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Tim Moore travels Portugal’s coastal trains | Sawday's. Writer and adventurist Tim Moore travels from Porto to Lisbon by train, relinquishing the itinerary and taking advice from strangers to find the spirit of travel is alive and well in Portugal. He cruises the Douro valley, masters an electric bike in Sintra National Park and stumbles on the house his father lived in as a boy. Unfortunately, it rained. Travel writer Tim Moore has walked 500 miles across Spain with only a donkey for company, sort-of conquered the Tour de France on a diet of ProPlus and rosé wine, and ridden the 3,200km route of the notorious 1914 Giro d’Italia, handicapped by a century-old, wooden-wheeled bicycle and an unbelievably daft period outfit. For his most recent book, he undertook a cycling odyssey more ambitious – and more silly – than both of those combined, riding 8,500km from the Arctic to the Black Sea on an East German shopping bike.

Somehow, he still lives in London. The tram stops and happily so does the rain. Anny Blatt Knitting Holiday | Anny Blatt North America. Knitting by the Sea with Anny Blatt October 26-29, 2018 Enjoy 4 days at the luxurious Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, October 26-29, 2018. Relax in this coastal Inn and enjoy a beautiful New England autumn. The Inn by the Sea is nationally recognized for its eco-friendly renovations and is one of Maine’s premier luxury beach destinations. During our knitting holiday we will focus on one Anny Blatt knitting project.

Location The Inn by the Sea is located just 12.5 miles from Portland Maine’s International Jetport and 115 miles from Boston’s Logan Airport. Accommodation We will be offering the choice of the newly constructed “Cove Suites” or “Traditional Guest Rooms.” The “Traditional Guest Rooms” are single rooms with king size bed and oversized bathroom with glass walk-in shower.

All guests have access to the cardiovascular and fitness center. What is Included in the Anny Blatt Knitting Holiday Package Also available but not included in package Inn by the Sea Spa Register Today. The Pura Vida Life – Alive. It’s hard to put into words the vibe and energy of Costa Rica. I guess the best way to describe it is “pura vida”. If you’ve every been there you’ve heard this said over and over again and I’m sure you will also agree. I have compiled footage from my 3 trips to this amazing country to capture the vibe, culture and people of Costa Rica. Watch the video here. Of the 60+ countries I’ve visited, Costa Rica is definitely at the top of my list for favourite places to visit. It’s truly a special country where the people are friendly, the country is safe, the food is healthy & delicious and adventure is everywhere. I love the raw beauty of Costa Rica. Samara is a small beach town with a very chill vibe with lot’s of North American expats who have traded city life for beach life.

Nosara has an infamous stretch of beach that has perfect 4 foot waves rolling in from sunrise to sunset. Santa Teresa is actually my favourite place to visit in Costa Rica. How to get there: Where to stay: Places to eat: Colombia reinvents itself and ups its South American cool quotient. Colombia’s shrugging off its troubled past and fast emerging as South America’s must-see destination thanks to increased safety, the appeal of exploring new places and the country’s rising cool quotient.

It’s been more than a year since President Juan Manuel Santos won the Nobel Prize for the peace agreement, which aims to put an end to Colombia’s half-century-long civil war. Since he accepted the award in December 2016, more flights and people have started flocking to the country. With everything from snow-capped mountains to jungles and two ocean coastlines, there’s plenty to see. Colombia is one of the most biodiverse places in the world and it boasts a dazzling array of plants, birds and riches (this is, after all, the land the Spanish pilfered for gold and emeralds starting back in the 1530s).

Bogota, nestled 2,590 metres above sea level on one of the world’s longest mountain ranges, is the fourth-highest capital in the world. Plaza Bolivar Foodie favourite. 91_Mag_Seek_Inspire_Create_5. Runners Adventures. What makes us different - Black Tomato. Flavour Country: The best restaurants outside Toronto to visit this summer. It’s a rare chef today who doesn’t dream of greener pastures, literally: running a restaurant in the country, with small-scale organic farmers next door and heirloom tomatoes plucked from the back garden.

