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We are a personalized jewelry brand that offers a meaningful and creative way to tell your own story using slates, rings, bracelets & doodads. The Slate & Tell jewelry collection is the first collection that is truly limitless in its possibilities. We take pride that all our Jewelry is customized and stamped by hand, with care by our talented team of silversmiths and artisans.

Slate and Tell Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry Collection Slate and Tell. Secret Halo Diamond Solitaire Ring - SR737/A8-10LYG. Secret Halo Moissanite Solitaire Ring - SR737/A8-10LMOIWG. Hidden Halo Round Moissanite Ring - SR824-10LMOIWG. Hidden Halo Oval Moissanite Ring - SR826-10LMOIWG. Moodle. Are you looking for a great jewelry clearance sale on the occasion of the New Year 2021?


Then you should definitely check out the site-wide sale announced by Slate and Tell, the leading store to buy name rings, wedding rings, stacked rings, birthstones, and family stones. They also have a large collection of gold and diamond jewelry set with different types of precious stones and appearing in Christmas deals 2020. Many people want to showcase how much the other person means to them. There is a way to highlight this sense of love and togetherness. They can buy a piece of jewelry in exclusive styles and gift it to him/ her. Slate and Tell offers amazing deals with 40% OFF Moissanite Rings. First-time users can sign up and enjoy more savings thanks to the $5 eGift card.

Gift Your Loved One with a Beautifully Designed Engagement Ring. Posted by Olivia Rodrigo on December 24th, 2020 If you want to show your beloved how much they mean to you, you should consider proposing and getting married.

Gift Your Loved One with a Beautifully Designed Engagement Ring

However, it is also imperative to talk to your SO before taking any steps to be blindsided by the proposal. A beautiful engagement ring is truly the perfect way to demonstrate your love and devotion. The engagement ring itself has grown to mean a lot of different things like love and devotion. It's a beautiful proclamation of love. Cozy Up with these Top Rings to Propose with this Holiday! – Slate & Tell. This holiday season may look a bit different than past years, but love is still in the air!

Cozy Up with these Top Rings to Propose with this Holiday! – Slate & Tell

This Holiday season, add a personal touch to your dream engagement ring with our complimentary personalization. Slate & Tell has a variety of stackables for a dreamy engagement ring stack. Blog/post - slateandtell. The reasons to buy an engagement ring before Christmas. Secret Halo rings for women. Top Custom Gifts for New Moms. Secret Halo Engagement Rings for Women Online. Sunburst Oval Diamond Halo Ring - SR672V/I5-10LWG. Vintage Marquise Diamond Half Halo Ring - SR768MQ/D5-10LWG.

Sunburst Pear Diamond Halo Ring - SR673PS/K2-10LWG. Sunburst Radiant Diamond Halo Ring - SR674EM/H2-10LWG. Sterling Silver Name Rings for Women under $50 – Slate and Tell. Owning a finger ring with a name is no longer an unreasonable deal.

Sterling Silver Name Rings for Women under $50 – Slate and Tell

Slate and Tell offers rings for women under a price point of $50. Besides, you get the best styles and form-factors. ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. - Nov. 24, 2020 - PRLog -- Owing a finger ring is a way to show your flair for style and aesthetics. Having the name engraved on the finger ring can be the best way to personalize it. Wouldn't it be a memorable gift for your loved one on occasions like birthday, Christmas or so? Slate and Tell is the dealer who sells some of the highly personalized rings for everyone.

. ❄️ BLACK FRIDAY ❄️ 35% OFF site wide on orders over $75 + Free* Jewelry Case with purchase + Free Shipping! The dealer understands that the best way to commemorate the event or express your love and care is by engraving a short quote or name. Gifting personalized jewelry items like pendants, bracelets, and rings assures you to give something valuable to someone with your esteem. Cozy Up with These Top Rings to Propose with This Holiday! – Slate & Tell. What Are Birthday Jewelry Gift Ideas For Mom? Below are occasions where you can gift a piece of jewelry like a ring or necklace to your mother: 1- Birthday Birthday is one of the most celebrated yearly events for everyone.

What Are Birthday Jewelry Gift Ideas For Mom?

We make grand events, like birthday parties, to make the best out of the occasion. Gifting a necklace, pendant, or a finger ring with a commemorating quote, like, "With love from ... " can be the most memorable gift to your mother. Thus, birthday jewelry for Mom in 2021 is the best way to express your gratitude to your mother. How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring? - Wedding ring trends Wedding rings engagement rings diamond rings Trending rings. SLATE & TELL HOLIDAY FAVORITES. Vintage Engagement Rings for Women Online. Presonalized Fashion Rings Jewelry. Milgrain Stone Engagement Ring - SM112RD/C7-SSCZWG. Milgrain Stone Matching Ring - SR809-SSCZWG. Get 35% OFF Site Wide On Orders Over $75 with Free Shipping. Buying the jewelry isn't easy when the price hike is severe.

