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Shopping for a robot army: A day at the don’t-call-it-a-drone show. This week, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) took over Washington, DC's convention center for its annual Unmanned Systems show.

Shopping for a robot army: A day at the don’t-call-it-a-drone show

Once mostly a government- and defense-focused event, the conference has ramped up in size and scope in anticipation of the Federal Aviation Administration's decision on how to "integrate" unmanned aircraft into civil airspace. Among the thousands of companies hawking their wares at the event, there were representatives from some 25 teams of state and local authorities, each vying to make its region one of the coveted designated test locations that will be announced by the FAA in December. Some, like Oklahoma, had their own booths set up to draw support from unmanned system manufacturers. And about the "d" word—the members of the AUVSI want us all to drop the word "drone. " In the press room, the password for the Wi-Fi network was "It'snotadrone. " Of course, when the US market does open, it will be the biggest in the world.

Mikey, the Robot That Charges Itself. MiniBloq IDE, Graphical Programming For Robots Of All Sizes. A Quadcopter from Scratch. Fly Your Creativity with Phenox! Real Time Programming in Linux - Controlling a stepper connected to the Raspberry Pi. Micro-Robots Are Scary Awesome. SRI Unveils Tiny Robots Ready to Build Big Things. SRI International has developed a new generation of ant-like robots that can work as a coordinated swarm of miniature builders.

SRI Unveils Tiny Robots Ready to Build Big Things

The research powerhouse says the bots can construct lightweight, high-strength structures; handle tiny electrical components; carry out chemistry on a chip; and perform many other manufacturing tasks. Eventually, they expect that the machines, the smallest of which are no thicker than a dime, will even be able to build smaller versions of themselves. SRI has already demonstrated the ability to make more than 1,000 of the robots work together at once.

“The vision is to have an army of ants under your control,” said Annjoe Wong-Foy, senior research engineer at the Menlo Park, Calif., institute. He said the scalability and control of the “DiaMagnetic Micro Manipulation” technology far exceeds the demonstrated capabilities of comparable micro-robot systems. SRI just got to the point where they can talk about the program and offered Re/code an early glimpse. This Ridiculously Cool Hexapod Can Transform Into A Roving Ball. Lego Robot With a Smartphone Brain Shatters Rubik's Cube World Record. Titan Aerospace - Solar Atmospheric Satellites. Easy Stepper Motor Controller - Labitat. This is a driver for your stepper driver.

Easy Stepper Motor Controller - Labitat

Link to 1st Youtube video of the Easy StepperLink to 2nd Youtube video of the Easy Stepper The Idea The idea is to make a quick and simple tool to test stepper motors and mechanical assemblies such as stepper driven gearboxes and linear activators. Just hook up whatever power supply (between 8 and 24V, AC or DC) you have lying around to the screw terminals or the barrel jack connector and whatever stepper driven device you have to the motor out pin header or screw terminal and you are ready to go. The Motivation. Conception Communauté Ingénieur. ATAP Project Tango – Google. MOSS - The Dynamic Robot Construction Kit. I missed your Kickstarter and/or Pre-orders, can I still order a kit now?

MOSS - The Dynamic Robot Construction Kit

Sorry, not right now! Please see the answer for "How can I order MOSS? " below. Myo Armband Provides Effortless Gesture Control of Robots, Anything Else. At ICRA last year, JPL presented a robotic control system called the BioSleeve, which is a sensor-packed bandage that wraps around your arm and lets you control robots with movements and gestures.

Myo Armband Provides Effortless Gesture Control of Robots, Anything Else

It's essentially a gesture recognition system that works independently of any external sensors (like cameras or motion capture systems), meaning that you can use it in a variety of positions and in just about any location that you happen to be, like outside, or in space. Modular Robotics' MOSS Kit Makes Building Robots a Snap. Building robots is hard.

