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Bases de données - BDM - Enquête mensuelle de conjoncture dans l'Industrie (NAF rév. 2) - Questions détaillées sur les entreprises par regroupement de secteur - questions trimestrielles. GoogleFinance in Docs fails but JSON saves the day. API Getting Started Guide. Overview Welcome to the TradeKing API.

API Getting Started Guide

We aim to provide an API that allows any developer to write fully featured trading and analytical applications through their brokerage account. If you’re new to working with APIs read through this document and check out the external resources we reference. You should also bookmark this site ( ) where you’ll find documentation, development tools, links to our forums and API update information. Remember to check back here often for new documentation and updates on the API. %2a from where symbol in %28"YHOO"%2C"AAPL"%2C"GOOG"%2C"MSFT"%29%0A%09%09&

Alternative to google finance api. YQL Code Examples. Making YQL Queries with JavaScript This code example shows you how to make YQL queries with JavaScript and the OpenSocial function makeRequest .

YQL Code Examples

The YQL query in the code example will get data from the GeoPlanet API based on the user's input. OpenSocial Method: makeRequest By using the OpenSocial method , you can make calls to a Web service with JavaScript without using a crossdomain.xml file. The calls in this example use 2-legged OAuth authorization. Before calling the function makeRequest , define the base URI of the YQL Web service, the YQL query, and a callback function to handle the response, as shown below: var BASE_URI = ' ; JSON quote API. Overview Our Javascript Quote API allows you to quickly and easily integrate market data into your web application, using a simple request-based API Requesting Data To request data from our servers, you insert a <script> tag into your web page.

JSON quote API

The ' src ' parameter for this script tag controls which symbols are retrieved. For example, to request a stock quote for Cisco Systems, you would insert the following: And to request a quote for Microsoft: Multiple symbols can be requested by adding a '+' character between them: Understanding the Response. Open Exchange Rates. Yahoo Download Stock Data. Yahoo data download. Dear Peter Ponzo, I serve as copyright counsel for Yahoo and write to you with respect to your site specifically the page located at Yahoo offers certain services on its website, including the Yahoo Finance service available at, subject to its Terms of Service, located at It has come to our attention, through a data partner, that your page located at provides a tool and instructions for using the tool to enable users to hack the Yahoo Finance site.

Yahoo data download

Finance RSS Feeds. Yahoo!

Finance RSS Feeds

Finance provides a variety of RSS feeds on various finance news topics including top stories, most viewed stories, stories by industry and sector, as well as dynamic feeds for company and industry news based on company ticker symbol. All the Finance Columnists also have feeds available. Java - Yahoo Finance API. Yahoo-finance-managed - Yahoo! Managed - The .NET Wrapper for Yahoo! WebService. Economic calendar - events and analysis. ARCELORMITTAL(Pays-Bas) - Dérivés - Cotations en direct. Allemagne - Dette publique. Stock Market News & Financial Analysis. Markets Data - Global Equity Screener. Bourse et cotations, actualités financières, bourse en ligne, comprendre l'économie et investir.

NxCore API Documentation Downloads. Computers Send Radio Shack Stock Up 9.99% in Seconds. Is the National Best Bid or Offer being Ignored? Executive Summary The NBBO lies at the heart of Regulation NMS (Reg.

Is the National Best Bid or Offer being Ignored?

NMS) and is the key concept that assures investors are getting the best price when buying or selling stocks. However, due to the recent industry trend that emphasizes speed at all costs, the NBBO, in practical terms, no longer exists. There is no audit trail that can show definitively whether an investor received the best price on their trade. The regulators do not appear to understand the root of the problem because they continue to promote new regulation, when a simple and effective solution exists: enforce Reg NMS.

If any new regulations are needed after enforcing existing ones, we think a minimum quote life of 50 ms makes the most sense. The Death of the NBBO As the lifetime of a quote approaches zero, the arguments for and against a minimum-quote-life rule become more interesting. Computers Send Radio Shack Stock Up 9.99% in Seconds. 10 Seconds of Extreme Trading in Blackberry. 10 seconds of extreme trading. Press release distribution, EDGAR filing, XBRL, regulatory filings. Diffusion communiqué de presse, relations presse, optimisation, Business Wire, newswire, wire, relations investisseurs, diffusion réglementaire. Trading bots create extreme events faster than humans can react. High-frequency trading is the practice where automated systems search for minor differences in price of stocks that can be exploited for small financial gains.

Trading bots create extreme events faster than humans can react

Executed often enough and with a high enough investment, they can lead to serious profits for the investment firms that have the wherewithal to run these systems. The systems trade with minimal human supervision, however, and have been blamed for a number of unusually violent swings that have taken place in the stock market. A new paper has gone searching through historic trading for these sorts of glitches and ended up finding a lot of them—over 18,000—all of which took place too fast for human intervention to have driven them.

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