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Tweets haineux : la justice peut-elle faire plier Twitter ? - L'actu Médias / Net. Here's How Tech Will Actually Change Your Love Life. 10 Futurist Phrases And Terms That Are Complete Bullshit. "They Know Everything We Do" Who Wants To Be a Cyborg? The smartphone app that could rescue the world's plankton. Phytoplankton are the microscopic plant-like cells that float in the sea’s sunlit surface.

The smartphone app that could rescue the world's plankton

They underpin the marine food chain and controversy over their stocks means it’s necessary to better understand their existence across the globe. To combat the lack of data on phytoplankton levels, colleagues at Plymouth University and I initiated a project to map them in oceans across the world. Lacking the manpower to do this on our own, we are enlisting seafarers across the globe to get involved in the project.

Phytoplankton are the ocean’s main producers – their abundance determines the productivity at every step of the marine food chain above them. Pourquoi est-ce que la radio n'est pas virale? En janvier, le journaliste américain Stan Alcorn publie une analyse sur le site de Digg: pourquoi le son –et a fortiori la radio– n'est pas viral sur Internet?

Pourquoi est-ce que la radio n'est pas virale?

Contrairement au texte et à l’image, contenus-rois des réseaux sociaux, les productions sonores brutes sont relativement peu échangées sur la Toile. (Non, on ne parle pas de musique). Là où pourtant les ondes affichent une santé insolente; selon Médiamétrie, 43,6 millions de Français ont écouté la radio en semaine à la fin 2013 et les podcasts sont une niche active, avec 21 millions de téléchargements par mois. Pourquoi la mayonnaise ne prend-elle pas? Reflections: Who Is the Crowd? A friend said she had an Internet question for me.

Reflections: Who Is the Crowd?

“Sure,” I said, thinking I would have to explain some technical matter in simple terms. “Who puts all that stuff on the Internet?” She asked. Innovation And Our Better Future Depend On Preserving Net Neutrality. Troma Entertainment would never have reached its 40th year as arguably the world's longest running independent movie studio if Net Neutrality or the Open Internet did not exist.

Innovation And Our Better Future Depend On Preserving Net Neutrality

I know, I know, some might say, "That would be a good thing. " Haha! But without Net Neutrality, we probably would not have visionary innovations like Crowdfunding, Macklemore, Huffington Post, Youtube, Justin Bieber and maybe even Anonymous. Net Neutrality is essential to free speech and allows for a free and diverse Internet of equal opportunity. The Internet, our last democratic medium, is severely threatened as I write this. Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft. Mike Rowe was an unassuming 17 year old kid from Canada.

Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft

In August 2003, he decided he’d take a stab at setting up his own website. Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft. Homeland Security special agents hold up a Google Glass moviegoer. A patron of an AMC theater in Columbus, Ohio, was detained this past Saturday for wearing Google Glass while watching a movie, according to a report from The Gadgeteer.

Homeland Security special agents hold up a Google Glass moviegoer

The Glass-wearer, who wishes to remain anonymous, was pulled out of the theater mid-Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and questioned for an hour by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents. The man had recently had prescription lenses fit to his Google Glass and wore them in to see the movie. According to his testimony published at The Gadgeteer, an agent approached him an hour in, “yank[ed] the Google Glass” off his face and commanded the man to follow him.

Introducing SayIt: a Poplus Component to bring transcript publication into the modern world. Transcripts – the written records of who says what in a conversation – aren’t sexy.

Introducing SayIt: a Poplus Component to bring transcript publication into the modern world

However, they can be very important, or even historic. They can reveal big plans that will affect lots of people, and they are a basic requirement of political accountability. But the way in which transcripts are made available online today doesn’t reflect this importance. They tend to be published as hundreds of PDFs, and look more or less like they were made in the 1950s. We think that the people who are affected by the decisions and plans announced in transcribed meetings deserve better. SayIt is the civic software for publishing “smart” transcripts. MySociety, the "e-democracy project" behind FixMyStreet and FixMyTransport, has launched a piece of civic software called SayIt, which publishes transcripts of speeches in a way that is easy to access and share.

SayIt is the civic software for publishing “smart” transcripts

SayIt is an open source tool that's been built in collaboration with the Poplus network. The aim is to provide a resource for people who want to run websites and apps that can keep track of what politicians and other powerful people say. Transcripts can be stripped out of PDFs -- a search unfriendly data format -- and published to SayIt so that they are easy to search and analyse. The mobile-optimised publishing tool has built-in search functionality and allows people to link directly to any part of the transcripts. Scoring Obama's NSA reforms (spoiler: it's not good) Earlier this week, EFF published a scorecard for rating Obama's NSA reforms.

