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Why Small Businesses Are Getting LinkedIn Wrong. How can a small company make the most of LinkedIn LNKD -43.63 % ?

Why Small Businesses Are Getting LinkedIn Wrong

The social network is an inescapable part of online life for working professionals. But much of the advice on how to leverage it is targeted at big names. Over and over, I see small businesses making mistakes on LinkedIn because they are patterning their strategies after approaches that work for larger companies with huge budgets, lots of brand awareness and extensive social-media systems. With that in mind, here are tips on how small businesses can use LinkedIn.

Don’t use it for marketing. Tap your network for trips. Don’t help competitors. Keep critical activity private. Don’t focus on lead generation. Sell the business, not yourself. Likewise, for founders, executives or principals in a small business, a profile needs to tell a story that’s bigger than their own career: It needs to tell the story of the business or brand.

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How to Promote Your Contests: A Checklist

Here’s a comprehensive list of methods to promote. Pick and choose from the list based on what makes the most sense for your contest. Promoting on Your Website Create a page on your site where all of your contests can be found.Have a specific link to this contesting page in the homepage navigation.Add run-of-site or -section banner ads linking to the contest.Place a contesting widget on your homepage.Promote the contest in the features section of your homepage.Use a sliding billboard, expanding pencil, or peel-away ad during key times during the contest (such as when it first launches, when voting has begun, or right before the last chance the enter). Promoting in Print or On Air Promoting on Social Media Facebook Twitter. Bloglovin. How to develop your small business digital strategy. Chris O'SheaBusiness Consultant We are regularly asked by entrepreneurs: “So, exactly how much time do we need to put into our online presence?”

How to develop your small business digital strategy

Often, the answer they’re really looking for is: “Not much, a few hours a week… tops.” The trouble is that’s not what we’re going to say. In fact, we might even answer the question with a few questions of our own. What do you want to get out of your online presence? Some entrepreneurs just get it. The first thing you need to know is that you can succeed at online marketing. The set it and forget it mindset In my last blog post, “Marketing automation tools make your digital marketing easier”, I said when it comes to digital marketing, there is no “set it and forget it.” In fact, for us in BDC’s Integrated Sales and Marketing team, “set it and forget it” is the worst possible mindset. There was a day when entrepreneurs could create a website or online media campaign, pat themselves on the back and say: “We did it!”

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Trends in social media. Case Studies. FAQs - Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation. About the Law Who needs to know about this law?

FAQs - Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation

Anyone who makes use of commercial electronic messages, is involved with the alteration of transmission data, or produces or installs computer programs needs to be aware of this law. When will the final regulations be posted? Final regulations from the CRTC were posted on and can be found on the CRTC website. Final Governor in Council Regulations for the anti-spam legislation have been published on When does the law come into force? The Act will begin to take effect on when most of the Act comes into force. Regardless of the date set for coming into force, will there be a phase-in period for compliance to allow businesses and organizations time to implement the requirements within their systems in order to ensure they are compliant with the law?

The coming into force date will be the date for compliance with the legislation. What should I do with the spam I receive now? Blogging-2014.


Tourism consulting. Presentations. Session Topics. Museum projects. How to Become a Social Media Marketing Expert - Infographic. Many words and phrases are trotted out by self titled social media marketing experts that are tossed around so much they lose their meaning and impact. Specialist, thought leader and even guru are some of the glib terms used. Maybe we should be using words that are a bit more fun. Like…savvy, adept, adroit or even crackerjack.

Just imagine being at a dinner party and someone asks you what you do. You respond with. “ I am a Crackerjack Savvy Social Media Marketing Specialist “. Bit more fun really. The “ Guru ” term is the one phrase that makes me cringe the most. Sorry…haven’t met one of those yet.. but looking forward to it. The path to professional Becoming well known and a professional in your industry is often a journey that starts with a burning passion. Ever known a top sporting professional who doesn’t burn with passion?