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Language Arts

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Interactive Assessment Worksheets. 23 April 2016 AWARD-WINNING mathematical word problems with different solution strategies.

Interactive Assessment Worksheets

Interactive image maps on various human body systems with definitions. Multiple-choice questions (with instant feedback) on states of matter, food chains and the human body. Reading and comprehension exercises based on 'Matilda' and 'Danny, Champion of the World' by Roald Dahl. A great homeschooling resource that is suitable for children in Primary 4-6. These interactive assessment worksheets required Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 3.0 (or higher) to work properly and are best viewed with a screen area of 800 x 600 pixels.

Daily 5 Reading Behaviors Rubric.pdf (application/pdf Object) My November Top Ten List: Word Study in Action. Reader's Workshop. This website is designed and maintained by Karen A.

Reader's Workshop

McDavid © 2004. Ideas, content, activities, and documents for this website are copyrighted by Karen A. McDavid and should not be copied or downloaded without permission. All graphics seen throughout this website should not be removed, copied, or downloaded. You may download the banner below with a link back to this site. Graphics by. Web Page Library - Reading Resources. Inferring. Strategies for Reading Comprehension. Strategies for reading comprehension are conscious plans — sets of steps that good readers use to make sense of text.

Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Explicit instruction in comprehension strategies help students become purposeful, active readers. We love the strategies for reading comprehension that Tanny McGregor and other top authors offer us to help children understand what they read. Reading Process Poster Template By enlarging the following template and laminating, you can write (with a dry-erase marker) important reading processes and applications for children to discuss and understand during and after a piece of literature is read.

READ-O As mentioned on the Reading Fluency Activities Page, students are encouraged to read each night at home with their families and keep track of the books they read. Students are given a paper clip to add to our Reading Web for each book they read. Programs / Resources. Classroom Library. Creating a Classroom Library On this page I will share how I organized my classroom library.

Classroom Library

There is no right or wrong way to organize your library and these ideas are simply how I choose to organize mine. I would also like this website to be a photo collection of classroom libraries from all over. If you would like you classroom library photos posted and shared here, please email me! Here is a picture of my fourth grade library in progress.

Below is a picture of my second grade library in progress. Acquiring Books and Materials Planning and Organizing. Third Grade Spelling Words – Free 3rd Grade weekly List, Worksheets. CAFE. In our classroom, we will use the structure of CAFE to focus on reading comprehension strategies.


During Daily Five, two of our whole class mini-lessons will focus on CAFE strategies. I will also meet with small strategy groups and individual students when I finish meeting with guided reading groups. Our CAFE board shows the four strategies we will focus on- Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary. As we learn skills for each strategy, we will post them below. The most exciting part is that students will have the chance to declare the strategy they are working on. This is our CAFE board. Here are the skills we will work on this year: Your TICKET to teaching comprehension!

A Photo Tour of my Pensieve Don't try and implement this without reading the book by The Sisters! Language Arts Resources. Reading Units with The Magic Tree House. New Page 1. 3RD GRADE WORD WALL WORDS (ENGLISH) English Language. 3rd Grade Reading Homework Place. Free Printable Worksheets. Harcourt Trophies Grade 3 Vocabulary. Harcourt Resources. Graphic Organizers. Harcourt_Trophies_Grade_3.pdf (application/pdf Object) Resources in writing and reading to use in English/Language Arts classes. Third Grade Harcourt Trophies Vocabulary Resources.

Reading freedom - Hunter A. Calder. Grammar Worksheets.