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Our top 10 beaches of the Algarve | Algarve Blog. The Algarve is known for its stunning coastline and beautiful beaches – and we have enjoyed exploring so many of them over the years. We also enjoy sneaking our way up onto the West Coast around Aljezur as well – so you’ll find some of our top 10 are around this area too. In 2012 the Algarve was voted Europe’s top beach destination and it’s not hard to see why! Choosing just ten beaches to share with you was an almost impossible task – but here they are – our top 10 beaches – in reverse order!

10 ~ Praia do Amado Wild, unspoilt and great for surfing! 9 ~ Praia de Molhe, Ferragudo A small beach with a big heart. 8 ~ Praia da Marinha This is a view that is so iconic to the Algarve – crumbling cliffs, hidden coves and incredible arches of rock reaching out into the sea. 7 ~ Monte Clérigo Near Aljezur, this is a delightful beach with wide open sand, good body-boarding waves, and the most stunning small black rocks washed up on the beach. 6 ~ Bordeira 5 ~ Armação de Pêra 4 ~ Evaristo beach Like this: When to visit the Algarve | Algarve Blog. “Everyone talks about the weather, but no-one does anything about it.” Mark Twain We are often asked ‘When’s the best time to visit the Algarve?’ – closely followed by ‘What’s the weather like?’ Having experienced every month of the year here, we thought it might be fun to give you an idea of what you can expect – with some hints about the weather and what to pack if you are coming here on holiday!

So here goes, let’s start with Spring, which can be a very nice time of year to visit the Algarve: You may need to pack a sweater or warm coat for the evening, but during the day you can enjoy some lovely balmy temperatures – even in February! You can also enjoy some fantastic blue skies and seas – again this is the West Coast for you in all its finery in February – truly stunning: April is an interesting month out here – it usually coincides with the Easter holidays from school – which pushes the prices up for accommodation – but we have often found it to be a rainy month! Like this: Algarve travel guide. Why go? You could sum up simply by saying the light.

For the light on the Algarve is fantastic. To draw the curtains each morning and see the high blue skies and the bright, energising light never fails to raise my spirits, even after 12 years of living here. But there is much more than that. It’s a region of hidden delights, of golden beaches framed by beautifully wrought limestone rocks, of small, simple restaurants where the taste of the fish – just caught, just grilled and drizzled with a local olive oil – will pull you back time and time again.

There are so many layers to the Algarve. The sea is part of a different layer of Algarve life – one that’s also closely bound to nature. By the fringes of the sea, in the centre of the Algarve, resorts line the cliffs – some are attractively set in lush gardens, such as Vila Joya or Vila Vita Parc (see Hotels); others (not included here) are soulless, concrete monstrosities. Looking for a holiday to the Algarve? When to go Where to go. From Lisbon Airport to Algarve by Bus. Are you landing in the Lisbon International Airport (Portela)? Do you want to go from the airport to Algarve by Bus?

I'll tell you the best way to do it. I will also show it to you with pictures (click to enlarge). Because a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, if you want to take a Bus (Expresso) to Algarve you have to go to the Lisbon Bus Terminal located in Sete-Rios. This is not very far from the Airport but you have to catch a Taxi or the AeroShuttle to get there. Once you are there you can buy your ticket and take the Bus (here we call it Expresso) to the city or place in Algarve that you want. But, to make your life easier, I'll show you how to do it with a few easy steps. 1. Don't forget to check your luggage to see if everything is ok. 2. 3.

It's right in front of the Airport Exit, so you can't miss it. 4. You have to ask the driver to be sure, because the same Bus Stop is used to go to other directions. 5. One adult ticket costs 3,5 Euros. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 1. 2. 3. 4. ---Rede Nacional de Expressos---