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Прически. Плетение кос.

Working... womenbeauty1 Elegant hairstyle for long hair. 55,097 views 3 months ago My second channel with hairstyles! Read more Womenbeauty1Ru Play Uploads 3:55 Prom hairstyles for long hair. Прически на выпускной. Модные прически своими руками. 4:06 Braided hairstyle for everyday. Коллекция популярных причесок Popular hairstyles 6:03 French twist hairstyle for long medium hair. Свадебные прически. 13:36 Bridal updo. Titlis Busy Kitchen. Free Vectors - Download Stock Vector Art, Images, Graphics, Clipart. The One Pot Chef - Cooking Made Easy! Dear Shira: How Can I Get My Belly to Roll?

Dear Shira: The Question Dear Shira: I've been learning for about two years now and the only thing I just can't seem to get the hang of so far is belly rolls.

Dear Shira: How Can I Get My Belly to Roll?

Any advice for me? --Desperate Down Under Shira Responds Dear Desperate: When I was new to belly dancing, I too had trouble getting belly rolls to work! The reasons people have difficulty learning stomach rolls often include one or more of the following: Many belly dance teachers don't know how to explain them effectively. The exercises below are designed to overcome the above barriers. Discover Your Abdominal Muscles Belly rolls are controlled by the abdominal muscles in your midsection.

Put some lyrical mood music on your stereo system (a chiftetelli is good) and try doing these exercises: Exercise #1: Teach Your Abdomen To Respond To You, And Learn To Relax! This is a simple exercise that everyone can do, that will help you get in touch with your inner self -- or at least with your belly roll muscles! Belly Dancing Moves for Beginners: Video Series. Learn basic belly dancing moves & techniques in these free online video bellydance lessons, including tips on shimmies & rolls, belly dancing history, costumes and more.

Belly Dancing Moves for Beginners: Video Series

The various strains and versions of Middle Eastern Dance have become commonly referred to as Belly Dancing in the West, despite the multiple origins and cultural mysteries. It is generally accepted that the tribal and religious dances that we recognize as belly dancing originated in Egypt, though it's also true that Turkey and the Roma people practiced versions as well. Today, belly dancing is performed in the Western world as a form of entertainment, exercise and as a hobby. In this series of free video clips, the basics of belly dancing will be discussed with demonstrations of beginner moves such as the hip shimmy and chest circle, as well as tips on costumes and other introductory information for those learning belly dancing or refreshing from a beginner standpoint.

Draw walking pose. Here you’ll learn how to draw the fashion figure walking down the runway. This is one of the most popular poses that fashion designers use for their portfolios, yet it is fast, easy and fun to draw. All kind of clothing looks great on this pose. So sharpen your pencils and let’s begin! Step 1: Body dimensionsMark the size of the fashion figure. If you are going to draw it on the whole sheet, leave just a little bit of space from both the top and bottom end.Pull a vertical body Centerline and find its middle.

Step 2: Legs/torsoTo set the length needed for the legs and the torso divide the upper half of body Centerline in 3 even parts. Step 3: Head sizeTo find how big the head of the model should be divide the upper space from the pelvis in 3 equal parts.The top segment is where the head and the neck are going to be. Step 4 Draw the headDraw the head in the first 2/3 of the top section.Continue and draw the neck in the last 1/3. Directory of Free, Online Crochet Patterns by Category. Hairdressing Training. DIY hairstyle - straight or wavy. Books On Pattern-Making.


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Drafting High Cowl Neck Dress - Pattern-Making. High Cowl Neck with Single Drape How to draft pattern (style 1) 1) using the dress front and back as a guide, extend top of center front by drawing 1/2″ diagonal line as indicated; then draft new neckline. 2 and 3) draw curved slash line for cowl neck drape. mark sections a and b; then slash and spread, placing front along the squared lines as shown in diagram 3. 4) add 1” hem at front neck; then trace pattern for left and right side of front complete pattern by adding seams. front will drape more softly when cut on the bias. high cowl neck with double drape–how to draft pattern (style 2) 1) follow directions given above for style 1, diagram 1. 2 and 3) for double drape, draw 2 curved slash lines as indicated. mark sections a-b-c; then slash along dotted lines, an make equal size spreads, placing front along the squared lines as shown in diagram 3. 4) complete pattern according to directions given above for style 1, diagram 4.

Drafting High Cowl Neck Dress - Pattern-Making