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4 Awesome After-Sales Techniques That Will Attract Loyal Customers. Gaining customer loyalty is always a key achievement for any business since revenue comes mostly from repeat business.

4 Awesome After-Sales Techniques That Will Attract Loyal Customers

In fact, maintaining relations with a loyal customer costs five times less than attracting new ones. The information age plays favorably towards buyers since they can acquire product information easily from the Internet. This then makes comparing brands a lot easier for them, which ultimately results in reduced perceived differentiation. Goods from certain niches, such as electronic gadgets, would not differ much in quality, price, and features because they essentially serve the same purpose. As it gets harder to differentiate in terms of price and quality, customer experience then becomes a big factor in consumers’ buying decisions. The after-sales service is one of the most potent ways of maximizing customer experience, and ultimately for acquiring repeat buyers especially for durable goods manufacturers. 1.

Free shipping, however, comes with a price. 2. 3. 4. Seven Marketing Mistakes Most Startups. 8 Simple And Unavoidable Zero Budget Marketing Strategies. When you are talking about marketing communications, you are also talking about engagement and increasing your customer base.

8 Simple And Unavoidable Zero Budget Marketing Strategies

Well, in such cases, as a company you should be ready to spend a good amount of money on your marketing strategies. To acquire a customer base of, say, 100k,any company needs to spend a good amount of monetary resources. (Source: Getty Images) But, most of the time you do not have the right marketing budget. In fact, most companies do not provide any marketing budget. Some Useful Resources: 8 Simple And Unavoidable Zero Budget Marketing Strategies. Planifiez vos publications sur les Pages d’entreprise Linkedin avec Buffer.

20 Resources for Incredible Content Marketing. The secret to content marketing success is creating awesome content that is highly shareable, and then distributing that content in an effective and targeted way.

20 Resources for Incredible Content Marketing

This involves looking at a variety of key metrics to help you analyze your audience, tweak your site with CTAs and improve user experience all to drive more traffic to your site and increase your customer base. Seems difficult right? Well, only if you don’t have the proper tools and resources in place to help you be awesome. Always remember: create awesome content, distribute content, improve your site, analyze key metrics, change and make adjustments, and make sure you’re not spinning your wheels.

That’s the secret to success. 1. They say content is king, but some others have argued that content distribution is really king…and I’d have to conclude that it’s a little bit of both. Understanding Facebook Fan Motivation. According to the social intelligence and marketing analysts at Syncapse, the value of a Facebook fan increased 28 percent since 2010, and fan membership on many brand pages doubled or even tripled in that time.

Understanding Facebook Fan Motivation

The average worth of a brand fan is now $174. Syncapse’s latest survey sought to understand why Facebook users become brand fans in the first place. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the research shows 78 percent fans have preexisting experience with a brand before becoming fans. This is important. It means that any brand, whether it is a multinational pop icon like Pepsi or a local name like RBA of Central PA, acquires the bulk of its fans through preexisting relationships.

Top 5 Pitfalls of Content Marketing. Content marketing is the future of marketing.

Top 5 Pitfalls of Content Marketing

Indeed, marketers are rushing in droves to create content, while abandoning traditional marketing outlets like PR, radio, print and TV, and even web search. But many are running into unexpected problems. If you’re involved in content marketing, you probably face difficulties yourself. Here are the five big problems content marketers face, and how to overcome them.

Distraction Creating content takes focus — a lot of it. Measuring marketing's worth - McKinsey Quarterly - Marketing & Sales - Digital Marketing. It’s 8 AM, and the chief marketing officer is wading through his inbox.

Measuring marketing's worth - McKinsey Quarterly - Marketing & Sales - Digital Marketing

A board member has e-mailed him about an opportunity to invest in an emerging digital platform. It looks cool, but it’s speculative and not cheap. Minutes later, the chief financial officer appears in the doorway: “The boss wants to sign a big sponsorship deal. Comment augmenter l'influence et l'autorité de votre site ?

Who Checks Your Company's Social Media Profile? Social Media isn't just for teenagers and techies anymore.

Who Checks Your Company's Social Media Profile?

Adults have long used social media sties like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But the number of adult Internet users who now claim they use those and other social networking sites has more than doubled since 2008, according to a new report released late last week. For business owners who already use social media to market their brand or engage with customers, this data isn't all that surprising.