Modular Robotics' MOSS Kit Makes Building Robots a Snap

Seriously hard. Not only do you have to construct them physically, but even after you've got them all wired up with motors and sensors and batteries and whatnot, they won't actually DO anything until you've spent most of the rest of your life writing code. It's kind of depressing, when it comes down to it, because for those of us who aren't already professional roboticists, we have to deal with a learning curve like that really steep bit on the north face of the Matterhorn. Back in 2010, a company called Modular Robotics introduced Cubelets, a system of robotic modules that could be magnetically snapped together. By themselves, the modules didn't do much, but by connecting them, you could build and program a robot at the same time, without any experience whatsoever. Marsupial Robot Team Monitors Rivers From Water and Air.

Scientists just created some of the most powerful muscles in existence. Open('/dev/real_world') - Raspberry Pi Sensor and Actuator Control; SciPy 2013 Presentation. Com Mindstorms. How to Guide: ROS 101 - Clearpath Robotics. ROS 101: Intro to the Robot Operating System.

How to Guide: ROS 101 - Clearpath Robotics

The "bizarre experiment" that became a flying jellyfish robot. I don't see any advantage that this design could have over a copter and I bet it consumes more energy to fly than a copter of the same size/weight, because it doesn't exploit the lift that aerodynamics grant a wing.

The "bizarre experiment" that became a flying jellyfish robot

Am I missing something? A helicopter would require extra weight for counter-rotation, either through a second main rotor or an anti-torque rotor. Not to mention, flapping devices have the ability to be highly simplified with linear actuators like electrostrictive polymers, whereas devices that depend on rotation tend to require more complexity, especially for control transmission, i.e. the swashplate assembly. Drone Survival Guide. Research D'Andrea Mohanarajah_Gajamohan. Publications M.

Research D'Andrea Mohanarajah_Gajamohan

Muehlebach, G. Mohanarajah, and R. Meet Cubli, a motorized box that balances perfectly on ONE CORNER. Self-assembling swarmbots are amazing, and look creepily alive. Here's why Google is building a robot army. Meet the eight astounding finalists of DARPA's Robotics Challenge. The Next Internet-Like Platform for Innovation? Airspace. (Think Drones) Illuminated quadrocopters in formation. photo: LIVA, Andreas Röbl Ars Electronica / Flickr The most important lesson of the internet age is that we can’t anticipate what will happen when we give people — from talented engineers and developers to everyday users — an exciting new platform … along with the freedom to innovate on top of it.

The Next Internet-Like Platform for Innovation? Airspace. (Think Drones)

Few could have predicted how profoundly the internet would change our economy. In fact, it was considered “both anti-social and illegal” to use the precursor ARPAnet for commercial activities until 1989. But thanks to the permissionless innovation of an open platform, we now have the internet’s seemingly endless uses — not to mention its economic benefits. This lesson matters because today, we’re on the cusp of opening up another such platform for innovation: drones. Eli Dourado is a research fellow with the Technology Policy Program at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Google acquires Boston Dynamics, a leading robotics company. Cyborg Cockroaches to the Rescue. Imagine being trapped under a collapsed building following an earthquake.

Probably one of the very last things you want to happen is for a swarm of cockroaches to find you in your little pocket of air. But in a few years, you might be very happy indeed to see these hardy six-legged explorers scurrying about the rubble. In the last few years, researchers have started creating “biobots”—tiny cyborgs that consist of an insect, such as a beetle or cockroach, with a circuit board attached to their back. This Adorable Turtle Bot Will Help Underwater Archeologists.

Sure, there are plenty of UAVs and ROVs and other underwater robots. But these deep divers tend to be large and bulky, and can be something of a bull in a china shop. For that, the ARROWS project has turned to the adorably named (and equally cute-looking) U-CAT. ARROWS is an EU-funded project that focuses on creating underwater vehicles and technology to help lower the cost of underwater archeology. When divers explore sites, it's expensive and time consuming.

But a robot—as is the case with most of our mechanical friends—can do it cheaper and more efficiently, and can explore more dangerous sites. Txchnologist. Mod Snake by Txchnologist staff From the biorobotics lab at Carnegie Mellon University comes this modular snake robot. According to the researchers, using the form of a snake allows the robot to navigate freely in many different environments, including networks of pipes and the gaps between walls.

