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Eating out. BBC Learning English - Lingohack / 13 July. BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English / Get on with it! Four Excellent Sites for Online Dictations. Oh boy. Does it bring back memories! Dictations! To be completely honest with you, I have mixed feeling as regards dictations. I remember back in primary school when the language teacher gave us lots of dictations like a well- deserved break after a tough grammar lesson; and then, this feeling of “I don’t want to ever hear the word dictation again” that I got from my classes at university where the teacher gave us one-page-long dictations so quickly that when he finished, he was panting for breath and we were seeing red.

Although doing dictations is somewhat regarded as an old-fashioned technique, it is undeniable that a lot of benefits can be derived from doing this exercise. If I have managed to convince you, here are some links to online dictations you might want to try or if you are a teacher, heartily recommend to your students. Dictations Online. The students hear the dictation four times Englishclub. I like the site. Learn English free ESL: English as a Second Language.

A day in the digital life of a teenager | LearnEnglish Teens | British Council. Alejandra: My name's Alejandra and I'm 13 and, like, on a daily basis, I’ll go on my phone in the morning and I’ll check my Instagram, Snapchat, KIK, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine. Go to school and then I come back, and I’ll use, like, go on Netflix and I’ll go in my room and listen to Pandora, Spotify. I’ll play on my Xbox, like, Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty and … that’s about it. If I would add up, like, all the time that I use, I think I would spend about seven to eight hours every day. Alejandra: When I’m on social media I feel like I know what’s going on, you know, you do feel a little connected and you know, like what people are up to. Alejandra: Like, you know, I’ll post pictures or videos, I’ll like, comment on stuff. Sasha: I’m Sasha, I’m 16 years old. Sasha: I have, you know, first person shooter, like Call of Duty or Battlefield, and we also have a baseball game that I’ve been playing.

Alejandra: Usually when I do my homework, when I get home. High-achieving teenagers. Presenter: Next on the programme we have an interview with someone who has been writing a book about high-achieving teenagers. Welcome, Louise Hardy.Louise: Hi, it’s lovely to be here.Presenter: Louise, many of these teenagers who have achieved success and fame early on, have done so through using new technology, haven’t they? Through blogging or using YouTube or Twitter? Louise: Absolutely, and the greatest example of this is Justin Bieber. As I think everyone on the planet knows, he started off by posting videos on YouTube at the age of 14 and was spotted by a talent scout who worked with the R&B singer Usher. After that he very rapidly became a worldwide sensation.Presenter: I heard that last year he was said to be more influential than Obama! Louise: (laughs) Yes, that was because he is number one on Twitter. BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English / Giving away your fortune. Amazing facts. A: Hey, I’m reading this really interesting article about the human body.B: Yeah?

Well, we know all about that from biology lessons.A: No, we didn’t learn much at all at school! They’re discovering loads more things all the time. Really amazing things! Did you know that only about one tenth of the cells in your body are really you? The rest are bacteria.B: What? I’m not really me? Women in Technology - Advanced English Listening for IELTS students. Learn English - New York Tourist Attractions Video Listening Quiz. Taking a call from Obama – a video EFL/ESL lesson + worksheet – Vicki Hollett. There’s so much interest in the US election candidates! This has to be a great time to have a lesson with an American president. So we’ve given our Obama video a makeover and created captions on YouTube and also lesson materials. Here’s a lesson plan (see below) and it comes with a free worksheet that you can download here. Lesson plan 1. Warm up by asking the students to imagine their phone is ringing.

Who would they most like to receive a call from right now? 2. 3. 4. 5. Answers: This isdoing, interrupting you, figuredthese daysfan, grew up,Tell, take care 6. Answers: 1.g, 2.c, 3.a, 4.b, 5.d, 6.e, 7.f 7. 8. 9. The video is available on YouTube and it’s also available with a clickable transcript at our Simple English Videos website.Click here to download the worksheet. Top tech about pc: Top 10 awesome sites to watch movies online for free.

Provides streaming website where you can watch popular movies and TV series online without registration. Films can be sorted by name, year, release date or genre. The site provides real streaming Locations where movie files will be stored. This is a great site! Easily one of the best. It has a very large range of movies . Watch FREE Movies Online & TV shows. The number one place to stream movies online for free. Hulu is an American online company and ad-supported online video service that offers a selection of TV shows, clips, movies, and more on the free service and the Hulu Plus subscription service. It is a web portal where you can stream latest and most popular movies and TV series for free and without registration. It is a very popular movie website, which contains a grade collection of the best and rated movies of all genres. It is another great place to watch movies online for free.

Viewster has a fairly large collection of free movies online. BBC Learning English - Course: Upper-intermediate / Unit 8 / Session 2 / Activity 1. Listening Skills. Restaurants. Listening skills practice. Intermediate English - How To Host a Christmas Dinner. Intermediate English Listening - Christmas in France. Video zone.


British Life and Culture: Britain At Night - Video Listening Quiz. Life in The UK : The Tower of London - Intermediate English Listening. English-history#sthash.CBqi9sWv.uxfs&st_refDomain=t.