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smartData has emerged as a leading custom IT business consultant, having made business easier and more profitable for varied small to medium size projects. As a technology partner, we deliver solutions in line with your business goals.

Health Risk Assessment - smartData. Smartdatainc. Why Logistics and Transportation Software Development is Popular for Tracking by smartData Enterprises. SmartData Enterprises — Why Logistics and Transportation Software... Projects - smartData. SmartData Enterprises — How ‘smartHealth ’ could be a key to modern... SmartData Enterprises — Why smarthealth is the Next step in Healthcare... SmartData Enterprises — Advantages & Challenges Leading to Finance and... SmartData Enterprises — Best 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile... LAMP, WordPress 5.X Version Best Developer Available At Lowest Rate For Hire. SmartData is recognized as the best in class OS development companies across the globe.

LAMP, WordPress 5.X Version Best Developer Available At Lowest Rate For Hire

Our OS team is well acquainted with the latest features and has successfully delivered 1000 projects for 150+ clients all around the globe, from ambitious startups to large international companies in the IT industry. Our technical expertise in OS development covering all different aspects of every domain from dynamic GDPR compliance generator to CI/CD automation with cloud formation template through a serverless framework. Hire MEAN/MERN Full Stack Developer at Best Rate. MEAN stack the open-source javascript programming has ascended as the propelling example for building serious and dynamic web applications.

Hire MEAN/MERN Full Stack Developer at Best Rate

MEAN is an acronym for the four programming languages used to make your site or application MongoDB, Express.Js, AngularJS environment and Node.js. We are giving the best administration as far as javascript UI innovation in Angular JS and React JS. Hire Dot Net MVC Top Rated Microsoft Developers. Being a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, smartData has made significant inroads into the technology by creating an extensive range of complex applications.

Hire Dot Net MVC Top Rated Microsoft Developers

For the past 10 years, our Microsoft developers have acquired vast experience with various .NET frameworks and supporting technologies like ASP.NET, .NET 4.6/4.7, MVC 6.0, .NET Core, NET standard 2.0, Azure services. Smartdatainc. Why smartHealth is the Next step in Healthcare with SAAS applications? Being smart in smarthealth Era!

Why smartHealth is the Next step in Healthcare with SAAS applications?

Technology has always influenced healthcare and it is constantly evolving from time to time. This advance era of technology has leveraged healthcare with means to be a little less complicated and easily accessible to every corner and section of the society. Now it may sound a little on the edge, but we cannot imagine healthcare without technology. From Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to bulky hospital instruments, this technology and healthcare merger has improved and saved countless lives all around the world.

With advancement in medical health, Saas based applications with HIPAA Compliance has assisted in identifying potential health threats and also examining digital information like x-rays and CT scans are some of the explicit benefits of information technology brings to medicine. Get your application TODAY! Logistics, Shipping & Transportation Software Development. Logistics and Transportation industry has witnessed a massive transformation over the last few years.

Logistics, Shipping & Transportation Software Development

The global third-party logistics (3PL) industry is expanding significantly and customers are demanding a transparent delivery process. Being linear and predictable is the key nowadays with customers expecting real-time updates of their goods being transported to be it via road, air or sea. A better logistics management in place helps businesses in reducing the overall cost, better customer service and increase consumer base. At smartData we have experience in delivering over 50+ projects for global clients who are dealing in Logistics, Transportation and Marine. We have in-house domain expertise available who have assisted clients in gathering up key requirements, suggesting the best possible solution to address their key business issues and enabling automated software development to reduce expenses. Travel Hospitality & Financial Software Development.

In this age of digitalization, emerging technologies and human-centric changes help enterprises to create better models, processes, and platforms.

Travel Hospitality & Financial Software Development

At smartData, we help companies to go digital for their business with our expertise in cloud, mobile, analytical service and the Internet of Things. Big Data, API economy, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are continually innovating and has become the need for a very successful platform. Our offerings include: E-commerce Platform, B2B & B2C Application Development. While consumer-facing systems and mobile apps are an important resource, different audiences require different information. smartData specializes in building on-demand platforms with mobile-first user experience and fast delivery of products or services.

E-commerce Platform, B2B & B2C Application Development

Below are a few domains where smartData delivers consumer-facing web and mobile app development services: On-demand: smartData is an expert in developing B2C on-demand platforms for the consumers that knots the user-generated demand at one place using a mobile-first approach. We have developed popular on-demand web and mobile apps similar to the Uber concept that can be found today in various domains from taxi booking, meal delivery to providing healthcare services. SaaS & PaaS Custom Software Development. At smartData we understand your unique business requirements, hence we offer business consultation which is backed with a dedicated software development team working on PoC development and advancements to the next phase of the SDLC.

