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March 4 is National Grammar Day, so I have a special top-10 show to celebrate the occasion, and before you argue with me, read the whole explanation about why each of these is a myth. 10. A run-on sentence is a really long sentence. Wrong! They can actually be quite short. Top Ten Grammar Myths Top Ten Grammar Myths
English Grammar 101: All You Need to Know English Grammar 101: All You Need to Know by Daniel Scocco Just ask a friend what is the role of prepositions within sentences, or what are the four moods of verbs, and I am sure that you will see a puzzled look on his face. Understanding the basic grammar rules is essential for communicating efficiently, but most of us have forgotten those concepts years ago.
English Grammar 101: Pronouns English Grammar 101: Pronouns by Daniel Scocco Pronouns are used to replace nouns within sentences, making them less repetitive and mechanic. For example, saying “Mary didn’t go to school because Mary was sick” doesn’t sound very good. Instead, if you say “Mary didn’t go to school because she was sick” it will make the sentence flow better.
TV’s War on “Me” and “I” TV’s War on “Me” and “I” by Maeve Maddox Television scriptwriters — or perhaps actors who are failing to read what has been written for them–seem to be determined to reverse the functions of the pronouns “I” and “me” in American speech. RefresherI is the subject form of the first person personal pronoun.
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On the website Technologizer, Harry McCracken has provided a lovingly detailed history of the term fanboy, as it traveled from the world of underground comics to become "the tech world's favorite put-down." It got me thinking about the development of the mnemonic aid FANBOYS, which every English composition teacher knows is an acronym for the coordinating conjunctions for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. Fanboy got some attention in 2008 when it made the cut for inclusion in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. McCracken takes issue with MWCD's definition: "boy who is an enthusiastic devotee, such as of comics or movies." "The boy part isn't a reference to youth," McCracken writes. Of Fanboys and FANBOYS : Word Routes Of Fanboys and FANBOYS : Word Routes
Proofreading for Common Errors What is proofreading? Proofreading refers to the process of reading written work for “surface errors.” These are errors involving spelling, punctuation, grammar and word choice. Why should I care about proofreading, and what should I know about it? Proofreading for Common Errors
Apostrophe Catastrophes As my loyal Apostrophe Catastrophes readers have surely noticed, I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I once did. For the first three or four years of my blog’s existence, I updated it nearly every day. These days, I find myself too busy to post examples of grammar atrocities. Apostrophe Catastrophes
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