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On Flipboard. On Flipboard. Top Three Ways to Optimize Your DMO Site’s Images. Long gone are the days where we are connecting to the Internet through a modem and a phone line.

Top Three Ways to Optimize Your DMO Site’s Images

While the sound of dialing in makes me nostalgic, I'm happy that I can watch video and download images quicker than ever before. Yet, the power of fast connections comes with great responsibility when maintaining your website. If you are placing large images on your site and are not optimizing them for the Web, your site will take a while to load. This statement is especially true when it comes to accessing your site's content on a mobile device. Search engines like Google rate and index websites based on their weight and performance, among other criteria. Image optimization is more than adjusting file sizes. Faster load times also equate to a reduced bandwidth, which can cause a significant saving in any Web hosting costs.

Password protect documents, workbooks, and presentations - Office Support. In the 2007 Microsoft Office system, you can use passwords to help prevent other people from opening or modifying your documents, workbooks, and presentations. Keep in mind that Microsoft cannot retrieve forgotten passwords. For more about passwords, see Create strong passwords.

Keep your password in a safe place. Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points. This article is for network administrators and others who manage their own network.

Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points

If you're trying to join a Wi-Fi network, one of these articles should help: Follow these steps first Before you change your settings, follow these steps: Make sure that your Wi–Fi router's firmware is up to date. If you're using an AirPort base station or Time Capsule, follow these steps.Make sure that all Wi–Fi devices you want to use support the settings this article recommends.If possible, back up your Wi–Fi router's settings.

Configure all Wi–Fi routers on the same network with the same settings. You can configure an AirPort Base Station with AirPort Utility. Use the settings below for best performance, security, and reliability. SSID (Service Set Identifier—Wi-Fi network name) The SSID, or network name, identifies your Wi-Fi network to users and other Wi-Fi devices. Set to: Any unique name. Small business spotlight: Creating a discovery experience, online and off. You know that moment when you first walk inside a store and marvel at everything there is to see?

Small business spotlight: Creating a discovery experience, online and off

Some things catch your eye at first, and when you look more closely, you see there’s a lot more to discover all around you. Pinterest is a digital version of that discovery experience. When people visit Pinterest, they’re interested in discovering new possibilities and saving the things they want to explore further. It’s a high-intent environment where millions of people go to look for things they should do or buy next, which is why it’s so appealing to businesses. Curating and organizing your boards to match your store’s layout is one way to connect your in-store experience to Pinterest. We found a couple examples of how you might think about creating a discovery experience online and off. Google Matched Content Gives Visitors Personalized Experience. If you’re an AdSense Publisher, here is some news for you.

Google Matched Content Gives Visitors Personalized Experience

Google has introduced a new tool for AdSense that could change your site. By generating relevant article recommendations from the content on your site, Google says its new tool could increase not only reader engagement but your ad revenue, too. Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map. A 5-Step DIY Promotion Guide for Startups to Generate Business Without Google. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of search engine traffic, and the strategies that you can use to attract and keep it.

A 5-Step DIY Promotion Guide for Startups to Generate Business Without Google

Tech tools social media apps. No Photoshop? No Problem: 10 Visual Content Tools for Beginners. Design isn't something that every marketer feels comfortable doing, but the reality is every one of us will need to design something at some point in our careers.

No Photoshop? No Problem: 10 Visual Content Tools for Beginners

Whether it's a website, some sales collateral, or an ebook, there will be some design expertise required to finish the project. The reason why we often get bogged down in it all is because often, we don't know how to use the tools at our disposal to get high-quality designs. But here's a little secret, marketers: You don't need Photoshop to create great designs. Below are 10 design tools even the most design-phobic marketers can use to create gorgeous visual content. 1) Canva Canva is your one-stop shop for easily creating customizable designs. Then all you have to do is drag and drop your images into place, resize them, and voilà! 2) PlaceIt.

BAKE IT UP! (Toronto, ON) Google Grant for NPOs. The Tourism Tech Corner. Google connected classroom. Learn. Minecraft Hour of Code Grades 2+ | Blocks Moana: Wayfinding with Code Make a Flappy game Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code Grades 2+ | Blocks, JavaScript Gumball's Coding Adventure Grades 6-8 | Blocks, Scratch Kodable (pre-readers welcome) Pre-reader - Grade 5 | Blocks | All modern browsers, iPad app Code your own sports game Code with Anna and Elsa CodeCombat Grades 2+ | JavaScript, Python, Lua, CoffeeScript Write your first computer program Dragon Dash.


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