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Ivey Business School. From multinational corporations to dynamic small businesses, the virtual workplace is a trend that’s clearly on the rise.

Ivey Business School

At Felicity PR, there are no walls. There are no doors, ceilings or floors either, for that matter. Five years ago, Amy Laski, HBA ’01 (pictured above), founded her communications and public relations company, determined to do things a little differently. She had been working for a large corporation in a traditional, “face time”-oriented culture, but realized it wasn’t suiting the way she wanted to work or the kind of parent she wanted to be.

Laski wanted more flexibility and autonomy, but she also knew she didn’t want to be a freelancer. Paulv45. Our Top 10 Placemaking Articles of 2016 - Project for Public Spaces. As 2016 comes to a close, and the placemaking movement has much to celebrate, we are excited about the possibilities that 2017 will bring.

Our Top 10 Placemaking Articles of 2016 - Project for Public Spaces

Here’s a list of PPS’s 10 most popular articles from 2016: 1. 8 Placemaking Principles for Innovation Districts. About Us. On Flipboard. 10 Success lessons from Tony Hsieh - "Zappos Founder" for entrepreneurs - KnowStartup. Tony Hsieh, founder and CEO of Zappos, is widely regarded as one of the most successful CEOs of our time.

10 Success lessons from Tony Hsieh - "Zappos Founder" for entrepreneurs - KnowStartup

He has successfully built and sold not one, but two companies. Link Exchange sold for $265 million to Microsoft and online shoe retailer sold for $1.2 billion to Amazon. Under Tony’s leadership, Zappos has ushered in a new era of customer service and values-based business culture — a model that many businesses are trying to emulate. Flash Camp. About – DVEIGHT. Escape Brooklyn – DVEIGHT. Erin and Denny began pioneering through the region back in 2012.

Escape Brooklyn – DVEIGHT

After just a few road trips they bought an old Jeep Cherokee and launched the blog Escape Brooklyn to inspire fellow urban dwellers to head north. Who better than Erin to guide you on a road trip through her favorite local spots. How Escape Brooklyn Became the Best Local Travel Site. Denny and Erin, Owners of Escape Brooklyn (Photo: Courtesy Escape Brooklyn).

How Escape Brooklyn Became the Best Local Travel Site

Escape Brooklyn is the best local travel site you don’t know about. Thorough guides to day and weekend trips to the Catskills and beyond, replete with drool-worthy photos of rustic cabin interiors, breathtaking mountain vistas and the good old-fashioned behind-the-dashboard shot of the open road induce a maddening combination of envy and aspiration: Who the hell are these people and how do I make my life look like theirs? These people are married couple Erin Lindsey, 31, and Denny Brownell, 38.

“We’re a Brooklyn couple that people can relate to: Erin’s the blonde graphic designer, I’m the tattooed bearded guy. Everybody either is that person or knows that person,” Mr. The couple, who founded Escape Brooklyn in 2013, came to their jaunt setting ways organically. Ms. #ShopTOWest: Parkdale Holiday Shop Crawl Events & Culture. You know what makes a city interesting?

#ShopTOWest: Parkdale Holiday Shop Crawl Events & Culture

Independent retailers, local restaurants, and family-owned shops. Airbnb Launches Trips, Its Big Tours and Activities Gamble – Skift. Airbnb is making good on its global campaign promise to help guests “live there” with its newest product launch.

Airbnb Launches Trips, Its Big Tours and Activities Gamble – Skift

Today, the San Francisco-based company debuted Trips, the company’s official, formal foray into tours and activities, as well as Places, which allows users to find highly curated, hand-picked recommendations for meetups, restaurants, and events in a destination. The company also hinted at the debut of Airbnb Flights, and noted that guests can eventually book car rentals, restaurant reservations, and grocery delivery services through the updated Airbnb app. All of these new products point to Airbnb’s ambitions of becoming a bonafide “super brand of travel” by combining all of these services into a single travel platform. It’s clear that with today’s announcement, Airbnb doesn’t just want to be an accommodations provider or even an online travel agency. “You can spend as much time planning your trip, as on your trip,” Chesky said. Welcome to the world of trips. BALLE - Business Alliance for Local Living Economies.

Miramichi conference explores 'local prosperity' - New Brunswick. An Off-Season Guide to Montauk, NY - ESCAPE BROOKLYN. The sleepy town of Montauk is 120 miles from New York City, on the easternmost end of Long Island.

An Off-Season Guide to Montauk, NY - ESCAPE BROOKLYN

Long hailed as the “anti-Hamptons”, the chichi-ness of the Hamptons is slowly creeping in—but nonetheless, the fishing town still maintains its rough, rustic charm. Affectionally known as “the end of the world,” Montauk is home to more than 5,000 acres of parks and beaches, each with a surprising amount of hiking trails and hidden gems. Though the secret’s out on summer weekends in Montauk, we wanted to create an off-season guide for exploring Montauk during fall, when the water is still warm, the beaches are empty, and visitors can enjoy its longtime establishments and its fishing-town roots. We recently headed out to Montauk to hang out with the folks at Clif Bar for a post-Labor Day getaway they branded a “Watermans Weekend.”

Where To Stay in Montauk: From the Chicest to the Cheapest. How tourist boards are struggling to adapt to a private sector model - Travel Perspective. How tourist boards are struggling to adapt to a private sector model Steve Keenan August 3, 2016 There are 86 counties in Britain, and historically most used to have a tourist board paid for by the local council.

