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Engage Students with Google Slides Q&A - TechNotes Blog - TCEA. Keeping Your Google Account Safe and Uncluttered - TechNotes Blog - TCEA. Keeping your Google account safe and free from unneeded authorizations is a simple procedure that we outline in this blog post.

Keeping Your Google Account Safe and Uncluttered - TechNotes Blog - TCEA

I must admit that I can be a subscriber junkie. Offer me a chance to bring daily information into my Gmail account on almost any topic, and I’ll jump on it. Easily Analyzing Student Data with Google Explore - TechNotes Blog - TCEA. Analyzing student data is a critical part of a teacher’s day.

Easily Analyzing Student Data with Google Explore - TechNotes Blog - TCEA

With Google Explore, you can save time and get all the information you need to ensure mastery. Teachers are responsible for monitoring student learning on a regular basis. One way to do this is by analyzing student data, and if you have that data in Google Sheets, you’ll really appreciate how Google Explore makes it so much easier to connect you to your students and their learning. What Is Google Explore? Google Explore is a built-in application interface that monitors what you type and responds with related, on-the-fly content.

Explore in Sheets helps you decipher your data easily, whether you’re new to spreadsheets or are a pro with them. Running Android Apps on Your Chromebook - TechNotes Blog - TCEA. Last May, Google announced that you would soon be able to run Android apps on your Chromebook.

Running Android Apps on Your Chromebook - TechNotes Blog - TCEA

Well, okay, maybe not your Chromebook, but on newer ones. If your Chromebook is like mine, it is several years old and will most likely not know what it is like to run Android apps. But if you happen to have a newer device, then it may just be possible. You should know, too, that just because you go buy a new Chromebook at Walmart, Best Buy, or Amazon, that doesn’t mean that it will run Android apps.

10 Chrome-ifying Tips and Tricks - TechNotes Blog - TCEA. Are you an avid user of the Google Chrome browser?

10 Chrome-ifying Tips and Tricks - TechNotes Blog - TCEA

Did you know that Chrome is full of shortcuts and hidden functions that can save you time? I’ve compiled my favorite tips and tricks that will help you work faster and do more with your favorite web browser. All you have to do is carve out a few minutes and learn how to take advantage of them. Save Web Pages as PDFs Click on the image to download the infographic. Quick, Draw! with Google - TechNotes Blog - TCEA. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! with Google - TechNotes Blog - TCEA

With Google may not seem like a great tool for ESL students. But learn how it can be used for innovative learning in this blog post. At the recent TCEA Convention and Exposition, I learned about an experiment from Google called Quick, Draw!. Quick, Draw! , which launched last November, is a game built with machine learning. How Quick, Draw Works I gave it a try on my laptop and my iPhone. An interesting feature of Quick, Draw! Scroll down and you’ll see the images that the neural network thinks a bee looks like. Give it a try and see how many of your doodles can be recognized. Classroom Uses of Quick, Draw! So, I asked myself, how can this be used in the classroom? Kaizena · Give Great Feedback.

Clarisketch. Google for Education: Save time and stay connected. Easy scheduling. Tutorial for Emailing Google Spreadsheets. Welcome to Google Maps Engine Lite and Pro - Maps Engine Lite and Pro Help. Google Maps Engine Lite and Pro help you create advanced custom maps to share with collaborators and also publish to the web.

Welcome to Google Maps Engine Lite and Pro - Maps Engine Lite and Pro Help

You can visualize and map more data, like dog-friendly hiking spots or new locations to expand your business! Import locations from a spreadsheet, use layers to visualize different types of content, or simply draw and add places, lines, and shapes. Here are a few things you can do to get started: Draw - Add lines, shapes, or placemarks on the map. Import - Add a CSV file, XLSX file, My Map, or spreadsheet from Google Drive with geographically-specific data including addresses, place names, or lat/longs. For commercial purposes, you can upgrade to Maps Engine Pro. Try Maps Engine Lite now Try Maps Engine Lite now. Photo Sphere – About – Google Maps. Google Cultural Institute. 32 Ways to Use Google Apps in the Classroom.

Professional Development - K12 Guide to going Google. Forms - Kern Kelley. Google Form Templates If you are logged into your Google Account, these form templates will automatically copy into your Google Docs Dashboard.

Forms - Kern Kelley

Many of the forms are designed to work with an iPod Touch. For more information about educational uses of that device, go to Test and Quizzes Self Grading 10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz - Provide a link to this form or embed it into a website. Administrative Forms Professional Performance Evaluation - Teacher observation form that the administrators can use. Miscellaneous QR Code Generator - Creates QR Codes from URL's collected in a from.Science Fair Judging Form - This is the scoring form used in a middle school science fair.Story Board - Used by student groups to write and produce a video project.

Planetarium. Google Drive and Docs for Teachers 2012. Read&Write for Google Docs™ Seven Chrome Apps for Students to Use Offline. Earlier this week Google added a new section off featured offline apps in the Chrome Web Store.

Seven Chrome Apps for Students to Use Offline

The section of offline apps is quite large. I went through and picked out seven free offline Chrome Web Apps that could be useful for teachers and students. The Daum Equation Editor is a free, online tool for quickly writing equations that you can save as text or images to use in documents. You can use the equation editor by typing on your keyboard and or selecting symbols from the Daum Equation Editor's menu.

Magic Scroll is a Chrome web app that you can use to read ePub files on your desktop or laptop even if you do not have an internet connection. Quick Note is a sticky note application that runs in your Chrome web browser. Useful Periodic Table is a reference app for chemistry students. Ways to Support Teachers with Google Apps for Education. As my district makes the push forward with Google Apps for Education this school year, the instructional technology support that our team offers to teachers is critical to its success.

Ways to Support Teachers with Google Apps for Education

We start with professional development and continual support for district level leadership, then building level leadership, then to teachers, which we hope all trickles down to increased use with and by students. Gmail and Google Docs are our students two primary tools for communication, collaboration, and productivity; so increasing comfort level among all staff is crucial. Since our elementary students are 100% Google Docs for productivity, we knew it was imperative to reach all 19 of our elementary schools first.

This began with professional development for our elementary principals and assistant principals back in the summer before teachers reported back to work. Create Live Music on the Web With Your Friends. EasyBib Tools. How to Use Google Docs Offline in Two Steps. Provide Tech Help Remotely via Chrome Remote Desktop. Yesterday, I received an email with a question about how to remotely help students and teachers with the Chrome browser and with Chromebooks.

Provide Tech Help Remotely via Chrome Remote Desktop

Almost as if he was reading my mind, later in the day Fred Delvental shared a bookmark for the Chrome Remote Desktop App. Using the Chrome Remote Desktop App (still in beta) you can grant access to your computer to another person who also has the Chrome Remote Desktop App installed. Welcome to Flubaroo. Use Hello Sign to Add Your Signature to Google Drive Files. Hello Sign is a free tool for digitally signing documents. I initially reviewed it back in August when I used it to sign documents on my iPad. Today, I learned that Hello Sign can now be used to digitally sign documents that are stored in your Google Drive account.