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40+ Excellent Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Tutorials. Back when Mickey Mouse was drawn by Walt Disney in 1928, it was all pencil and paper, and the frequent use of the ever dependable eraser.

40+ Excellent Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Tutorials

More than 80 years has passed and yet we still see Mickey Mouse cartoons all around the world. That 80+ years has also brought advances in computer technology and software which now allows us to move away from the pencil, paper and the ever dependable eraser, to advanced drawing applications and input (drawing) devices. In this edition/article, we’ll be featuring the best 40+ tutorials on drawing cartoons with Adobe Illustrator and we hope it would expand your creativity and imagination to be the next Walt Disney. Here are some related post you might be interested: Full list after jump. Happy Sun CharacterLearn how to create fun sun character tutorial in Illustrator.

Cute Baby SealSimple tutorial to teach you how to create a super cute baby seal. 20+ examples of great pixel art. We already talked about pixel art when featuring eBoy months ago.

20+ examples of great pixel art

The new iPhone game Canabalt, with its retro look, pushed me to make a little “pixelled” research. The style of these illustrations remind me to the golden age of coin-op videogames. Sweet memories… By clicking on artists’ names you can see their portfolios. eBoy Laurent Dochy. Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser - What-if questions for stories. 100 Must-have Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use. Each time a designer starts work on a new design, there is always a big problem: a lack of high-quality materials, such as fonts, icons, images etc.

100 Must-have Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use

Of course, you can create a font that will properly fit the design you created, but it’s not a good idea since font creation takes a lot of time, which is never enough when you have to work within a deadline. The solution is simple: you can use ready-made free fonts. There are tons of them all over the web, and we have but collected a small group of 100 free fronts you can download here. 35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials. With competitions growing on day by day, companies are striving to keep their brands on top of the food chain in order to gain themselves more exposure and making it easier for people to remember their existence.

35 (More) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Character Tutorials

One brilliant way of doing that is to have a mascot for your brand and we’ve seen a lot of companies like Twitter have implemented this successfully. 30 Excellent Pixel Art Tutorials For Pixel Lovers. If you’re born in 90s, I am sure that you have witnessed the glorious age of the pixel art.

30 Excellent Pixel Art Tutorials For Pixel Lovers

It exists on the old-school gaming platform, mobile phone and other digital devices. It’s one of the greatest technological inventions that dominate the digital world for several years, and now it rises again as a definitive art form within the artist community. The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art. Pixel Art Tutorial Chart by *ConceptCookie on deviantART. Pixel Art. Animating Pixel Art in Photoshop Creating your own pixel animation in Photoshop is as easy as it is fun!

Pixel Art

Using Photoshop’s Animation panel you can switch between animating with the timeline or frames view. Heck, Photoshop can even create inbetween frames of animation between two keyframes based on the object’s position, opacity, or effects. The process is quite simple so pull up a chair and grab some coffee and let’s get started… Read more Creating Pixel Art in Pixelmator. Pixel Art Tutorial - Animation for Beginners by =Gasara on deviantART. Fh. 40 Pixel art tutorials. Today, most businesses want a website. Some already have one. Others want one. They don’t want to hire IT staff and probably can’t afford any. And in most cases, an in-house IT staff, especially for your typical small business, just isn’t necessary. Fool's deviantART gallery. Forest tiles and stuff by ~Shadowwwolf on deviantART.

Chapter 8: A world of tiles. Chapter 8: A world of tiles. The Big List Of Pixel Art Tutorials. Designing a retro pixel-art tile-set. Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Designing a retro pixel-art tile-set

This time something a little different – I commissioned a guest post about designing a tile-set from a studio who specialise in pixel-art. After searching long and hard to find exactly the right style I was after I settled on a company from Poland called Blackmoon design. Check out their site, its pretty cool looking. Anyway, here is their post: Creating tiles in game boy style Czarek Luczynski and Robert Podgorski. Czarek and Robert are part of the BlackMoon Design ( which is a game studio based in Poznan, Poland. “We seek the inspiration for our games in nostalgic memories from our childhood – where Nintendo and C64 roamed the earth.

Introduction. Vectips Vectips » Adobe Illustrator® Tutorials, tips, tricks, and resources. Pixel Joint Forum: The Pixel Art Tutorial. V.

