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The ugly afterlife of crowdfunding projects that never ship and never end. The public life-cycle of a Kickstarter rarely ends in tragedy.

The ugly afterlife of crowdfunding projects that never ship and never end

Often, if a Kickstarter manages to get covered by the media before its funding round end, or even starts, it can meet its goal within days, and superfluous funds continue to roll in over the next few weeks. By the time its crowdfunding stage closes, the creators, backers, and media alike are excited and proud to have ushered this new project so quickly to a place of prosperity, eager for it to continue to grow.

Plenty of projects manage to deliver the goods, even if the timeline slides a bit. That was the case with Tim Schafer's Kickstarter game Broken Age. If creators miss deadlines, backers typically continue to receive updates via e-mail and the Kickstarter page. Why This Bestselling Author Decided To Start Self-Publishing. Trending on Related Blogs ​Nintendo Just Announced a New 3DS.

Why This Bestselling Author Decided To Start Self-Publishing

It Has Another Analog Stick. 4.4k people reading on Kotaku Why Your Team Sucks 2014: Miami Dolphins 3.8k people reading on Deadspin Remembering the Wylie-Hoffert Case, a Double Murder With Three Victims 1.6k people reading on Gawker Popular stories Here's What Happens When White People Move Into Your Neighborhood The Secret German Scheme To Invade America Before The First World War. What Problems Most Demand Science's Attention Right Now? Trending on Related Blogs Toddler Surprised By Ice Bucket Challenge Swears Harder Than a Sailor 5.2k people reading on Jezebel World's Greatest Two-Year-Old Drops F-Bomb After Ice Bucket Challenge 942 people reading on Gawker The Internet Reacts to the New Pokémon Fighting Game 814 people reading on Kotaku Recommended by Ria Misra Why The Maze Runner Celebrates Friendship Instead Of Romance.

What Problems Most Demand Science's Attention Right Now?

"Spanking & Parenting" with Stefan Molyneux (from Joe Rogan Experience #436) Hilariously Useless Comments About Science from the US Supreme Court. ​If You Want a Glimpse of the Future Food Wars, Look to Hawaii. [Insert normal verbiage about this not being in support of Monsanto et. al. here] I'm wondering whether or not developing drought, pest & disease resistant strains is going to be an important part of making sure our food supply survives the rather uncertain future presented to us by climate change.

​If You Want a Glimpse of the Future Food Wars, Look to Hawaii

Given the political orientation of most of these people, and given the fact that they live on an island that is pretty sensitive to rising sea levels, it seems even more counter-productive for them than it is for most people to do this, but I'm also not a climatologist or a geneticist, so what do I know? Then again, I'm betting that my ruminations above represent a somewhat more reasoned view than the average state legislator in Hawaii has on the topic. Visited Kauai two months ago and learned how 9 year old girls are already menstruating, and cancer is most prevalent among locals near the GMO farms. Expose Political Corruption. Money in Politics. Waiter, there is a gene in my soup!: Jimmy Botella at TEDxUQ. Coal Ash Is More Radioactive than Nuclear Waste.

The popular conception of nuclear power is straight out of The Simpsons: Springfield abounds with signs of radioactivity, from the strange glow surrounding Mr.

Coal Ash Is More Radioactive than Nuclear Waste

Burn's nuclear power plant workers to Homer's low sperm count. Then there's the local superhero, Radioactive Man, who fires beams of "nuclear heat" from his eyes. Nuclear power, many people think, is inseparable from a volatile, invariably lime-green, mutant-making radioactivity. Coal, meanwhile, is believed responsible for a host of more quotidian problems, such as mining accidents, acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE majors going into BUS-HUMAN RESOURCES WORKERS 812 People (0.78 times as many as expected based on counts) Jobs by college major This is a quick Sankey visualization of how college majors relate to professions, based on data from the American Community survey.

On the left are the largest college majors; to the right are the most common professions. To see broad fields like "Sciences" and "Humanities", see the edited version of this page. The width of each stream shows how many people with that major are in that field. (The color shows whether that's more or fewer people than expected based on how big the major is: hover over to see just how many more it is.)

You surely see that the lines are too small to understand in most cases: to actually see what's going on with a particular field or job, click on a box and the chart will filter down to just the people who either majored in the field, or ended up employed in the job. Careers after the college degree. Ben Schmidt, an assistant professor of history at Northeastern University, was curious about careers after college degrees, so he used a quick Sankey diagram to look at data from the American Community Survey.

