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Hb_C.I.53.40.5a-e_av1.jpg (450×637) How To Put Your Hair Up In A Cute Bun. Comb your hair carefully to eliminate any tangles or knots.Take some hair from the top of your head. 3.

How To Put Your Hair Up In A Cute Bun

Tie off this hair with a hair elastic. 4. Don't pull off the ends. 5. 6. 7. Things I would Love To Do To my Hair!! &3. 3549 1472 623 103 1218 132 58 22 60 1174 568 129 442 3364 992 834 430 2615 1144 45 694 1248 310 1452 189 333 1595 226 938 613 1742 2295 1821 3300 158 1159 340 84 4 1786 1287 70 337 337 382 798 44 750 479 24 691 755 2540 256 488 135 366 374 897 4363 1528 689 247 271 185 2971 843 90 1993 972 49 30 141 603 14 88 67 968 615 47 201 298 826 15 413 527 263 635 204 95 350 515 211 148 1211 157 33 10 1555.

Things I would Love To Do To my Hair!! &3

25 Ways To Wear A Scarf. Braided Updo Tutorial. Fantastic Easy Hairstyle for the DIY Bride/Bridesmaid {Sunday Beauty School} I know I talked hair last week BUT I just have to share this with you!

Fantastic Easy Hairstyle for the DIY Bride/Bridesmaid {Sunday Beauty School}

Being a straight and rather flat haired girl myself, I have tried every which way to bring a little bit of curl into my life with limited success. I’ve bought heated round brushes, velcro rollers, curling tongs in various shapes and sizes, those foam bendy things, rags (Victorian chic don’t you know) and heated rollers. But none have given me the curls I crave and most of them have damaged my hair.

But, the other day, I was indulging in a little pinning on Pinterest. (Read more about my love affair with Pinterest here) when low and behold, I found an easy peasy tutorial on how to achieve Vintage curls in 10 minutes with no heat required! Here is a before and after shot of a girl who tried it out and was so pleased with the results she blogged about it. And click here for the original YouTube Tutorial by Maria from ‘The Lipstick Diaries’. Enjoy: And here’s my results >> Apologies for looking so sleepy!

Simple 3 Twists Hairstyle. First, a little back story: I was on Pinterest (I know, big surprise) awhile back and Ms.

Simple 3 Twists Hairstyle

Ez from Creature Comforts pinned a fun messy hair-do, and mentioned she needed to learn how to do it. So I piped in that I should show her how. I have been wanting to do a hair tutorial for ages now, so this was the perfect reason to get it done. I was a hairstylist in my first life, and I am not too shy to say I was a pretty good one – I can’t say that about everything, so I will take it where I can ;). So here it is, my first hair tutorial, wahoo! It is best to start with 1-2 (even 3) day old hair that has a little wave to it. Next you will want a little lift through the roots. So now we have the hair looking a little fuller, and the front styled the way we want it to look in the end.

Split your hair into three sections, pulling the sides in front of your shoulders, leaving just one section in the back. Lift the back section up and backcomb at the base. TIPPED OUT. All photos: Kristin Ess + post designed by kristin ess Lots of emails this week asking for a tutorial on Lauren’s temporary bright colors.


Here I’ve replicated the process for you in 7 steps on an extension. While I never recommend bleaching out the ends of your hair at home, if you want to do the fun colors yourself, maybe get the tips bleached out by a pro + then play with the temporary colors on your own. The best things about this color– you’re able to hide it in a bun for work if you need to, AND you’re only doing a couple of inches on the bottom so it won’t kill you to cut it off if you get over it quickly. TOOLS: highlighting comb, clips, foils, color brush, hair bleach with the appropriate volume (always seek a professional when using bleach), light pink color, dark pink color, light blue, dark blue, clear gloss.

Step 1 Highlight the tips of the hair using hair bleach with the correct volume. Step 3 Shampoo and lightly condition bleach out of the hair. How to Make a Fishtail Braid. You are here:Home → Learn to Braid Your Hair → Fishtail Braid Just like the Basic Braid, this braid turns out best if you pull hair back into a tight ponytail first.

How to Make a Fishtail Braid

The difference between the two braids is that you are going to seperate the ponytail into 2 strands instead of three. Here's what a Fishtail Braid looks like. 1. Once you have separated the ponytail, you are going to start out by holding the 2 strands in your left hand. 2. 3. Products. Maegan : Fashion, DIY, Home, Lifestyle: Pretty Side French Braid low Updo Hair Tutorial ~ Los Angeles.

I wore a more relaxed version of this hair style in an outfit post in June of 2009 but for reasons unbeknownst to me, I never did a tutorial for it. Maegan : Fashion, DIY, Home, Lifestyle: Pretty Side French Braid low Updo Hair Tutorial ~ Los Angeles

Recently though, a few of my lovely readers have asked for it …so here it is. Enjoy! If you can’t see the video go to: Pretty Side French Braid Updo * * * it would be so pretty with flowers pinned in * * * *