That’s why the new prestige posting for many chefs is at a secluded winery, a picturesque inn or a historic estate surrounded by nature. Follow their trail and you just might encounter some of the best dining in the entire country. The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette 3953 Jordan Rd., Jordan Station, 905-562-4376, Driving time from Toronto: 1.5 hours Cost: $78 per person for a five-course dinner, plus optional wine pairings. The vineyards in the Jordan Station–Vineland area of the Niagara Peninsula tend to be smaller operations centred around a family farmhouse. The co-chefs, Daniel Hadida and Eric Robertson, are bookish, ambitious and French-trained. Many diners are already fans of Morissette’s wines, available as pairings or by the bottle. Langdon Hall Backhouse. Sublime Comporta hotel - Comporta, Comporta - Smith Hotels. While it’s hard to regret the invention of air conditioning in Portugal, even in late September, the pine-drenched warmth that greets me as I hoist myself out of the car window to reach Sublime’s (perfectly positioned) entry phone proves so thrilling I immediately stop complaining about Someone’s bad driving and start loudly regretting the wasted hour we’ve just spent inhaling Eau de Fiat Panda instead.

In fact, the Panda – a serviceable yet notably ugly vehicle we quickly christen the Popemobile in honour of His Holiness’ recent visit to Portugal (or more truthfully, because of its ungainly proportions) – is to prove a millstone round our necks for the entirety of our stay. Within those artfully rustic gates lies a world of understated elegance and quiet luxury – and, for this weekend only, our pea green entry-level hire car. Otherwise we loll about on dove-grey sun loungers next to the bracing infinity pool, sip margaritas by the sunken fire pit and eat. Mostly we eat. Show more. Paris l'été. Why You Should Treat Your Nonprofit Team Like Donors - NonProfit PRO.

The Best Kept Secrets in Italy. Italy is a country rich in history, culture, heritage and of course, carbs! Over the years travelling throughout Italy I have often found that my favourite cities and towns I have visited are those less celebrated or talked about amongst travellers and especially so when visiting locations recommended by locals themselves. So here they are, some of the best kept secrets in Italy. Feel free to contribute your own hidden gems in the comments below! 1. Sienna, Tuscany With a disctinvtive medieval charm and a reputation for the annual Palio horse race, Sienna is often overlooked in favour of Florence and or Pisa, though holds just as much charm!

The cities’ main attraction is the Piazza known as Il Campo, though be sure to step inside the Siena Cathedral for one of the most impressive interiors you will find the world over. Read more: A Quick Guide to Siena, Italy 2. Read more: A quick guide to Lake Como 3. Read more: Where to Visit in Tuscany 4. Read more: Amalfi Coast Map & Towns to Visit 5. 6. Cohica -- Taking Experiential Travel to the Next Level | The Manual. Warm French Lentil Salad with Bacon & Herbs. A Capsule Kitchen. 6 Quirky And Charming Hideaways For An Unforgettable Ontario Vacation.

Weekend getaways are vital to a healthy, balanced life. But trying to find a spot that separates itself from routine accommodations can be difficult. Fortunately, the Ontario's Highlands region — just 2.5 hours northeast of Toronto and 30 minutes west of Ottawa — offers a number of memorable spots to nestle into regardless of the season. While some are perfect for family vacations, others are ideal for those romantic getaways with your special someone.

Presented in partnership with Ontario Tourism and Ontario's Highlands, here are a handful of places that will quench your thirst for some rest and rejuvenation while providing 'you-won't-believe-where-we-stayed' bragging rights. Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization Stay in a Forest The rustic Open Loft Log Cabins, once used by 19th century loggers, are nestled into the ancient Haliburton Forest with an incredible wildlife reserve literally on your doorstep. Circa 1894 B&B and Day Spa Stay in a Historic Church The Treehouse, Perth Ontario. Top 5 kitchen supply stores in Rome. As local Rome residents, prolific bloggers and active on social media, we are often approached by readers and followers seeking local insight and travel advice. Requests range from “Can you lend some Rome accommodation tips?” , or “Where can I find the best gluten free pizza in the Eternal City?”

Being the most common. We’d do the same: ask the locals for the best first hand info. A few weeks ago I received one particular request from a reader that made me smile. So I found myself compiling quite a list for her, and thought it would be helpful to share it with the rest of you roving food lovers looking for a little kitchen geekness in between Colosseum climbs and Vatican visits. One of the first designer cookware stores to open 30 years ago in Rome was C.U.C.I.N.A. I sourced most of last year’s Christmas gifts for my friends at DOM, centrally located 14,000 square feet of all things cookery at a stone’s throw from Piazza Venezia. Photo © Seeking more insider Rome tips? Top Destination Marketing Trends & Tips for 2018. Travel Hackers Turn Honeymoon Experience Into Expert Advice. When you hear about honeymoons or romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day or other occasions, so often the trip involves expensive hotels in upscale destinations.