Pixel Joint Forum: The Pixel Art Tutorial

Creating a palette: When should I worry about colors? Well essentially what it comes down to is, what colors does the piece need to have? Then, as I go, how far can I get with those (until of course I need to add more shades). Isomteric pool pixel art tutorial - Photoshop tutorials and Pixelart tutorials, smiles and pixelart. First to say this is my first tutorial, and though I hope to work many others, this is the only one for now.

Isomteric pool pixel art tutorial - Photoshop tutorials and Pixelart tutorials, smiles and pixelart

It's also my fist isometric drawing, so this will be also a self-tutorial :) We will be using MS Paint and Paint Shop Pro for this tutorial. Step 1. First of all we will be creating a cube on an isometric view (1), then we must shade it according to our own liking, matching what we have planned using default Windows palette (2). Last of all we re-color it using the real final palette for our project (3). Step 2. Repeat again with 2 more levesls, with the darkest intensity in the bottom and 2 less cubes length (one from each side). Niklas Jansson art tutorial, advices for beginners - Photoshop tutorials and Pixelart tutorials, smiles and pixelart. Foreword When I mention rules and art in the same sentence I often get a knee-jerk reaction from people.

Niklas Jansson art tutorial, advices for beginners - Photoshop tutorials and Pixelart tutorials, smiles and pixelart

Many people say that there are no rules in art. Maybe I got my own definition for the word, but I really think that there are rules and logic behind why a picture looks good or not. So you want to be a pixel artist? - Photoshop tutorials and Pixelart tutorials, smiles and pixelart. Part 1: The Almighty Grass Tile Ah yes, the grass tile...Generally the first tile anyone does, because hey, if you're making an RPG, and you plan to have it take place on a world, you're probably going to need grass. It's a good way to warm up and get into drawing the tiles, so let's start with it.

Let's cover some different methods of making grass. You've probably seen these, if you've checked out a lot of games: These aren't all the methods, of course, but these are some popular ones. So then we come to the more "complex" grass tiles...The ones that have tons of dots in them. Another method is to simply paintstakingly draw in the blades, going from shade to shade. So you want to be a pixel artist? - Photoshop tutorials and Pixelart tutorials, smiles and pixelart. Les Forges Pixel Art Course. Translator's Notes This massive pixel art tutorial is written by Fil Razorback from

You can find the original tutorials here. A big thank you to Fil Razorback for allowing to translate these tutorials and archive them here! Preface. Tutorials > graphics > lotusware's pixel art tutorial. Start by placing a rectangle in the dimensions that you want your tree to fill (this is mainly to ensure that you don't go beyond the tile co-ordinates by a few pixels). Now, you take the large brush if you're using MS Paint, if not...then make sure your brush is about 7 pixels wide or so. You then draw out the shape of the tree in a dark color but not the darkest swatch in your palette, because you'll need that later. Then, with the same brush, add lighter areas here and there. At this point, you have to take into account the shape of your tree, because you'll need to leave little bits of the darker color underneath to give the tree some layers. A good number of layers to have is about 3, regardless of the size or shape of the tree (unless you're going with a huge tree).

A Beginner's Guide to Spriting. Assuming that you are working within a 2D framework, the most common graphical pitfall is the process of spriting; a tedious and initially unrewarding craft, it can be very frustrating for the average game artist, and one of the prime reasons why games never get finished.Know What You’re Getting Into One of the worst facts of game development is how little the art in a game is appreciated, how much time and energy is needed to produce it, and how ineffectual it is in keeping the player’s attention if the game itself is poorly conceived.

With the exception of games such as Madworld or Okami, where the art style is brought to the forefront of attention, graphics are usually peripheral, and accredited to the capabilities of the engine instead of the artist. This is not a credit against the field, but a caution to be aware of what you commit yourself to. The programmer has also recruited other artists, lightening your workload but making you disposable.

20+ Inspiring Pixel Artists, Tutorials, and Resources. City Creator - Build. Mark's Pixel Art Tutorial. Animation Graphic Editor - GraphicsGale. Pixel art in Photoshop, pixel, isometric building, isometric. Weekly Pixel Art Challenges. Weekly Pixel Art Challenges.