Essayons ce soir d’y voir plus clair dans les dénominations quelques fois trompeuses des vendeurs de prêt à porter et autres confectionneurs de semi-mesure à propos de leurs méthodes d’entoilage. Je voyais récemment sur le site de Cape Cod une gamme de prix comprenant des costumes ‘demi-mesure’ et ‘sur-mesure’. Si je doute franchement du fait que le tenancier propose un tel service (au sens de la loi, ‘sur mesure’ signifie trois essayages et une fabrication à la main et un atelier artisanal et géographiquement proche), ces deux catégories reprennent les anciennes dénominations de son site à savoir confection semi-traditionnelle et traditionnelle, bien plus intéressante en ce qui nous concerne. Que signifie ces deux termes? Diverses méthodes d’entoilage | Stiff Collar Diverses méthodes d’entoilage | Stiff Collar
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Drop swindle Drop swindle The drop swindle was a confidence trick commonly used during the 19th and 20th centuries. Employing a variety of techniques the con usually consists of the "dropper", who purposely drops a wallet containing counterfeit money near a potential victim. As the victim goes to pick it up the "dropper" turns to pick it up at the same moment pretending to have found the wallet as well. Acting as if he is in a hurry the "dropper" offers to give the wallet to the victim in exchange for money while the victim can claim the reward from the owner. One of the leading practitioners of this confidence trick was "Kid Dropper" Nathan Kaplan, an early twentieth century gangster.
Razzle Dazzle Razzle Dazzle This is a page from my e-book "On the Midway" available HERE Razzle Dazzle This game, no matter what name it goes under, is the one Matthew Gryczan, in Carnival Secrets, calls "the most vicious game on the midway." Never play this game, or any other game that claims to award money as a prize, or any game that displays very expensive prizes like television sets, etc. Do you think the agent is in business to give any of those things away? It's usually dressed up as a "football" game in which the player must scores a specific number of "yards".
Razzle (game) Razzle is a game sometimes presented on carnival midways and historically, in the casinos of Havana, Cuba. The game is also known as Razzle-Dazzle. This generic name is seldom known to players, as it is generally presented as Football, Ten Points Win, Baseball, Mo-Co, Indian Poker, Cajun Bingo or other name selected to generate interest for the locals. According to gaming expert Darwin Ortiz, the Razzle is seldom, if ever, run honestly. The nature of the game makes it a particular money-maker for dishonest carnies (flatties). Razzle (game)
Joseph Weil Joseph Weil Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil (July 1, 1875 – February 26, 1976)[1] was one of the best known American con men of his era. Weil's biographer, W. T.
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Confidence trick Terminology[edit] A confidence trick is also known as a con game, a con, a scam, a grift, a hustle, a bunko (or bunco), a swindle, a flimflam, a gaffle or a bamboozle. The intended victims are known as "marks" or "suckers", and when accomplices are employed, they are known as shills. Confidence trick
The Real Hustle The Real Hustle Several episodes of the series state that all marks have been genuinely hoodwinked, and that any money lost is returned to them after filming. The BBC's website [1] states that "The marks featured in the show have no idea they are being scammed. They have either been set up by friends and family or think they are taking part in a different TV show."
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Vanishing and Producing a Card -- Tenkai Palm Tutorial
How to Pick Simple Locks/Latches with a Paper Clip You may have heard of people opening a door with a credit card. Well, you can usually do the same thing with a paper clip. There are a number of ways that a door can be improperly hung that make it easy to get through. If a door does have not a deadlatch or if it isn't functioning properly, then the door latch can be pried open. It is even easier if there is a large gap between the door and the strike plate.
Détective Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Le détective est un enquêteur de droit privé, c'est-à-dire une personne ayant un statut de droit privé, qui effectue, à titre professionnel, des recherches, des investigations et des filatures. Cette qualité d'enquêteur de droit privé (qui n'est pas une appellation ni un titre mais un statut juridique et social) est d'ailleurs partagée avec diverses autres professions qui n'ont aucun rapport avec les enquêteurs privés, notamment dans le cadre de procédures administratives, civiles, pénales, sociales. Il ne doit pas être confondu avec le terme anglophone de « detective », qui désigne un fonctionnaire de police chargé de conduire les enquêtes officielles[N 1]. Un fonctionnaire de police est dans tous les cas un enquêteur de droit public.
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Two of the country's most notorious survivalists -- the Hermit of North Pond in Maine, and The Mountain Man of Utah, were found and arrested in the last few weeks. And a case of a missing family, the McStay family of southern California, was effectively closed when investigators said the family appears to have gone to Mexico voluntarily. So is it still possible to "disappear" in 2013? Is It Still Possible to Disappear From Society?
The 5 Ballsiest Casino Cheats of All Time Most of the fun of watching movies like Ocean's Eleven is seeing all the planning, attention to detail and Chinese body contortion that happen behind the scenes of first-rate heists. And while we're 95 percent sure Ocean's wasn't a documentary, there are some real world Danny Oceans using real world Danny Oceanesque cheats. Only they didn't have to risk breaking into a vault to rob the casinos for piles of cash; they did it right from the casino floor, with ingenious tricks like ...
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