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How your membership helps - Ramblers. Blog - Walk Leader. Read more HELP WALK LEADERS GET CERTIFIED! We are calling on Corporations, Health Care Organizations, Faith Communities, and private donors to help get Walk Leaders in communities all over the globe! We have interested Leaders waiting for Scholarship opportunities. Please consider sponsoring … Continue reading → News | Walkers are Welcome.

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Hiking Trails and Trips in Ontario. Walking festivals Ireland. Tanya Sweeney – Published 26 April 2014 02:30 AM The Cavan Walking Festival (May 2-11) is a must-do for fans of themed walks, rambles and hikes. Local guides bring their wealth of knowledge to the weekend, as participants choose from a number of different activities. There are night walks (including an atmospheric dusk walk in the Jampa Ling Buddhist Centre), nature walks and even treks with an archaeology theme.

There is also a historical ramble around the grounds of the Castle Saunderson Estate ( on the programme, while experienced walkers can tackle Cuilcagh Mountain or hike up Slieve Rushen. See Elsewhere, set your compass north for the Dungloe Walking Weekend, (May 2-5) in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht. Locals and visitors alike convene – regardless of fitness levels – for four days of rambling around the windswept wilds of the county (including a trip to Arranmore Island).

See See See events. Travel to the Peak District for food, walks and great ales. Now is the right time to visit the Peak District, before the summer rush, to enjoy festivals and crowd-free hikes. Ramble on Need to brush up on your map-reading skills before you stride out for the hills? Mark Reid, mountain leader and author of The Inn Way guidebooks, is offering bespoke map-reading weekends in and around the Peak District this spring and summer. Reid teaches the skills you need to plan and follow your own walks in the countryside.

These include route planning and weather forecasting as well as map, compass and navigation skills. Tideswell Food Festival If there’s one thing better than a healthy hike, it’s the ale-soaked feast afterwards. Over the hill Strap on your boots and pack your maps as the Peak District Walking Festival gets under way once more from April 26 to May 11. Rest your head After strolling across moorland hills, a cosy fire and comfy bed are just the ticket. Why walk? Walking Tours and Trips. Hiking along a glacier in Patagonia, discovering secret side streets in a tiny French village, walking down a rain forest path to a Costa Rican waterfall ... some of the world's most memorable experiences can happen only on foot.

Walking is one of the purest pleasures of traveling, offering exercise, fresh air and a fresh perspective on the world. Urban or rural, easy or challenging, guided or independent -- somewhere out there is a walking tour to suit your interests and abilities. We'll show you the types of trips that are available, the pros and cons of walking independently, and whether a walking tour is right for you. For travelers who are reasonably fit and enjoy being out in the open air, walking trips offer a number of benefits. If you tend to pick up a few pounds on every vacation, a walking tour is the perfect antidote. National Park Vacations Walking tours are geared toward a variety of fitness levels, but they aren't right for everyone.

Top Seven Spots for a Camping Trip. Sample tour notes. Quebec%20Itinerary%202014. How build walking holidays in rural. Shepherdswalks co. Bringing the countryside to your classroom. All our educational programmes are tailored to meet the individual needs of each school and year group that we visit. Shepherds Walks will take full responsibility for planning and delivering the programme.

Please do contact us and we can discuss everything in more detail and show you some of the projects and activities we have done with schools. With all our educational work we first meet with the school and discuss your requirements. We are there to work alongside you to deliver a truly unique experience with every school we work in. Nordic Walking Over 2010 and 2011 Shepherds Walks has been teaching the Nordic Walking technique to well over 100 children per week.

We have two fully qualified Nordic walking instructors with great experience in working with schools to deliver a fun targeted programme. Option 1 – Taster session A one hour taster session, which is an introduction to Nordic Walking. Option 2 – Six weekly sessions Village trails Aims. Hiking & Walking | Ontario Trails Council. Walkers are Welcome | Towns and Villages with something special to offer walkers. Walkable_communities_web1. Healthy U - How Walkable Communities are Created. Across Alberta and Canada, people are adding life to their communities by turning them into “walkable” communities. This article addresses a wide range of topics, including: The more walkable a community is, the more likely that people will walk more often and experience improved health and wellness. After all, walking is good for you – it’s a natural, healthy, physical activity that everyone can enjoy!

Walkable Communities Are Good to Go! In a walkable community, it’s possible to walk safely and easily to places that are important in our daily lives, such as the grocery store, schools, workplaces and community services or facilities. You do not always have to rely on your vehicle to get around. People living in walkable, compact communities where there’s a mix of housing and shops are more likely to use various forms of active transportation. In addition to greater potential for physical health, walkable communities also offer greater potential for social health. Walk On walkability tool kit. Canada WALKS. Walkable cities planned for and by people: Jane’s Walk coming to a neighbourhood near you May 4th and 5th | Tides Canada. M.good. When a city is more walkable—supporting pedestrians with narrower streets, wide sidewalks, and nearby recreational outlets—shops are frequented more often and do far better than those in less walkable areas. A report issued by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that “businesses appear to do better in a walkable commercial areas than in areas attracting mainly drive-to patronage.”

Collecting case studies from five cities across the United States—cities that have invested in public transportation or sawed off portions of street lanes for foot traffic—the report also discovered that “walkable retail areas have the potential to attract many people beyond the immediate walking radius.” Those smaller, walkable centers often mean stronger small businesses, as well. Among the top 20 cities where small businesses saw the most growth in 2012, at least half feature significant pedestrian infrastructure. On average, Americans spend 25.5 minutes commuting one-way to work.