Careers after the college degree

College degrees are on the left, and professions are on the right. The thicker a line that connects a degree and a profession, the more people tend to go a certain route. Watch How the Internet Took Over The World in this Timelapse Map. Studio gives Kickstarter Veronica Mars movie backers substandard, DRM-crippled "rewards" Ryan writes, "I was a backer of the Veronica Mars movie, one level of backer got you a digital download of the movie.

Studio gives Kickstarter Veronica Mars movie backers substandard, DRM-crippled "rewards"

They ended up going with Warner Bros owned/backed Flixster. So for me I have an apple TV and a Roku. Flixster doesn't support appleTV or airplay, the Flixster channel for the Roku will crash anytime you try to watch anything. Flixster also will not allow you to watch the movie on a computer that has dual monitors. " The studio will allow you to buy a better experience on a non-Flixster service, send them the bill, and get a refund (but only if you complain first). There's a copy of the movie on The Pirate Bay with more than 11,000 seeders, which means that this Flixster business is doing precisely nothing to deter piracy, and is only serving to alienate megafans who voluntarily donated money to see this movie made, and to subject the studio itself to potential millions in administrative costs and refunds to investors who were forced into the retail channels.

CV des chercheurs d'emploi ancien militaire / anciens militaires / anciens-militaires de France. Science & Environment - Timeline of the far future. En économie, vous êtes plutôt austérité ou relance? David Cameron gère son pays à la Thatcher.

En économie, vous êtes plutôt austérité ou relance?

Shinzo Abe relance le Japon à la Mélenchon. Et les deux politiques marchent. Votre accueil - Meetup. 50% des ados auraient un iPhone. Une nouvelle étude conduite par Piper Jaffray affirme que plus de la moitié des adolescents auraient un iPhone.

50% des ados auraient un iPhone

Pourtant, n'était-ce pas cet iPhone qui semblait avoir perdu de sa "coolitude" ces derniers temps ? Portant sur un échantillon de 5 200 adolescents, la dernière étude de Piper Jaffray laisse entendre que l’iPhone est actuellement le smartphone le plus en vogue chez les jeunes, qu’importe ce qu’a pu en dire Buzz Marketing Group en janvier dernier.

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Concours externe. Voici la liste du club Bilderberg des "maîtres du monde". Chaque année depuis 1954, ces chefs d’entreprise et politiques y échangent sur l’économie mondiale.

Voici la liste du club Bilderberg des "maîtres du monde"

En grand secret. L’hôtel Suvretta House Depuis jeudi, 130 personnalités du monde des affaires et de la politique sont réunies dans l’hôtel Suvretta House, à Saint-Moritz : des « global leaders » qui ont l’habitude de se retrouver et de s’enfermer, jusqu’au dimanche, pour discuter de l’actualité de la planète. Ce club très fermé s’appelle le « Bilderberg ». Cultivant le secret des discussions, il fait le bonheur des conspirationnistes de tout poil, prompts à imaginer un gouvernement mondial occulte.


Tips & Tools. Politics & Society. Lancement de l’appel à projets "Réseaux électriques intelligents" Work Organisation. RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service. Start+Up. The Personal MBA - Master the Art of Business. Vidéos des émissions à revoir gratuitement et en intégralité sur (VOD, catchup TV) Foreign Affairs Focus On: The Future of the Euro with Martin Feldstein. Think Tanks - Groupes. Connaissez-vous vraiment l'Inde ? BRIC signifie-t-il vraiment “Bloody Ridiculous Investment Concept“ ? Alors que le concept de BRIC, regroupant le Brésil, la Russie, l’Inde, et la Chine, fait florès depuis bientôt 10 ans, les marchés financiers sont en train de douter de la pertinence de l’investissement dans les pays émergents.

Ce jeu de mots, inventé par un économiste de la Société Générale, témoigne du retournement des opinions sur les pays émergents. Pourtant, Jim O’Neill, l’économiste vedette de Goldman Sachs, avait fait mouche avec la création du concept de BRIC. Les investisseurs étaient rapidement partis en masse s’encanailler sur les places de Shanghai, Bombay et de São Paulo. 10 ans plus tard, les marchés sont sur le point de brûler ce qu’ils ont adoré.

Car effectivement, ces pays ne semblent plus aussi attractifs. Bien entendu, cette année 2011 n’est définitivement pas favorable au risque. Business portal for executives created by a busy executive.