But Mike and Anne Howard took their honeymoon on the road, threw in a sense of adventure and learned to travel cheaply in trips to seven continents over five years. They blogged about being the “world’s longest honeymooners” at and wrote a book, “Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent,” featuring 75 destinations and travel advice. And they recently launched a travel agency, HoneyTrek Trips, to help others experience destinations from the book and other places in what they call “HoneyTrek style” — a mix of “local and luxury with a dash of travel hacking.” “Adventure can be romantic even if it doesn’t have rose petals on the bed and chocolates on your pillow,” said Mike Howard. The Skift Daily newsletter puts you ahead of everyone about the future of travel, subscribe. Favorite Places. TUI Group Wants a Bigger Slice of the Tours and Activities Market. Newfoundland Tours Adventures and Vacations | Newfoundland Tours and Adventure Packages.

Treehouse hotel room peeps above canopy of Mexico's tropical woodland. Guests at an eco-hotel in Tulum, Mexico, can spend the night in a sculptural treehouse that overlooks expanses of green jungle and turquoise sea. The Treehouse suite is the latest addition to Papaya Playa Project – a resort operated by Design Hotels that stretches almost a kilometre along the Riviera Maya, between white sandy beach and tropical woodland. Completed earlier this year, the treehouse has curved form reminiscent of shapes used by Antoni Gaudí. It was designed by Emilio Heredia, who has been responsible for the architecture of all the buildings on the property since he took ownership in 2011. The suite is raised up high on chunky wooden stilts. It is accessed via a winding carved staircase that ascends past a seating area before reaching the upper level. "Elevating the structure encourages the growth of jungle plants around the treehouse and ensures the building does not interfere with nature," said Heredia.

Pablo Escobar's Tulum mansion becomes art-filled boutique hotel. A prominent art dealer has turned an estate once owned by infamous drug baron Pablo Escobar into luxury accommodation filled with items from his collection. Located in the Mexican beach resort of Tulum, Casa Malca was renovated and turned into a hotel by New York-based Lio Malca – who deals contemporary works by the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kaws. The property was abandoned after Escobar – the world's wealthiest-ever drug lord, who built and acquired many properties for himself across the Americas – died in 1993.

His life story forms the basis for current Netflix series Narcos. The villa was rediscovered in 2003 and returned to its original owner, before Malca stumbled upon the mansion in 2012 and bought it soon after. He has since embarked on an ongoing project to overhaul the buildings and surrounding land into a five-star hotel, operated by Design Hotels. It opened with nine bedrooms in 2015, but Malca is constantly adding to the site, which hugs 180 metres of white sand beach. Foxfire Mountain House Retreat — The Forest Fern.

We gather this year at the 100 year-old Foxfire Mountain House in the secluded Catskill Mountains for four magical days to discover how creative practices and simple, yet thoughtful, moments of self care can reveal a pathway to a life well-lived. Guided by carefully selected teachers and makers, we will explore personal expression through design. This is an all-inclusive retreat - you will leave the weekend with the skills needed to continue in your creative pursuits as well as all of the professional-quality tools of the trades. Surrounded by Foxfire's 10 private acres, we will immerse ourselves in finding the beauty in everyday moments while fostering new friendships and creative growth. Our guests will spend the weekend in one of Foxfire's 11 unique guest rooms, each with white linen bedding on sunbleached wood beds crafted by a local carpenter to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Nicole will be leading our guests in the art of hand carving, with a focus on spoon carving. Join us. Ryerson University - Tuscany, Cortona. Edge of the Wedge Experiential Travel Course › Gros Morne Institute for Sustainable Tourism. Edge of the Wedge Experiential Travel Course April 16 - 19, 2018 The Edge of the Wedge is the premier experiential travel training program in Canada! Set in the natural splendor of Gros Morne National Park, the Edge of the Wedge is an immersive, hands on opportunity that will increase your revenue potential, competitive market position, result in new tourism experiences and long lasting community partnerships. And if that’s not enough, you’ll be aligning with how the provincial and national destination marketing organizations are selling Canada. There is a shift taking place in how visitors want to experience their destinations.

Experiential travel is more than a consumer trend, it is an opportunity to engage travellers in the special places, customs, traditions and stories that are uniquely yours. What you will take away from the Edge of the Wedge: Who is this program for? Past Participants have this to say…. “An Amazing experience- honored to have had the opportunity to take part :) ” Scribner's Catskill Lodge. About – Hygge Retreats. Thanks for checking us out We are a little welsh business offering you a place to find your HYGGE. Our retreats are hosted in beautiful boutique abodes, giving you time to relax and chill out, all based along the stunning Welsh coast. Be warned you may get addicted to this way of life!