But for those who may have been on the fence about using social media or who only use the sites occasionally, this news may drive you to rethink that strategy. At the very least, if your existing communications plan is more than two years old, you might want to drag it out, dust it off and revise your outdated information. Cheap Affordable Monthly SEO Link Building Services, Internet Marketing Services - SEOClerks.

Bien exporter c'est aussi bien connaître ses interlocuteurs. "Je ne parle pas de langues étrangères", "Je ne connais pas la législation en vigueur dans tel ou tel pays", "Qu'est-ce qui se passera si je ne suis pas payé ?

Bien exporter c'est aussi bien connaître ses interlocuteurs

", "Je ne connais pas suffisamment le système de distribution de ce pays", "Je vais être copié", "Je ne sais pas quel pays choisir", "Je n'ai pas les reins suffisamment solides pour lancer mon activité à l'étranger", etc. J'ai déjà eu l'occasion de débattre de certaines de ces objections et je n'y reviendrai pas dans ce post.

Je souhaite cette fois-ci attirer l'attention de ceux qui ont déjà réussi à passer outre ces frilosités, mais qui ont peut-être sous-estimé un autre aspect des difficultés du monde de l'export, celles liées aux différences interculturelles. How Do I Cut Through the Noise on Social Media? - Entrepreneur Video Network - Business & Small Business Log In | Join Sign In with.

How Do I Cut Through the Noise on Social Media? - Entrepreneur Video Network -

And Keep Your Customers. A payment plan might be your best option for keeping cash flowing, holding on to your customers and staying in business.

and Keep Your Customers

As the economic recovery limps along, a growing number of companies are discovering that customers who have always been able to pay on time are having trouble paying their bills and staying current. Others who may have been slow payers are falling even further behind or are unable to pay at all. To keep cash flowing through your business, it's often a good idea to offer payment plans. If you have customers that can't realistically pay in full and you don't offer a payment arrangement, you may not get paid. [Book Excerpt] Earlyvangelists: The Most Important Customers of All. Editor's note: This is the second in a two-part excerpt from the book The Startup Owner’s Manual, a step-by-step how-to guide for entrepreneurs. In this excerpt, authors Steve Blank and Bob Dorf continue to explain the Customer Discovery Philosophy (see Part One, "Is Your Startup a Valid Vision or Just a Hallucination?

"). No organization can avoid coming to grips with the rapidly evolving behavior of consumers and business customers. They check prices at a keystroke and are increasingly selective about which brands share their lives. They form impressions from every encounter and post withering online reviews. As we noted in a McKinsey Quarterly article last year, these changes present significant organizational challenges, as well as opportunities.

The biggest is that all of us have become marketers: the critical moments of interaction, or touch points, between companies and customers are increasingly spread across different parts of the organization, so customer engagement is now everyone’s responsibility. The Key to Annoyance-Free Website Surveys That Get Results. There are plenty of annoying distractions online, and chief among them are pop-up surveys. Adding insult to inconvenience is that these pop-ups require instant action: You either have to click something to make it go away, or click to participate. Either way, these irritations distract website visitors from their primary purpose, which should be your primary purpose, and that’s getting them what they were seeking in the first place.

Surveys, when presented unobtrusively, can offer valuable insight to your business, enabling you to keep your finger on the pulse of your target audience’s wants and needs. Five Affordable Consumer Research Tools. Before launching a new product or entering a new market, it's always wise to gauge potential demand by getting feedback from your target audience. That usually means surveying large consumer opinion panels that reach well beyond your existing customer lists. Until recently, such market research was prohibitively expensive for many small businesses.

What Start-Ups Need to Know About Protecting Intellectual Property Around the World. Intellectual Property (IP) is vitally important to start-ups. The Start-Up Genome Project, which aims to map, model and analyze what makes start-ups tick, identified IP as a top source of competitive advantage for start-ups. But start-ups face significant challenges in acquiring, maintaining and enforcing their intellectual property.

