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Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. ‪Chaîne de nerimon‬‏ Charlieissocoollike's Channel‬‏ Yet another one of those "welcome to my channel!

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" videos. Anyway, nice to meet you! If you're still uncertain about whether you like me or not, I'll encourage you to take a gander at the videos below - particularly the "popular" ones, as I guess that, statistically speaking, you're most likely to enjoy those! Ultimately, the only thing that really ties all of my videos together is that I'm the one who's making them. I can't promise consistency - in fact, I sort of try to avoid it - this is just the story of my life as best as I can capture it. ‪Chaîne de fiveawesomeguys‬‏ ‪Chaîne de fiveawesomegirls‬‏ Vlogbrothers's Channel‬‏ We all want to be appreciated...but initial attraction isn't really based in reality.

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There's a really huge audience of very young women on YouTube, and I'm really worried about them basing their self-worth on whether they appeal to guys. That seems to be how the world is set up. I'm a dude, of course, so I'm basing this on what I've seen on YouTube and IRL, but I don't think I'm crazy. I should have said in the video...this isn't meant to be relationship advice. There are lots of good people out there with whom to have relationships, but what they're "looking for" doesn't necessarily correspond with what they actually want or need. Discover the Best of the Web. Inscription | Tumblr.