So, if like us, you would like a little escapism from the busyness of life then please read on… Our retreats include: A two night stay in a coastal abode, good food, beach walks, friendly conversations around a roaring fire, laughter, watching the sun rise and hopefully set, opportunity to read plenty of magazines, watch movies and dive into a book or two, indulgent time to recharge, informal discussions about wellbeing, how to manage stress, learn how to daydream guilt free and tips on how to sleep better. Please contact us if you would like more information about our Hygge Retreats #CanDo #recharge #happiness #investinyou #inspire #sleep #hygge #weekendfun. 14 Beautiful Places to See in New Mexico, USA - Hand Luggage Only - Travel, Food & Photography Blog.

Hill Farm Inn (@hillfarminnvt) About us - Planeterra. This Gorgeous Glass Hotel in the Austrian Alps is a Winter Must Stay. Iceland's Buubble Hotel Has Not Just 5, But 5 Million Stars. 30 of the Most Gorgeous Getaways for Your Adventure Abroad. Ultimate List: Marketing Ideas for your Travel Agency or Tour Company.


Ibiza — GODAI. Villa Sancta Maria Motovun | Villa Sancta Maria Motovun. Financial Assistance & Support | Operation Groundswell. 4 Tourism Website Trends Highlighting User Experience and Design – Skift. On Flipboard. Select an Activity and Scroll Down - Boomers Bucket List Travel. Trending Now: Try Something New | Exodus. Rolling Huts | Winthrop, Washington - Venue Report. Rooms | Artist Residence Hotel | London. Here's what dinner looks like at The New Farm, a 100-acre organic farm in Creemore.

The June Motel in Prince Edward County. 10 Insta-Worthy Southern California Art Walls | MAKEFUL. ACE CAMPS TRAVEL COMPANY. Sleeping at Sissinghurst: An Overnight Stay at England’s Most Famous Garden | Gardenista: Sourcebook for Outdoor Living. An off the beaten track weekend in Southern France. Our Designer 'Eat Pray Love' Moment - Trail Master — Unleashed Tours. Pop-Up Tours: A New Way To Experience Toronto Food & Drink. Flow Journeys. Bloomandwild. 8 Reasons to Hop On Board the Country Living Coast to Coast Cruise. The Travel Yogi - Yoga Retreats & Adventures.

Travelling Chicken I Tours from Toronto. Dine at Blue Hill Stone Barns | Blue Hill Farm. Home. PONDEROSA WORKSHOP 1:1 SESSIONS / PONDEROSA WORKSHOPS. Workshops - Christiann Koepke. More than skiing in Santa Fe: Arts community, strong food scene luring tourists south to New Mexico. A Daily Gathering — A Daily Gathering: An Intentional Autumn. Is the luxe Fogo Island brand a scam taking advantage of those with too much money and not enough sense? Stay With Us | Daylesford. 5 campsites with heated cabins and yurts near Toronto.

It’s sparkler season along Italy’s Prosecco Road. Explore the region of Northern Italy that’s home to prosecco. Room to paint: Hotel tackles Vancouver’s housing challenges while promoting Aboriginal art. A Local Quebecois Experience at Le Massif’s Hôtel La Ferme | I Backpack Canada. 10 Things to See and Do in Quebec City. Best Treks to Machu Picchu - The Ultimate Guide to choosing which trek is right for you | kimkim. ‘Grand Tour’ takes in best of Switzerland: Modern traveller owes a tip of the hat to pioneering Thomas Cook. What Is Slow Travel? and Why We'll Never Travel Another Way. French food by Region: What to eat Where | WORLD OF WANDERLUST. Soho Farmhouse | Home. Will Google Trips disrupt the visitor centre as we know it? - Destination Think! - L | M RetreatsLocal Milk Retreats.

7 Female Instagrammers Who Will Make You Want to Go to Canada | Travelettes. Rabbit Hill Workshops — Sunday Brocantes at Rabbit Hill. Tiny Atlas Quarterly | TAQ Trips. Passion project definition. Why You Should Start a Passion Project. Ithaca by Firelight Camps — inside Elsewhere. Crowdsourced Travel Magazine Coming to an iPad Near You | Stikky Media Inc. A home for wanderlust | Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Travel Site Partners With Prolific Instagramers To Crowdsource Travel Guides. Tripbod | Original travel experiences – plan, experience and host authentic local activities personally. Tripbod | Original travel experiences – plan, experience and host authentic local activities personally. Tech in Asia - Connecting Asia's startup ecosystem. Why Under30Experiences? Workshops — First We Eat. Digital Nomad Festival.

The Remote Experience.