It can also climb stairs and trees. The researchers say that one of the main reasons the snake is being developed is to assist in disaster recovery by mapping out hard to reach areas. NASA's Rock Climbing Robot Could Tackle Everest With Ease. Datasheet v1_0.pdf. Boston Dynamics: Dedicated to the Science and Art of How Things Move. Sand Flea Jumping Robot. Introducing WildCat. DEF CON 21 Presentation By ZOZ - Hacking Driverles. This android's muscles and tendons allow it to move like a human. Hmm — did you see the post about the supply-hauling robot from yesterday? To me, it looked (and trotted) startlingly horse-like.

I will take a gander! I'm certainly not trying to talk down on engineering that I couldn't imagine undertaking, but I just don't think of human anatomy as the end-all be-all of design. I feel the same way about automobiles. And internal combustion engines. Katy Levinson, Don't Fix It In Software, Defcon 19. Vector control (motor) Omni wheels. Katy Levinson, Don't Fix It In Software, Defcon 19. Hexapod Figures Out How to Walk After You Chop Its Leg Off. Orbotix Rolls Out Speedy Next-Gen Sphero. Makerbot lance son Replicator 2. The Whittaker paddle wheel. The Whittaker style paddle wheel uses off-axis blades to increase efficiency and eliminate fouling.

Crawlerbot 2000. Check out my cool new toy guys, I (a high school student) created this magnificent monster from scratch; all parts were designed and created specifically for this project At first I designed 3d models and created blueprints of the chassis and the track system. Building UP an ArduCopter! Inexpensive Wooden Tri-copter! Biting Obstacles Autonomous Robot « Sanglier » (boar) How to Pick the Right Electronics Board for Your DIY Project. Crabster, un robot crabe explorateur des fonds marins [Vidéo] Mercredi 10 juillet. Welcome to RS Online. Rethink Robotics. Engineering is Awesome, 8bitfuture: Autonomous NASA rover released on... Toute l'actualité des drones et du vol en immersion. Un robot de bric et de broc. Par Korben. Rover Prototype Set To Explore Greenland Ice Sheet. NASA Rover Prototype Set To Explore Greenland Ice Sheet NASA's newest scientific rover is set for testing May 3 through June 8 in the highest part of Greenland.

Crooked indifference: the musings of a curious rocket scientist - NASA Rover Prototype Set To Explore Greenland Ice... An Arduino-based robot for people who don’t know how to build robots. Researchers build miniature flying robots, modeled on Drosophila. Robo-Insects of the Future. Submarine Vehicle Probes Beneath an Ice Sheet. Japanese robotic ExoSkeleton. Un russe a mis au point un robot autruche pour se déplacer. Des robots rats pour étudier la dépression. Quand des mini-robots se relaient pour sauver un mannequin. C’est la fin ! Ce robot militaire lance des parpaings. ARGUS, le drone qui voit tout. Les robots ne tueront pas l'emploi. GRACE, le robot poisson-planeur qui étudie l'eau. Permaduino, pour faire persister ses projets Arduino.

Crawler Robot on the Loose at German Lab. Robotique. Histoire de la robotique. Des robots hérissons pourraient explorer Mars. Des drones de surveillance bientôt commercialisés au Japon. Un robot alimenté par les eaux usées. Milli-Motéine, le petit robot qui pouvait changer de forme. Skube, un concept de jukebox Spotify. Baxter, un nouveau robot industriel abordable. Les drones n'inspirent pas encore confiance. Les quadricoptères à la rescousse des policiers. Planter cet hélicoptère tant que vous voulez ! Un exosquelette pneumatique pour des muscles de compétition.

Un nouveau concept de capteur de marche. Piloter un drone n'est pas un jeu vidéo. HSR, le robot d'aide à la personne de Toyota. Wall-Ye, le robot viticulteur. Multi-stage Micro Rockets for Robotic Insects. Janken (rock-paper-scissors) Robot with 100% winning rate. Le nouvel aspirateur de Sharp plus malin que le Roomba ? Ce robot qui va cuisiner 360 hamburgers à l'heure. Une main robotisée véritablement souple.

Après les robots, les bio-bots.