How tourist boards are struggling to adapt to a private sector model - Travel Perspective

Not any more. Since the economic downturn in 2008, public money has dried up for what are deemed non-essential services. But not visitors. Every Resource You Need To Run A Kickass Blog: 75 Must Have Tools. Blogging sounds ideal.

Every Resource You Need To Run A Kickass Blog: 75 Must Have Tools

In a fantasy world, you grab a cup of coffee, draft a perfect post, and hit publish. Home — Timecounts. Menu FeaturesPricingLog InCreate a Hub Simple, transparent pricing that fits every organizer. Drag the slider to reflect the size of your community 500 people in your community,$29.00 per month. $29.00 / mo. + + + Guide to Wedding Venues, Glamping, Barns - Venue Report. Portfolio - if found, make. Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. i am a freelance writer + editor with a focus on creative blogging and social media. my services include blog writing, copywriting/editing, social media management, social media + product photography, editorial, blog consulting, and more. i have a BA in creative writing with an additional focus on technical and professional writing. over the last three years, i’ve written for both print and online publications and edited countless blog posts. below you’ll find my favorite recent projects. for more details, feel free to get in touch!

If found, make. | owner, editor, blogger if found, make. is a lifestyle blog focused on conscious living and creativity. i curate and write all content and as a part of my personal brand, manage the accompanying pinterest, twitter, + instagram accounts. find more information + how to work with me on my about page. 100 Layer Cake | blog writer Funk Digital Media | digital content editor. Fortune. In recent months, the media has labelled the rise of traditionally employed workers taking on part-time side work (a.k.a. "side-gigging") a trend that will likely fade with a surging economy. Related: Ready to Go Full Time With Your Side Gig? Consider These 8 Factors First. However, this view has focused largely on just one particular catalyst: Uber.

26 Value Proposition Examples That Convert Visitors. The only resource you need to create an irresistible value proposition like WordPress, Stripe, and Airbnb. Nov 30th, 2015 by David Khim Imagine you’re trying to plan a vacation, but realize there’s too much work that goes into researching the best vacation spot, what hotel to stay in, where to go sightseeing, and so on. This Easy Mistake Could Be Stifling Your Creativity. THE DOEN FOUNDATION'S. Leisure, Entertainment & Recreation Projects.

Location-Based Leisure & Entertainment. Wanderful - Connecting Women who Travel. Value proposition canvas example. WHAT WE DO / WHERE TO FIND US - hive event. Local TravelAll partners. Online BizWalk Guide helps grow small businesses.

Promotion Tactics

Tradeshows. People and Places. Practical Parking Solutions Ask the businesses in any town centre about the issues that most perturb them and probably around half of them will say ‘parking’. Responses from customers will be less predictable depending on their needs and the parking provided. But what do people actually mean when they say the “parking was terrible” and is the provision of parking that is ‘free’ in every sense any longer a realistic proposition? At People and Places we have devised an approach that can help you to take a customer-focused perspective on parking as part of the whole town centre experience. To learn more about how to develop practical solutions to parking in your town, read these Top Tips taken from the ‘Between the Parking Lines’ report developed by People and Places’ Director, Chris Wade, as part of the Government’s Future High Streets Forum.

Poached Creative. We provide all the training and facilitation required, and we work at a pace suitable to your users so that they own the final product.


AFAR - Travel Magazine and Guide. News - AccorHotels. Creative_Tourism_BK.ppt. GORRT - BUSINESS SERVICES PROSPECTUS 2015. About the Creative Tourism. What do we mean by Creative Tourism? The Creative Tourism is considered a new generation of tourism by involving the tourists themselves and the locals in the creation of the tourist products (co-creation). Britain - Exploring an extraordinary island, one story at a time. Travel - Reader photos: Britain’s greatest hidden gems. Road trip! Your guide to uncover Canada’s hidden gems. WATCH ABOVE: When was the last time you discovered a hidden gem in Canada?

Trish Kozicka gives you some locations to check out as you hit the road this summer and explore. TORONTO — We want to help you explore your own backyard this summer. Download an Inntravel brochure. Call Inntravel on+44 (0)1653 617001 +44 (0)1653 617001search. Boosting Demand in the “Experience Economy” When Georgia Aquarium opened, in 2005, it was the biggest aquarium in the world. Have a local small business? Try this easy trick to help your business get found online.

Beautiful Corporate Identities for Your Inspiration. Attention Getting Marketing - Selz - Seriously simple selling. Attention Getting Marketing.

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Hidden O consumer. Business planning. Online templates. Conversations Matter. Consultancy ideas. Failte Ireland - Tourism Business Support. Onextrapixel - Web Design and Development Online Magazine. Quantitative. NPO Rural. Small Town Tourism. Audience Engagement. Interpretive Planning & Aud. Engagement.

Destination Dev. Campaigns. Assessment Tool. Tourism and Canadian exports. AdvancedExperientialTourismWorkshopV3red. Small biz helper. 6 Questions For The White House's Maker-In-Chief Stephanie Santoso. Marketing Tutorials, News, How-to and More -

Our top 7 marketing tactics for ALL tourism businesses -

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A Guide to Using Market Research and Marketing Measurement for Successful Tourism Destination Marketing - FedNor. PR & Audience Agency. Experience Development. Top 3 takeaways from Google's 2014 Traveler Research Study.

Home - Small Business Marketing. Hidden Ontario community projects.