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Your online sleep shop to help battle sleep deprivation. Slick Sleep offers new sleep aids and technology to improve sleep habits. Visit Us at

How to Become a Medical Device Sales Representative – The Slick Sleep Blog. Have you ever wanted to shadow a surgical procedure, sell large pieces of medical equipment, or deal with a diagnostic center like a sleep laboratory?

How to Become a Medical Device Sales Representative – The Slick Sleep Blog

Becoming a Medical Device Sales Representative can be a rewarding and lucrative career choice. However, it’s a difficult field to break into. For 15 years I worked in the medical field as a Sales Representative, Sales Manager, and Product Manager in a variety of specialties and call points. Part of the reason I started the Slick Sleep website was because I was selling into the sleep field, and realized that there was a vast amount of new sleep technology available to the general public that nobody knew about. Over the years I’ve consulted many sales people on how they can break into the field.

This is literally step number one, and there are very few ways to move on to the next step without having completed this. Training: Any Fortune 500 B2B company has an outstanding sales training program for their reps. Job Boards LinkedIn. Soaring Heart Organic Latex Mattress Topper - The Organic Latex Mattress Topper is not only an upgrade to your mattress, it’s an upgrade to your sleep.

Soaring Heart Organic Latex Mattress Topper -

Two inches of 100% organic, synthetic-free Dunlop latex is wrapped in an inch of premium organic wool and hand-tufted to insure long-lasting comfort. The soft Dunlop latex naturally conforms to the curves of your body, providing a luxurious night's rest and a supportive, restorative sleep. By hugging your body, natural latex helps keep the spine straight, which can reduce tossing and turning, and alleviate aches and pains.

Surrounding the latex is a layer of fluffy organic wool, a blend of eight breeds of sheep’s wool sourced from small farms. Wool's natural insulating properties will keep you cool in the summer and warm during winter while its mildew and dust mite resistance will keep you healthy and safe. The Organic Latex Topper works wonderfully on any standard size mattress, instantly making an old bed feel like new again. LEFF Amsterdam Block Alarm Clock - Zoned Gel Memory Foam Pillow - The best zoned gel memory foam pillow.

Zoned Gel Memory Foam Pillow -

Combining the cooling benefits of Gel Dough® with the comfort and breathability of Zoned Technology™, the Zoned Gel Dough® pillow offers optimal comfort for restful sleep. The Gel Dough® formula creates a cooler, softer memory foam that maintains form for better support than traditional memory foams. Zoned Technology™ cradles the head while supporting the neck, providing exceptional airflow, making this one of the coolest, most breathable pillows available. Accompanying the pillow is a luxuriously soft bamboo velour cover, excellent for sensitive skin and temperature regulation. Gel Dough® formula creates a cooler, softer memory foamVentilated for increased air circulation and breathabilityZoned comfort cradles the head while supporting the neckBamboo velour removable cover Size Availability King 35"x16"Queen 29"x16"Standard 25"x16" Loft Availability.

Sleep disorders. Sleep -Knowledge. Health & Medicine. Sleep Research. Sleeping Tips. Sleep&Memory. Sleep Improvement. Sleep training. Sleep, Bruxism and TMJ. Sleep and Dreams. Sleep and Circadian Rhythm. Health: Sleep. Sleep. LUNE Mood Light. The Cielux LUNE Mood Light is one of Slick Sleep's favorite offerings and the best night light available.

LUNE Mood Light

An Elegant piece that can be the focal point of any bedroom. Gently illuminate your bedroom to suit your mood and create a perfect sleep environment. Make the Mood Magic with Color The LUNE produces a wide spectrum of colors from subtle to sizzling. It can gently tinge a room or dazzle as the center of attention. Touch and Go The LUNE's graceful design is matched by its graceful ease of operation. Colorful Today, Colorful Tomorrow Available in white or black, the LUNE's design is modern without fear of becoming dated.

20 Natural Remedies for Staying Asleep - Are there natural ways to make you sleep that actually work?

20 Natural Remedies for Staying Asleep -

Millions of people deal with sleeplessness or form poor sleep habits every night. Instead of treating the root cause of their sleep deprivation, many turn to prescription sleep aids. From 2005 to 2010, the number of emergency room visits related to zolpidem, a common medication found in Ambien and other sleep aids, jumped up nearly 220%. Foods That Help You Sleep - Did you know there are specific foods that help you sleep?

Foods That Help You Sleep -

There are also foods that can give you the energy you need for a productive day. For those who can't sleep on a consistent basis, the search for relief can seem endless. You can improve your sleep environment, upgrade your mattress, utilize the latest sleep products, yet you may be left right where you started....looking for answers on how to sleep better. A healthy diet has plenty of well-known benefits: Weight Management: Lets state the obvious, a healthy diet will help you maintain or cut excess body weight. Productivity: A Study from some of the brilliant Health Professionals at Brigham Young University found that Employees who rarely ate fruits, vegetables, and other low fat foods at work were 93% more likely to have a higher loss in productivity.

Bed Bug Bites? Act Quickly To Treat A Bed Bug Infestation - If you have bed bug bites, its the first sure fire sign of a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Bites? Act Quickly To Treat A Bed Bug Infestation -

Bed Bugs are at an epidemic level in the United States since their near eradication decades ago. Female bed bugs can lay up to 5 eggs a day, and can surpass 500 eggs in their lifetime. Throw in their ability to survive without feeding for up to 12 months, and you have one resilient pest that can multiply with speed. In fact, since 2006 its estimated that there's over $250 million dollars spent every year specifically on bed bug eradication. Here we will discuss some history on bed bugs, how to identify them, how to treat bed bug bites, and options for managing a bed bug infestation. Bed Bugs are small, flat, oval shaped insects generally brownish in color. Bed Bugs cannot fly, but are quick to hide in any crevice or small hiding space.

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