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8 Characteristics of Great Leadership – In spite of the ambiguous research. Over the last several decades lots of research has been done on the subject of successful business leadership. It might be surprising but there is very little agreement on the subject. The short version is that there are very few, if any, commonalities to business success but the long version is that in spite of the research there are in fact some common characteristics of successful leaders. It seems that in all walks of life, great leadership characteristics also show up in the most successful business leaders. 1. Great leaders set a clear direction When I think about great leaders the one thing that always strikes me is the clarity of their vision.

The vision and the skill with which they communicate that vision makes it immediately obvious who to follow. 2. We all need a little nudge from time to time. 3. Having a penchant for action is by far the most important part of business success. 4. 5. Business opportunities and threats are like the ocean, both tend to come in waves. 6. 7.


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