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The Best Way To Be Is Like Water

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15 Little Ways to Deepen Your Relationship With Anyone  1.

15 Little Ways to Deepen Your Relationship With Anyone 

Spend a Sunday with them. Not a Saturday night, when everything is bustling and loud and socially seamless. Spend a Sunday morning with them, tired and hungover and without plans for the day. Eat breakfast together and don't fix your hair. Experience each other without needing to entertain. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Also on HuffPost: 7 Awesome Ways Relationships Can Boost Your Health Relationships Can Help Boost Cancer Survival ... A just-published study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests that marriage may help improve cancer survival rates. Getty image ... Last spring, the same researchers who looked at how social ties may influence breast cancer survival published a study that found that breast cancer patients who regularly have positive social interactions -- and who have strong support overall -- are better able to deal with the associated emotional stress and pain of cancer.

Being Social Can Combat Cognitive Decline ... ... The Ultimate Guide To Realistic Minimalism (What You Need, What You Don’t, And How To Break The Cycle Of Wanting) Minimalism is more than just a pleasing aesthetic.

The Ultimate Guide To Realistic Minimalism (What You Need, What You Don’t, And How To Break The Cycle Of Wanting)

It is a way of life, one that yields extraordinary benefits for mental and emotional health. First and foremost, since the large majority of our perception is rooted in sight, that which we consistently and repeatedly show ourselves develops and conditions us to a particular mindset (and therefore, emotional state). Simply: the less we’re surrounded by clutter and mess, the less stressed we’re going to be. But more importantly, it’s a psychological stance against the ever-powerful consumerist culture. It is not about living uncomfortably just to say you live with less… rather, it’s about being grounded and grateful, not wanting or wasting. Because the reality is that we don’t need more. Ultimately, the presence of so many barely used but “necessary” things stresses us out, as it becomes difficult to maintain, and creates chaos that our brains cannot quantify. 1.

So let this be your guide instead: 22 Habits That Will Make Your Life a Little More Peaceful Each Day  1.

22 Habits That Will Make Your Life a Little More Peaceful Each Day 

Throw out, sell or donate everything you don't need. Use this guide to minimalism to help you decide what you're keeping in excess. If there's anything that will immediately release your anxiety and put you at ease, it's making the choice only to keep the physical things that either serve a purpose or hold a positive meaning for you. The scariest moment of your life. As women during child bearing years, we know that at any time life can be created (assuming you are sexually active, of course).

The scariest moment of your life

Precautions can be taken, but sometimes life just finds a way. Not all women are built to be baby factories. Some, like myself at one point, walk in constant fear of procreation. Birth control is only effective from 97%-99% of the time. If you are raised Catholic, as much as you may hate to hear this, those odds decrease significantly. We have all been there. The stick has been peed on, you re-cap over the urine strip, lay on a flat surface and now…you wait. Something in your brain is not processing what you are reading, regardless of the result you receive. Oh shit, that’s a great reaction to creating life isn’t it? You receive pamphlets, papers, you answer a barrage of questions about your family history and your partners family history, lifestyle choices, if you are thinking of jumping off of the tallest building right now, etc.

So, now what? Like this: Creating a life that is thoroughly intoxicating. Getting Over Single 'Shame' —eHarmony Blog. After being unattached for eleven years, Sue had just started dating someone who had a lot of relationship experience, and she was embarrassed by her thin relationship resume.

Getting Over Single 'Shame' —eHarmony Blog

“How do I let go my feelings of inadequacy?” She asked author Sasha Cagen and I in a recent webcast. Sue had a classic case of single shame, something Cagen and I understood well. I was single for most of my twenties and thirties, and always hedged when asked the dreaded question, “How long has it been since your last relationship?” Cagen, the author of Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics, recalls the time she told a man that her longest relationship had been nine months. “It took me about half an hour to get it out. If you’ve been single for longer than you care to admit, it’s natural to wonder why or even ask, “What’s wrong with me?” That’s where the shame part comes in. Has it been a struggle? An independent Scotland would be a rich country with terrible prospects.


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