Scoring Obama's NSA reforms (spoiler: it's not good)

Now that the reforms have been announced, it's time to measure them up. They don't fare well, I'm afraid. Here's a roundup of commentary from privacy leaders around the world, expressing disappointment (if not surprise) at Obama's half-hearted reining in of the surveillance state. 3. No data retention mandate. Rating Obama’s NSA Reform Plan: EFF Scorecard Explained. Rewinding to Betamax: The path to consumers’ “right to record” In the spring of 1978, the program guide published by a Los Angeles public television station contained more than just schedules; it told viewers when they could watch its programs—and what they were allowed to do with those programs.

Rewinding to Betamax: The path to consumers’ “right to record”

Some programs, the guide showed, could be taped without restriction. For others, viewers could record as long as they followed certain restrictions, such as deleting the recording within seven days. President Obama's remarks on the NSA and surveillance. Report: NSA bulk metadata collection has “no discernible impact” A new paper published Monday by the New America Foundation demonstrably destroys the US government claim that bulk metadata collection is useful. (Three US senators made the same claim back in November 2013.) The paper’s lead author is Peter Bergen, a journalist and terrorism analyst who famously interviewed Osama bin Laden for CNN in 1997. The 32-page document (PDF) closely examines the 225 cases in which terror suspects were: The study concluded that “traditional investigative methods,” including the use of informants, community/family tips, are actually far more effective.

The researchers also show that individualized and targeted warrants issued through traditional criminal courts or by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) are fully capable of obtaining detailed information—particularly on the content of digital correspondence—that is otherwise legally unobtainable. Other legal scholars have reached similar conclusions. Surveillance_1.pdf. Kulturstiftung des Bundes - As Darkness Falls. What It's Like When The FBI Asks You To Backdoor Your Software. At a recent RSA Security Conference, Nico Sell was on stage announcing that her company—Wickr—was making drastic changes to ensure its users' security. She said that the company would switch from RSA encryption to elliptic curve encryption, and that the service wouldn't have a backdoor for anyone. As she left the stage, before she'd even had a chance to take her microphone off, a man approached her and introduced himself as an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He then proceeded to "casually" ask if she'd be willing to install a backdoor into Wickr that would allow the FBI to retrieve information. A Common Practice This encounter, and the agent's casual demeanor, is apparently business as usual as intelligence and law enforcement agencies seek to gain greater access into protected communication systems. Help reform copyright. NSA documents on games and virtual worlds. ProPublica Journalism in the public interest. NSA documents on games and virtual worlds Get Updates. Wikipedia wants PR firm to stop paid editing services, hints at lawsuit. For months, Wikipedia has been battling a company called “Wiki-PR,” which purportedly sells paid editing services on the well-known online encyclopedia. In October 2013, Wikipedia announced it blocked or banned hundreds of editor accounts in response.

Now the Wikimedia Foundation (which runs Wikipedia) is escalating its game: on Tuesday it issued a cease and desist letter to Wiki-PR, demanding that the company immediately halt editing Wikipedia “unless and until [Wiki-PR has] fully complied with the terms and conditions outlined by the Wikimedia Community.” Based on the three-page letter, which the Wikimedia Foundation published on its website Tuesday afternoon, it appears that Wikimedia attempted to solve the situation amicably prior the situation reaching this stage. Defending your rights in the digital world.

Slaves of the Internet, Unite! Contribution française à l'Europe numérique. Netflix Streaming Is Killing Off Physical Media — And Film Fans Should Be Worried. A couple of days ago, Buzzfeed put out a charming little video called “Video Stores Explained to Modern Kids.” The Decline of Wikipedia: Even As More People Than Ever Rely on It, Fewer People Create It. The sixth most widely used website in the world is not run anything like the others in the top 10. Zoe Keating: Q1 & Q2 2013 Streaming Revenue. The Pirate Bay - The galaxy's most resilient bittorrent site. T E X T F I L E S. How to delete the annoying crack screen intros. Decicated to the Original Apple ][ Hackers and their Legacy.

80sBBS. The art of the crack. T E X T F I L E S. Software cracking. Software cracking is the modification of software to remove or disable features which are considered undesirable by the person cracking the software, usually related to protection methods: (copy protection, protection against the manipulation of software), trial/demo version, serial number, hardware key, date checks, CD check or software annoyances like nag screens and adware. The distribution and use of cracked copies is illegal in most countries.