SaaS & PaaS Custom Software Development

Our one-of-a-kind custom software development services include mobile app development, frontend web development, backend-desktop, database-cloud setup. Exceptional full-stack expertise on various platform applications including SaaS & PaaS, on-demand marketplace and reporting platform for multiple industries. SmartData provides numerous custom software development services to clients in diverse industrial domains. Health Insurance for Corporate Wellness Digital Health. With prime focus on patient empowerment, engagement and personalized patient journey, our software applications are serving all the key players in healthcare including regulatory bodies, insurance providers, pharmaceuticals, employers and caregivers. smartData is leveraging digital health technologies to improve access to healthcare services, reduce costs, improve quality of care and enhance the efficiency of healthcare systems. smartData is assisting Health insurance companies in designing and developing creative and innovative health improvement programs to reduce costs.

Health Insurance for Corporate Wellness Digital Health

On similar grounds, our healthcare developers have assisted in designing solutions for employers to engage their employees in lifestyle modifications to encourage a happier and healthier workforce. A high-level glimpse of our digital health services that cater to Healthcare insurance can be complicated. A few listed as below: Remote Patient Monitoring and Screening Management. Over the past decade, mobile technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies are making huge changes in Healthcare, it is changing everything from the way we think and implement.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Screening Management

Patient Engagement Software & Health Record Accessibility. Health providers, policymakers and IT developers have a number of challenges to overcome before true interoperability is possible. Achieving interoperability among heterogeneous healthcare information systems is very important because it will reduce costs associated with healthcare and will contribute to more effective and efficient patient treatment, management and care. With the backdrop of value-based healthcare, big data and Internet of Things, interoperability in healthcare becomes even more important. smartData offers software development that facilitates high-quality healthcare and improved population health by delivering on value-based and patient-centered care applications. The result with smartData's healthcare solution is "Patient engagement" Improved clinical outcomesIncreased operational effectivenessSafer inpatient empowermentIncreased patient satisfactionMinimized clinician time.

Claim Processing, Dashboard & Reporting – smartData. Complete smartTelehealth Solution & Services. With advancements in software technologies and device compatibilities, healthcare professionals are able to deliver faster and efficient services and not to mention, patients are leveraging the best consultation from anywhere and at any time they need. Understanding the needs of healthcare providers, smartData has developed smartTelehealth, an in-house SaaS-based solution that can be customized as per the needs of the providers. smartTelehealth software encompasses the latest technologies and security compliances to provide virtual medical care services in a secured environment. FeaturesSaaS-based architectureAdvanced search featuresAppointment booking & schedulingVideo consultationAdvanced provider portalDynamic SOAP notesMessages & communicationHealthcare system integration We design your business needs of smartTelehealth solution from personalized care applications to a real-time patient and doctor interaction platform.

A New Practise Management System in New Healthcare Era. We deal with a new information technology generation that involves big data, internet of things (loT), cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to transform the conventional medical practices in an all-round way, making healthcare more efficient, more personalized, and more convenient. Smart healthcare services are utilizing the technology that leads to better diagnosis, well-organized treatment plans, and devices that improve life quality, which can be adapted and are cost-effective. At smartData, we understand that to keep pace with the technological advancements, the essence of reusability and scalability is manifold.

On similar lines and using the latest technologies, we have built components of clinical care solutions that help health organizations and providers to manage their practice requirements efficiently. Our smartHealth solution is a SaaS-based platform for organizations with multi-locations that includes the following major features: SmartHealth Products - smartData. In this unpredictable world, you can’t wait for your software to be developed from scratch. You need a ready-to-use software, and we have it! With technology influencing our lives, smartData expertise in clinical care and telehealth solutions, which include scheduling, teleconsultation, electronic medical records, billing, and claim processing.

In addition to sub-modules like patient intake and SOAP notes, these components also include messaging, video calling, and SAAS-based platform for multiple hospital agencies on multi-location. Billing and claim processing, family/social history, payroll, EHR, EMR (Hospital Management System Software), service codes, appointment types, etc. are some added features smartHealth The vital concept of smart healthcare includes eHealth and mHealth. Patient Engagement & HIPAA compliant Software Solutions. Why HIPAA Compliant Cloud Services is necessary? Protecting patient’s personal information, charging honestly for care & auditing compliance of practice is of utmost importance for healthcare organizations. SmartData-Healthcare software development solution.

Electronic Medical Records Software For Healthcare. Healthcare organizations at various levels are transitioning into the new electronic era by implementing electronic health record systems. By adopting medical practice management software, healthcare providers aim to increase effectiveness and efficiency in health care. EHR development at smartData caters to the needs of multiple practices. Online Pharmacy App Development Solution -smartData. For prescribers and pharmacists, technology-driven websites and mobile apps can enable the storage of structured patient records. Prescription delivery apps can facilitate the electronic prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines.