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What is Theravada Buddhism? Theravada (pronounced — more or less — "terra-VAH-dah"), the "Doctrine of the Elders," is the school of Buddhism that draws its scriptural inspiration from the Tipitaka, or Pali canon, which scholars generally agree contains the earliest surviving record of the Buddha's teachings.[1] For many centuries, Theravada has been the predominant religion of continental Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar/Burma, Cambodia, and Laos) and Sri Lanka.

What is Theravada Buddhism?

Today Theravada Buddhists number well over 100 million worldwide.[2] In recent decades Theravada has begun to take root in the West. Many Buddhisms, One Dhamma-vinaya The Buddha — the "Awakened One" — called the religion he founded Dhamma-vinaya — "the doctrine and discipline. " Pali: The Language of Theravada Buddhism The language of the Theravada canonical texts is Pali (lit., "text"), which is based on a dialect of Middle Indo-Aryan that was probably spoken in central India during the Buddha's time.[7] Ven. A Brief Summary of the Buddha's Teachings. Unattractive Men Look Better to Women on the Pill. Picking a partner while on the Pill might have lasting ramifications on marital satisfaction, new research finds.

Unattractive Men Look Better to Women on the Pill

The new findings show that women who start or stop hormonal contraception during a relationship tend to experience a drop in sexual satisfaction, according to the new study, published today (Nov. 17) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. But even odder, women in the study who got together with their future husbands while taking hormonal birth control and who later stop using the medication also become less satisfied with their marriages — but only if their husbands were less attractive than average. If hubby was a hottie, women became more satisfied after stopping the hormones, the study showed. The effect may occur because the progesterone and estrogen in hormonal birth control affect women's fertility, and thus what they are looking for in a mate, according to the study. Overtone Haircare. How to be Well-read in No Time: 40 Short Novels.

Metal Working - Oxidized silver Toumaline silver wire wrapped by TendaiDesigns. Makeup brushes - tutorial. Indulgy Login.

makeup brushes - tutorial

The Freckled Fox : Sweetheart Hair Week: Tutorial #2 - Retro Victory Rolls. Hey cool people:) Welcome to tutorial #2 in my little series this week, the amazing Victory Rolls!

The Freckled Fox : Sweetheart Hair Week: Tutorial #2 - Retro Victory Rolls

I am just so happy with how this style I can't even say. Its totally retro, totally vintage, totally classic pin-up girl. Its the go-to style for every rockabilly and pin-up model, and I thought it was only fair to share it with you in detail! I never say this on my blog, but eek! I love this hairstyle:) I love the feeling of stepping into a bygone era, and this is one of the best! The Freckled Fox : Modern Pin-up Week: #2 - Pin-up Victory Rolls. Happy Tuesday guys!

The Freckled Fox : Modern Pin-up Week: #2 - Pin-up Victory Rolls

And happy tutorial number two:) I really love this style and am excited about posting it and hearing what you think, because it feels really classic to me and yet the size of these victory babies is pretty fun and extreme! Plus who doesn't like a little flower action? Okay lets get to it: Calgary Transit Text Messaging Service. Calgary Transit Text Messaging Service (TeleText) TeleText is an added feature to our Schedule Information.

Calgary Transit Text Messaging Service

With the new Text Messaging Service, customers can receive schedule information within seconds! It’s easy, fast and simple! Note: Your mobile carrier must support Shortcode SMS messaging. Option 1: Generic stop times. If there's only one route that uses that stop, you will receive up to the next 4 stop times for that route. Option 2: Specific stop times.Text 74000 your stop number followed by a # sign and your route number as the only message(e.g. 5778#72). Option 3: Future stop times.You can preview schedules anytime within the next 24 hours* . * Note: If the time you enter is earlier than the current time, schedules reported will be for the following day. Option 4: Register and receive enhanced service with added convenience & flexibility.TeleText is accessible to all Transit customers by texting 74000.

Faster request and response of stop times by simply texting ME to 74000. 17 Ways To Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again. Fuck Yes or No. Think about this for a moment: Why would you ever choose to be with someone who is not excited to be with you? There’s a grey area in dating many people get hung up on — a grey area where feelings are ambiguous or one person has stronger feelings than the other. This grey area causes real, tangible issues. As a man, a huge question is often whether to be persistent and continue pursuing a woman even when she seems lukewarm or hot/cold on your advances. For women, a common question is what to do with men who make their feelings ambiguous. “She said she’s not interested, but she still flirts with me, so what do I need to do to get her?” Most dating advice exists to “solve” this grey area for people. Much of it gets exceedingly analytical, to the point where some men and women actually spend more time analyzing behaviors than actually, you know, behaving.