awareness on Hand Sanitizers increased after COVID-19.

Smartsan - know about the hand sanitizers

Mothers till now used hand sanitizers to sanitize the hands of their children after playing in a common play area. Sanitary industry giants like Himalayas, Dettol have been doing a lots of advertisements campaigns in media. The awareness on the necessity have risen only during the recent times due to the pandemic. The government making usage of Hand Sanitizers mandatory in public places has added towards the awareness of the product.

Importance of using sanitizers We have been handwashing with soap all these years to kill germs and avoid spreading of diseases. When did Hand Sanitizers come into existence? We all think that the Hand Sanitizers have evolved only recently. Hindu vedas and epics say some herbal plants were used as disinfecants. Sanitizing concept was hence, already a part of our life. Smartphone Sanitizer Wipes. 26 Jun Just take a minute to think of all the places you kept your smartphone in the last week.

Smartphone Sanitizer Wipes

The charging place in your room, your pant pockets, your office desk, chairs, benches in public places, bathrooms, office toilet counters, your vehicle dashboard, your two wheeler’s tank cover. Where all have you placed your unsanitized hands before touching your smartphone? Also all handled your phone other than you? Aren’t you pretty sure now that your smartphone might carry infection? 27 smartphones belonging to persons of different age group and gender was studied. Warning by Smartphone companies Smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have clearly warned against the usage of harsh chemicals, and abrasive cleansers on the smartphone screens in their safety instructions. What is the solution? Isopropyl alcohol can be used on the smartphone screens and they do not affect the oleophobic coating on the smartphone screens that are responsible for oil repelling.

Smartsan - The essence of Surface Sanitizers. 03 Jul Are you afraid of the sanity of the surface opening your door knob?

Smartsan - The essence of Surface Sanitizers

Or car door? Or opening your cupboard? Where you cook food for your loved ones? Dry / iron clothes? So to overcome the effects of such infections and germs surface sanitizers come in as a blessing and can banish up to 99.9%* germs and infections. What do Surface sanitizers do and how they work? Usage of surface sanitizers have proven to help prevent or at least minimize the adverse effects of infections and germs. SMARTSAN Surface Sanitizers SMARTSAN cares for your personal hygiene and your loved ones hygiene. So, we ensure that the sanitizers work on hard and smooth surfaces and our experts maintain the formula is effective.

Surface Sanitizer Wipes Keep infections at bay ‘on-the-go’ with Smartsan Surface Sanitizer Wipes from any surface. Smartsan Surface Sanitizer Wipes leaves the surface sanitized and germs free for extended hours. 50 ML and 100 ML Surface Sanitizer Spray.