[citation needed] There have been lawsuits over cracking software.[1] A computer program that performing software cracking is called crack, or is euphemistically referred to as a patch. History[edit] The first software copy protection was applied to software for Apple II, Atari 800 and Commodore 64 computers. One of the primary routes to hacking these early copy protections was to run a program that simulates the normal CPU operation. On Atari 8-bit computers, the most common protection method was via "bad sectors". Methods[edit] Effects[edit] Crackscreen apple II. Is downloadable game size increasing faster than broadband speeds? Don't Copy That Floppy. Corey and Jenny are playing a video game.

In May 2009, the Software and Information Industry Association (formed in 1999 when the Software Publishers Association merged with the Information Industry Association) released the trailer for a follow-up to “Don’t Copy That Floppy,” called “Don’t Copy That 2”, released on September 9, 2009. The sequel to Don’t Copy That Floppy features MC Double Def DP as he continues his crusade against piracy in the digital age.[5] Synopsis[edit] The “Disk Protector” showing the title of the campaign during the rap portion of the video. Defcon 18 - Youre stealing it wrong 30 years of inter pirate battles - Jason Scott - Defending your rights in the digital world. How Linux defenders attack bad software patents before they’re approved. My Song Got Played On Pandora 1 Million Times and All I Got Was $16.89, Less Than What I Make From a Single T-Shirt Sale!


Media Sociaux. Crowd Funding. Exegesis: How early adapters, innovative publishers, legacy media companies and more are pushing toward the annotated web. Last week, Quartz became the latest in a succession of media companies to begin experimenting with a new type of commenting system. Blogger writes about predatory publishing, is threatened with $1B suit. Metadata librarian Jeffrey Beall runs the popular industry blog Scholarly Open Access . The site maintains a list of open-access journals and publishers that Beall believes engage in predatory practices. Show Me The Sales. With Aereo appeal, broadcasters threaten the foundation of locker services. Internet : les Français sont parmi les moins connectés d’Europe. Les technologies de l'informatique enseignées à l'école. Groupe d'études « Médias et nouvelles technologies » : actes de la table ronde du 26 janvier 2012 sur la fiscalité du numérique.

Minding your digital business: McKinsey Global Survey - McKinsey Quarterly - Business Technology - Strategy. Beyond .com: Why New Top-Level Domains for Google and Amazon Spell Trouble. Protection des données personnelles : le MEDEF présente ses observations sur la proposition de règlement européen. Are you sure that’s true? Truth Goggles tackles fishy claims at the moment of consumption.

What You Need to Know About the Internet Snooping Bill (and How You Can Protect Yourself) Internet governance. Avenir du journalisme. Open source info. Numérique et école. E-democracy. Définir l'identité numérique. MEGA est ouvert au public. How a Trio of Apps Helped a Custom Menswear Shop Thrive.

Rick Smolan: Can Big Data Change Who You Are? The Frogman - Comedy, photoshop, kittens, & corgis. Hadopi : un million de mails, et une amende de 150€ Sortie du Rapport Social Media 2012 de Nielsen. Comment Metallica a réussi à monétiser son arrivée sur Spotify. Spotify : combien d'écoutes pour qu'un artiste touche l'équivalent d'un album vendu ? The Oatmeal sued over trademark by “Oatmeal Studios” Was Gabe Newell right to declare Windows 8 a catastrophe? Proprietary Browser vs. Open Source Browser [Market Share Analysis] Ai Weiwei: The Internet vs. The Chinese Government. Clay Shirky : Comment internet transformera un jour le gouvernement.

Je télécharge donc j'achète. Calculez combien valent vos données pour Google ! Discover Projects. Egypt: Introducing the MorsiMeter. What China Censors. Pour un Internet polisson ! Nos entreprises vont-elles devenir un immense terrain de jeu ? (étude) Seulement 5% des blogueurs professionnels européens gagnent plus de 2300 euros par mois. 3122529077_cfd5267be0_o.png (1170×835) [Infographie] Les Bretons et Internet. Elle occupent des postes-clés chez Facebook, Twitter, Cisco ou Google… Qui sont ces reines du high-tech ? - Les amazones de la Silicon Valley. Twitter’s expanded tweets are a double-edged sword.

Spotify, 2ème source de revenus pour les maisons de disque. L’Éthiopie, futur ennemi de l’Internet. Gouvernement – Google Transparency Report. Une cinquième et dernière commission rejette l'ACTA ! Facts & Questions on Blogging, Curating & Collecting. Do you lose free speech rights if you speak using a computer? L’impression 3D fabrique son lobbying.

Les data en forme. L’Open Data à la croisée des chemins juridiques.