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It Turns Out You Can Make Pretty Charts in Excel. Whenever we make graphs using Excel, they turn out pretty ugly.

It Turns Out You Can Make Pretty Charts in Excel

But, actually Excel charts don't have to be ugly. While the default options provided by Excel are downright hideous, you can clean them up with a few tricks. You can check out a primer to making your charts more appealing here. How to Prep for a Presentation. PowerPoint 2013: See What's Coming with Presenter View. One of the most common questions in PowerPoint training is “how can I see something different on my screen to the audience?”

PowerPoint 2013: See What's Coming with Presenter View

The answer is complicated and involves multiple graphics card outputs. The Presenter View was added in 2010 but has really come into it’s own in PowerPoint 2013. In Presenter View you can see the current slide as well as the next slide and your notes on your monitor whilst the audience only sees the current slide. This is one of my favourite additions to PowerPoint as you are certain what is coming next, avoiding that embarrassing flicking between slides as you work out where that topic is. Organize your slides into sections - PowerPoint. In this article: Overview of sections Have you ever gotten lost in a giant presentation when the slide titles and numbers start blurring together, and navigating through the presentation becomes impossible?

Organize your slides into sections - PowerPoint

You simply lose track of where you are! In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, you can use the new Sections feature to organize your slides, much like you would use folders to organize your files. You can use named sections to keep track of groups of slides. Using Slide Masters in PowerPoint 2003. Previous article Next article Powerpoint articles Wed 5th August 2009.

Using Slide Masters in PowerPoint 2003

7 Steps to Giving a Killer PowerPoint Presentation. Widely accepted as the most useful and accessible way to create visual aids ready to share with an audience, PowerPoint presentations are often poorly constructed making them boring and arduous to sit through.

7 Steps to Giving a Killer PowerPoint Presentation

With so many uses and tools to help you give a fantastic presentation every time, it’s frustrating to see so many bad examples. Some sources claim that up to 50% of presentations are ineffective. 5 killer ways to open up your next presentation. How Can I Make My PowerPoint Presentations Amazing? The Zooming Presentation Editor. How to create a visualization. Over the last few years I’ve created a few popular visualizations, a lot of duds, and I’ve learned a few lessons along the way.

How to create a visualization

For my latest analysis of where Facebook users go on vacation, I decided to document the steps I follow to build my visualizations . It’s a very rough guide, these are just stages I’ve learned to follow by trial and error, but following these guidelines is a good way to start if you’re looking to create your first visualization. Play with your data. David S. Rose on pitching to VCs. Nancy Duarte: The secret structure of great talks.

How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint. How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub. How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub. Slide Design for Developers. So I gave this talk called How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub.

Slide Design for Developers

Someone submitted my slides to Hacker News, where it stayed at #1 for most of the day. This was pretty strange to me at first. My slides are not designed for people who didn't see the talk in person. They're designed to support my words, not some online audience. Quick Practical, Tactical Tips for Presentations. In the past I’ve given some tips for handling meetings effectively, covering topics like: - How not to let your meeting go down a rat hole; - Dealing with the elephant in the room; - Dealing with skeletons in your closet; - How to make meetings discussions, not “pitches” - A tale of two pitches (I eventually invested in the first company that pitched) Today’s post is a subtle one about positioning yourself in a presentation.

Quick Practical, Tactical Tips for Presentations

This might be a VC meeting but also might just be a sales or biz dev meeting. Seth Godin: How To Do PowerPoint [Headlines] Self-Description. Swiss Group Wants to Banish PowerPoint. While most people might not love using Microsoft's PowerPoint to create presentations, at least one person is taking his distaste for the software to a global level.

Swiss Group Wants to Banish PowerPoint

Matthias Poehm, a former software engineer-turned-public speaking trainer has started -- yes -- the Anti-PowerPoint Party (APPP) earlier this month. Headquartered in Bonstetten, Switzerland, the APPP calls itself an "international movement" that intends to "decrease the number of boring presentations worldwide. " The goal is to make it so that people who don't want to use PowerPoint "will not have to justify themselves in the future," it says. Right. Here's the real kicker: The APPP says people who attend "futile" PowerPoint presentations result in almost $500 billion in hourly wage losses for employers worldwide. Create Video Slideshows - Style Selector. Do's and Dont's of Making Awesome Diagrams for Slides. Yeah. I do loads of slide decks each year for several companies and there are two types of decks I do a lot. One is the presentation. One is the infodeck, which is really intended more as a document for distribution than as a presentation.

The trouble is when I run into people who I can't convince there should be a difference. How to make Awesome Diagrams for your slides. How to Create Presentations that Don't Suck. Impress dual monitor operation. Killer Presentation Skills‬‏