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SlipTec Solutions is the leading company offers the best floor safety services to varied clients. Our non slip floor treatment works on almost every surface. website:-

SlipTec Solutions — How Poor Floor Safety Standards Affect Different Businesses Similarly? DSI Marine Construction in Fort Myers: Use Wood Piling Repair Solution. According to our perception, the best parties and events end up with a ring on the cigarette burn coffee table or a dining room table.

DSI Marine Construction in Fort Myers: Use Wood Piling Repair Solution

Nevertheless, you can shrug off these little events mishaps with a smile once you know the secrets to repair your wood furniture. Moreover, you should take a wood piling repair service to ensure the life of your wood furniture. Here we are going to show you the solution to avoid the wood repair caused by the infections. We will tell you the permanent treatment if you already have this problem. Non-slip floor treatments: The easy way to get the better grip. Flooring means that has to be plan very carefully.

Non-slip floor treatments: The easy way to get the better grip

Usually, most of the people get hurt accidentally from falling on the slippery surfaces. Moreover, these kinds of injuries are very common as many think they are unavoidable. Generally, the slip and fall accidents are the results of uncomfortable environment like a wet and the cluttered surface. Meanwhile, the normal circumstances provide the required amount of friction. Colored Anti-slip epoxy coating for concrete floors, Florida — SlipTec Solutions. How to Make Sure a Sports Arena is Slip Resistant? - Non Slip Floor Treatments. Woman files slip-and-fall suit against Dollar General — SlipTec Solutions. December 17, 2014 2:57 PMBy ANNIE COSBY ROMNEY – A Hampshire County woman is suing over claims she was injured when she fell in a Dollar General store.

Woman files slip-and-fall suit against Dollar General — SlipTec Solutions

Shirley Brown filed a lawsuit Dec. 9 in Hampshire Circuit Court against Dolgencorp, doing business as Dollar General, citing negligence. According to the complaint, Brown was at the Dollar General store on Hannas Road in Sunrise Summit on Dec. 16, 2012, when she slipped on soap that had been spilled on the floor and fell, sustaining injuries to her leg, knee, shoulder and back.

The defendant is accused of negligence in failing to maintain the premises in a safe condition for customers or warn the plaintiff of the dangerous condition. Brown is represented by attorney Lawrence E. Hampshire Circuit Court case number: 14-C-146 This entry was posted in Hampshire County, Issues, News, Personal Injury and tagged Dolgencorp, Dollar General, Lawrence E. Marriott sued by woman who allegedly broke arm in slip and fall at hotel pool — SlipTec Solutions. October 23, 2014 8:39 PMBy KYLE BARNETT NEW ORLEANS – A California woman is suing a local hotel where she was allegedly injured after slipping and falling in the pool area.

Marriott sued by woman who allegedly broke arm in slip and fall at hotel pool — SlipTec Solutions

Gity Daghighian, and Siavash, filed suit against Marriott International Inc., JW Marriott New Orleans and their insurer in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Sept. 15. Daghighian claims that on May 22 she was staying at the JW Marriott New Orleans hotel when she slipped and fell on excessively slippery tiles in the hotel’s pool area. The plaintiff alleges she suffered severe bodily injuries in the fall including a broken left arm. The defendant is accused of creating a dangerous condition, failing to properly maintain hotel premises, failing to act reasonably, creating a trap, improper maintenance and knowing of a hazardous condition near the pool.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for emotional and mental anguish, loss of society, loss of consortium and lost travel expenses. Is Your Hospital a Danger Zone? — SlipTec Solutions. John McMalcolm - Hospitals - 3 days ago According to a report released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2009, lost-workday injuries resulting from same-level slips, trips and falls occurred to 38.2 per 10,000 hospital workers, which was about 90 percent higher than the average incidence rate for all other private sectors.

Is Your Hospital a Danger Zone? — SlipTec Solutions

In hospitals, slips, trips and falls are the second most common cause of injuries that lead to loss of workdays. As such, it is essential for hospitals to take effective measures to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls among their employees and patients. What Signs Attract More Visitors to a Sports Arena? Are you an ardent sports fan?

What Signs Attract More Visitors to a Sports Arena?

If yes, then you must have visited multiple sports arenas, stadiums, ballparks etc in your life and you’d be able to answer the question that why some arenas are more popular than the others. The main factor is if your favorite team is playing in the nearby arena or not. If yes, then it becomes instantly popular, right? SlipTec Solutions: How to Make Office and Industry Floors Safer For Work. Injuries caused due to on-floor casualties have become a big issue for industrialists and workers alike.

SlipTec Solutions: How to Make Office and Industry Floors Safer For Work

According to a study, accidents due to poor floor safety cause a net loss of about $70 Billion every year in the US alone. These Injuries account for 65 percent of workday absenteeism. The need of the hour is to make office and industry floors safer for work so that such catastrophic setbacks are reduced. We have outlined some of the most common factors of poor floor safety that you must know about. Try to point out these loopholes in your workplace environment and follow the mentioned tactics to increase the overall safety. 1. Unevenly leveled floors are sometimes hard to sight and are the top contributors of tripping accidents. How to Bathe Your Baby in a Bathtub Safely? We all love our sons and daughters, don’t we?

