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SlideUpLift is an online platform to help professionals make compelling presentations using principles of vision science and storytelling. The platform contains an online library of pre-designed presentation templates that can be used across industries and functions.

Powerpoint Templates

PowerPoint Tutorials | PowerPoint Tips. Top Creative Timeline Templates & Timeline Infographics. Why do we need Timeline Infographics?

Top Creative Timeline Templates & Timeline Infographics

In a professional presentation, timeline infographics are one of the most powerful visualizations tools of showcasing information about the project or product roadmaps, their schedules, the sequence of business processes or planned strategy. Timeline Infographics are also useful in effectively presenting calendars, timetables or workflows for the project team in an effective and succinct manner. Essentially, Timeline Templates help visualize and simplify complex information. However, to create engaging professional timeline templates in any of the office tools is a tedious process. That’s where PowerPoint timeline templates come in very handy wherein you can choose from the predesigned collection of timeline infographics. Depending on the goal of your presentation, here are different creative PowerPoint timeline templates for use in professional presentations: Creative Timeline Infographic Template to showcase Business Strategy and Milestones 2. 3.

LET YOUR BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. According to Gestalt, the human brain is programmed to “structure individual elements, shapes or forms into a coherent, organized whole.”


This theory allows you to be in control of your audience’s perception, during the presentation. You have the power to decide the flow in which your audience looks at your presentation, hence controlling exactly how your information is absorbed by them. Do you want to know how? Let me tell you about Visual Hierarchy – the most important aspect in presentation design to help you mesmerize your audience. What is Visual Hierarchy? Visual hierarchy is the order in which the user processes any written information. Visual Hierarchy Elements in Professional Presentations 7 minutes is the average attention span of a typical audience, before they start looking at the clock. COLOR Colors are the most intuitive way of drawing emphasis in presentations. To choose color combinations, contrast is the key. A few pitfalls to watch for: Check out this template here. Hacks to transform dull PowerPoint Slides into engaging Presentations.

Per experts, audience gets hooked and pays more attention to visual content than drab looking text heavy content.

Hacks to transform dull PowerPoint Slides into engaging Presentations

In this article we offer an array of creative powerpoint slide designs that are sure to win you accolades. They will help you think beyond bullet points and unlock the amazing visual story waiting to be released from your message. You must be wondering how to be visually creative if your slides are heavy on content. Don’t worry even if you have text-heavy slides – you can still make them look visually amazing.

Below are the ideas to get you started. Idea #1: Visual Bullets Create business PowerPoint slides with lines, shapes and spacing to separate the content. Idea 2 # Double sided text : Alternate key points on the left and right side of the page. Idea #2: Chunking You can also create professional PowerPoint templates based on the concept of chunking. To create effective visual chunks you should group the related elements on the slide and contrast the unrelated elements. WHO, WHAT and WHERE - The Three Checks Of An Impactful Business Presentation - SlideUpLift.

Imagine that you are planning a party.

WHO, WHAT and WHERE - The Three Checks Of An Impactful Business Presentation - SlideUpLift

To do so, you have to consider a number of factors. The number of guests, their likes and dislikes while deciding on type of food, beverages, music; venue of the party to decide on decorations, theme or any planned activity etc. These considerations are critical to host a party that everyone remembers! Making an impactful presentation is somewhat similar. You need to consider a lot of factors, to truly deliver something with a lasting impression. In this article, I will detail the three most important factors that form the basic foundation of every successful presentation.

Knowing your audience, is the first key step of making your presentation. Ask yourself the following questions, to get into the shoes of your audience – Who will be there? Asking questions like this, will focus you on what actually needs to be delivered. To summarize, each business presentation should have it’s design and content, tailored specifically to the type of audience. Tips For Creating The Perfect Startup Pitch Deck. If you’re raising money for your startup, having an impressive pitch deck is a key component in your fundraising toolkit.

Tips For Creating The Perfect Startup Pitch Deck

A great pitch deck gets potential investors excited about your idea and engages them in a conversation about your business, hopefully leading to an investment.Do you know investors spend an average of only 3 mins and 44 seconds on any pitch deck. Therefore the goal of pitch deck should be to spark your investor’s interest in your company. While every business is different, we believe following format mentioned below works for most businesses and is most likely to generate interest from potential investors. Problem Statement: “A problem well stated is a problem half solved”.

The most important goal of any problem statement is to articulate the problem being addressed to the investor in a way that’s clear, straightforward, and easy to understand. Value Proposition: A value proposition is a promise of value or solution which will solve the problem. Please visit: