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How to build a wooden deck - see how they did it step by step! How To Crochet A Bath Rug with Rope. Ta – dah!

How To Crochet A Bath Rug with Rope

Clothesline bath rug. What do you think? Since last summer, I’ve wanted to make a bath mat with some kind of twine or rope. We have one mat in our master bath, but when it’s in the wash I usually just use a towel on the floor. The towel works fine, but if there’s an excuse to crochet something, you know it’s going to happen, right? Leave it to me to go find the closest thing to yarn that you can find at the local home improvement store.

These clotheslines work PERFECT for this crocheted rug, I tell ya. You can certainly buy more and make it a larger mat by continuing the pattern, and/or by doing some extra rows of single crochet on the sides. In fact, if you’re a total beginner, I encourage you to try making one with only single crochet stitches. Speaking of the stitch I used, do you recognize it at all? Make sure you check out the pictures below of the progress while making it! You will need: Size S 35 Speed Crochet Hook ( I got mine from Lion Brand Yarn ) Scissors Tips /Notes: High-school students can earn university credit. Armaan Ali knows how tough it is to land and keep a spot in an Ivy League school.

High-school students can earn university credit

He’s applying to Princeton University this fall, and has done his research on the highly selective institution in New Jersey. But the Grade 12 student at Vancouver’s Mulgrave School isn't worried. Through Mulgrave’s International Baccalaureate diploma program, he’s taking courses designed to get him ready for the academic rigours of Princeton, or any university, for that matter. “I’m taking history, biology and English at a higher level,” says Armaan, 17. “I spoke with a Princeton alumnus and he told me that what they really teach you at Princeton is how to process information and write, and that’s exactly what I’m learning at Mulgrave.” Armaan is among the growing number of private school students who are choosing to arm themselves with the advantages of an enriched learning program. Both programs offer subjects that many universities recognize as equivalent to first-year courses. What is it? Good to know. This Chart Shows the Lawn Maintenance You Need to Do Every Month of the Year.

Chic Shed Backyard Decorating Ideas - She Shed Ideas. Last year, the "she-shed" emerged as the female answer to the man cave.

Chic Shed Backyard Decorating Ideas - She Shed Ideas

Now there's a sophisticated new crop of chic sheds—sunlight-drenched spaces nestled in equally inviting backyard gardens. Here, one lucky owner invites us in. The name: The Hobby House. Owner: Donna Jenkins, stylist and owner of The Tinkerhouse Trading Company, shares her tiny backyard workshop. Location: Sharpsville, IN. Size: 61 square feet. Gridley and Graves Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Out here you'll find me: Doing everything I can't do in the house, like spray-painting and flower pressing. I also love to: Host flower-arranging workshops. My design inspiration in five words or less: A Colonial saltbox. Salvaged window count: 34. I have a serious green thumb when it comes to: Boxwoods. If you look closely you'll notice: The potting bench my husband built me [far right] has running water. Best junking find: Well, it sort of found me. Here, the magic hour is: 3 p.m. in the summer. Pinterest. Brackets of Bedford. 1 I like to maximize the use of space and this shelf, which runs along one whole wall in the kitchen, uses the area over the doors and pantry cabinets. 2 The kitchen shelf brackets are almost exact replicas of the brackets I found in the old Winter House kitchen when I bought this farm. 3 Over the kitchen sink are milk glass shelves that hold tea pots and spices.

Brackets of Bedford

The brackets are old chrome. 4 A close-up of these useful brackets - I'm always looking for objects like this at antique shows and antique malls. 5 This milk glass shelf in the kitchen is supported by old bathroom brackets - enamel over iron. 6 I use similar brackets in bathrooms to hold hand towels, perfumes, and toiletries.