How to Bathe Your Baby in a Bathtub Safely?

There is no doubt about that and as a parent, we care and concern for their well being at each and every stage of their life. However, it is the initial stages of development when your baby is very small like 1 to 4 years old that the child demands maximum care. From feeding to taking care of the speaking, safety, clothes, hygiene etc, there is an endless number of things for which the baby demands great care. If there is one thing that takes care to the next level is when you take your baby for a bathe. Le Pavillon Hotel patron sues over alleged slip and fall near rooftop pool — SlipTec Solutions.

Le Pavillon Hotel NEW ORLEANS – A historic hotel is being sued by a patron who claims she slipped and fell while walking across the entranceway of their rooftop pool.

Le Pavillon Hotel patron sues over alleged slip and fall near rooftop pool — SlipTec Solutions

Elaine Amplo filed suit against Brothers Property Corporation, doing business as Le Pavillon Hotel, Great American Insurance Company and American Financial Group Inc. in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Sept. 11. Amplo states that on Sept. 14, 2013, she was a patron of the Le Pavillon Hotel. On this date, the petitioner was leaving the rooftop pool, where suddenly and without warning, she allegedly slipped and fell near the entrance of the hotel.

Floor & Walkway Safety Audit Guidelines. Floor safety is a contentious issue that causes huge losses in terms of business and work hours every year.

Floor & Walkway Safety Audit Guidelines

It is a necessity that your home and work floor safety is checked from time to time. One way to do this is by conducting a Floor & Walkway Safety Audit (FWSA) which is recommended (as well as mandatory in certain industries) by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). These audits serve the purpose of ensuring the floor safety before accidents can take place and also point out if the floor safety measures are working efficiently or not. We have listed down a few ways to conduct these floor safety audits that can be implemented with a company’s internal employees. However, if floor safety is a serious issue at your home or workplace, we recommend consulting some expert such as Floor Safety Solutions Florida. Gathering the Audit Team Floor safety affects everyone in the organization. Conducting the Audit.

Why Is Sports Arena Floor Treatment Necessary For Authorities? Ignore These 5 Sports Arena Slip Myths to Ensure Your Safety!: sliptec. A Sports arena is the finest place to enjoy your favorite game with loud cheering for your favorite team. There are people who love spending their weekends drinking and partying but when it comes to the sports lovers, they are always looking to stopover a sports arena.

One definitely enjoys at a sports arena but of late, there have been quite a few slip and fall accidents. The unsurpassed way to avoid this is by installing Slip Resistant Sports Arena Flooring Fort Myers and it is really required because this is making a lot of people reluctant in going to watch a match over there. The worst part is that most of the people do not even know whether the reasons for not going they hear are true or not!

SlipTec Solutions: Prevent Floor Slip Injury Through These Valuable Safety Precautions! Your home and office flooring is a treat to watch for as not only it looks gorgeous but adds a curb appeal to your respective premise too. Having said that, the prettiness of a floor alone is not adequate to make people walk through it safely and securely! A lot of home and office injuries occur as a result of inadequately maintained flooring. There are times when the floor is too slippery, too wet or involves other factors which lead to an injury. Why Rubber Is the First Choice for Anti-Slip Sports Arena Flooring. After an injury, an athlete might have to stay out of the ground for one match, one series, an entire season and sometimes for several years.

And, if it is a career threatening injury, it athlete have to stay away from the game for good. The causes of injuries greatly depend on the sport. However, injuries due to collision and falls are common in sports. By playing carefully, injuries due to collision can be avoided. However, you cannot give your best to the game when you are worrying about the risk of injury due to the floor of the sports arena. The Best Way to Prevent Nighttime Slips and Falls - Non Slip Floor Treatments.

SlipTec Solutions — All You Need To Know About Most Slippery Areas of... Anti-Slip Treatments for Wood Floors - How To Avoid Falls and Slips Accidents: sliptec. Wood flooring is the beautiful and timeless option to decorate the home and commercial space. These natural and glossy floors are the perfect way to show off your personality to your guests. Generally, wood flooring is no more slippery than other types of flooring surfaces. They only become slippery if you apply a coating of polish or wax.

If you are also planning to install wood flooring in your home, a high level of polish or wax can increase the chances of falls, slips, and trips. Colored Anti-slip epoxy coating for concrete floors, Florida — SlipTec Solutions. Anti-slip treatment for wood floors, Fort Myers — SlipTec Solutions. SlipTec Solutions — 5 Best Ways to Protect Yourself from Slip and Fall... 5 tips to Prevent Slippery Floors in Restaurants. Slips, falls and trips are the most common causes of accidents in a restaurant. These types of accidents can not only give a serious injury and pain to your customers but it can also increase the fear and negativity in the customer’s mind for your business.

Being a restaurant owner, you invest huge on the building, interior, furniture, quality of food and maintenance of surrounding. Minor and Major Injuries Caused Due To Slips and Falls. Anti-Slip Epoxy Coating for Concrete Floors, Fort Myers — SlipTec Solutions. Top 5 Benefits of Non-Slip or Anti-Slip Floor Surfaces. Whether it’s your home, office, factory, or warehouse, you always want the type of flooring that can make the space beautiful as well as increase the safety of your floors.

Non Slip Floor Treatments Fort Myers.