Insolite : l'origine des noms de quinze marques high-tech. Skype, Etsy, Bing, TiVo, BlackBerry, Wikipedia ou encore la Toyota Prius : quelle est l’origine des noms des marques high-tech les plus célèbres ? Explications en 15 exemples. 29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business. 7 Steps To Reach Executive Customer Service At Any Company. Co-Marketing: Twice as Nice or Double the Trouble? Whether they reach across the globe or just down the street, co-marketing campaigns unite businesses in partnerships that, when the stars align, deliver all participants greater visibility, credibility, market reach and sales success than they could have achieved independently.

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] - Unbounce. 3 Ethical Ways to Boost Positive Online Reviews. Online review sites, such as Yelp or TripAdvisor, can be a boon for your business. But you need to take an active role in generating and making the most of positive comments. While it isn't ethical to solicit good reviews, you can encourage customers to leave their feedback, whether positive or negative, on both your website and review sites. Marketing Like the Big Brands: Think You Know Your Customer? Think Again.

Klout's CEO: Why Social Media Matters for Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneur Video Network - Guy Kawasaki: To Win at Social Media, 'Plant Many Seeds' - Entrepreneur Video Network - Profanity, Obama and Guy Kawasaki. The consequences of using profanity on the job are typically severe and swift -- but, for entrepreneurs, dropping a swear word here and there can prove surprisingly beneficial. When Time magazine's editor-at-large Mark Halperin called President Barack Obama a d—k on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program yesterday, the effect was instantaneous: Halperin was indefinitely suspended from serving as a political commentator on MSNBC, the White House press secretary Jay Carney called his actions "inappropriate" and Halperin had to issue an on-air apology.

Making such a gaffe is hardly an imminent concern for many entrepreneurs, as they don't often get the chance to appear on national television. But the thing is, cursing can -- in certain circumstances -- prove positive for entrepreneurs, says Guy Kawasaki, author and founder of Garage Technology Ventures, a Palo-Alto, Calif. ,-based venture capital firm. Guy Kawasaki on Gaining Customer Trust - Entrepreneur Video Network - MARKETING TECHNOLOGY LUMAscape. 10 Brilliant Tips to Hack a Great Name for Your Design Company. True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business? Color is the most important part of your brand image, as that is the literal picture people think of when they imagine your business. If your brand has colors that fit your business, the results can be quite powerful.

Unlike other business decisions, choosing colors takes knowledge of psychology and art, plus the designer must also be very creative and unique if they wish to make an appealing and thought-provoking color scheme. How To Eliminate Customer Angst. A 3-Step Customer Service Guide for Your Team. What you can do about that moment of truth, when a customer decides to stay or go. Michael Alter is president of SurePayroll, America’s leading online payroll service. 7 Ways You Can RUIN Your Brand. 10 Marketing Techniques That Don’t Cost a Penny.


Pricing. The Five People You Meet at Exhibitions and How to Prioritize. Ricochets - Les leçons marketing de Jay-Z. 4 Keys To Turning Customers Into Brand Evangelists. Do Native Ads Outperform Banner Ads? Five to Follow on Twitter for Upcycling. How Can I Stand Out from the Competition? - Entrepreneur Video Network - Building a Business Partnership That Lasts. How Do I Start Talking with Customers Online? - Entrepreneur Video Network - Five Steps to Create a Marketing Plan. How to Tell If a Franchisor's Marketing Will Make or Break You. How Can I Find a Good Name for My Business? - Entrepreneur Video Network - ClickBrain - Marketing is Dead. Long live the relationship! Net Promoter Scores. How to NOT sell something to my generation.

29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business. Rules. 10 Ways To Promote Your Business With $5. Startup Advice: How Entrepeneurs Gain Credibility. Why You Should Try Attention-Getting Publicity Stunts. How to Talk To The Social Media Famous. Live Long and Market: Small Business Branding. A Creative Way to Reach Out To Bloggers. Why use crowdsourcing? Three fundamental arguments.

Five Lies About Social Media Marketing. Five Things You Should Know About Web Analytics. Enchant and Engage More Customers With Social Media.


Six Steps for Revving Up Your Search-Engine Marketing. Agence réseaux sociaux - Services en Ligne : 5 outils pour réduire les coûts de votre entreprise et améliorer ses performances. The Top Five Social Media Mistakes. Five Ways to Improve Your Website. Your Customers Are Talking. Are You Listening? Five Truths About Social Media Marketing.