Get 35% OFF Site Wide On Orders Over $75 with Free Shipping

But, thankfully, Slate and tell brings to you the best 35% site wide offer for over $75 purchase so that you can invest in your favorite jewelry without the hesitation of money. ENGLEWOOD, N.J. - Nov. 6, 2020 - PRLog -- If you have been thinking of investing in jewelry for a long time, then this is your time to grab the opportunity. Yes, you read it right; it is the opportunity. Slate and Tell is offering its customers a site wide offer of up to 35% on a purchase of $75 or above on any jewelry. Plus, you will get free shipping too. What makes this sale so appealing? Why must you buy from this sale?

Slate & Tell (@slateandtell) - Profile - Tripadvisor. Why Do Women Prefer Custom Design Necklace? - The Weekly Trends. Jewelry has been used for centuries to accessorize the outfits.

Why Do Women Prefer Custom Design Necklace? - The Weekly Trends

Out of the humongous variety in ladies’ jewelry, perhaps the most ubiquitous is a necklace. It adorns the slender neck of a lady and instantly enhances her personality beyond the routine. Women of all ages across different cultural strata, and various style needs, prefer wearing the necklace for daily use. But some women prefer to wear heavy neckpieces only on important occasions.

Although the need for wearing the necklace may differ from person to person, the urge to buy the custom pieces crosses everyone’s mind. So, let us delve into understanding the perks. 1. Craftsmanship is one of the main benefits of creating a custom design necklace. Professional jewelry designers are very good at challenges.

Initial Charm Necklace – a meaningful yet minimalist look!

Initial Charm Necklace – a meaningful yet minimalist look! – Slate & Tell. Your initial necklace is sure to make a fashion statement and will stand out on any outfit. This alone makes this a great purchase for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. You can always design your initial necklace in gold or in sterling silver. Going with either of the metals will not be wrong as they are bound to make heads turn.

Benefits of Matching Bands for Him and Her - Matching ring sets Wedding ring sets Wedding band sets Bridal rings sets. Slate & Tell — Find an Engagement Ring Size without Her Knowing. Personalized Birthstone Ring Stack - Born in Love. Matching diamond wedding bands. Gold, Silver Wedding Bands Online. Tear Drop Diamond Band - SR805-10LYG. Halo Diamond Ring - SM102RD/B6-10LWG. Cherish Three Diamond Ring - SM103RD/G8-10LYG. Beaded Ring - SR169-10PLYG. Summer Sale - Get 30% OFF on All Gold Jewelry- Slate & Tell. Sign up & Enjoy $5 eGift Card. 20% OFF site wide on orders over $75!

Summer Sale - Get 30% OFF on All Gold Jewelry- Slate & Tell

Shop Now. Get best summer deals on 30% Off on All Gold Jewelry from online store. CONCORD, N.C. - Oct. 7, 2020 - PRLog -- Your wait for buying the most intriguing jewelry items is over. The summer sale of Slate and Tell is one of the most-awaited and imminent events for jewelry purchase. Why is the sales event such a big gossip in the town? Hence, it is the event of a significant sale with a staggering discount offer that makes buying jewelry a viable option for almost everyone. "Sign up & enjoy $5 eGift Card. Besides, the sales in a lot also make the designs and styles in every type be available for potential buyers. With this underlying idea, 'Slate and Tell' is one of the most opted-for sellers in the jewelry market. "Slate and Tell' is one of the most preferred shopping points for jewelry. Slateandtell. Which One to Choose? Wedding Bands, Ring Guards or Eternity Rings. Choosing the correct wedding jewelry can be difficult for couples today as there are many options available to choose from.

Which One to Choose? Wedding Bands, Ring Guards or Eternity Rings

There are so much information and so many factors to consider that choosing wedding rings can become difficult. The main choices available are gold wedding bands, ring guards, and infinity bands. Before you go for either one of these, you should consider and compare your options very carefully. Engagement ring styles the ultimate guide.

Summer’s Hottest Trends – Slate & Tell. The summer weather is heating up — and so is personalized jewelry.

Summer’s Hottest Trends – Slate & Tell

Two of our new favorite ways to personalize are with birthstones and zodiac signs. In July, this calls for red rubies and the transition from Cancer to Leo! When it comes to fashionably telling your story & expressing yourself, we’ve got the 411: Birthstones and Zodiac are IN! Slate & Tell Personalized Jewelry Store: How to Take Care of the Rings in Summer Amid COVID-19?

Ask fashion enthusiasts, and they will tell you how face masks have hindered with their fashion. But again, these fashionistas have ensured to keep on their face masks while still rocking their favorite outfit paired with the right jewelry this summer. But as the cases of coronavirus cases do not seem to end, there are many concerns of people who love following summer jewelry trends 2020 and still want to stay safe. So, let us proceed with tackling those questions. Personalized Halo Engagement Ring Stack Cutest Proposal. Diamond & Gold Jewelry Store Online. Diamond engagement ring trends. Three Stone Nesting Engagement Ring - SM107RD/H8-SSCZWG. Oval Stone Pave Halo Ring - SR647V/G82-SSCZWG. Pear Stone Pave Halo Ring - SR648PS/G8-SSCZWG. Emerald Stone Pave Halo Ring - SR649EM/G8-SSCZWG. Slate & Tell in Englewood Cliffs - New Jersey. Why Hidden Halo Engagement Rings Are the Best to Consider. Every engagement ring should be special, unique, and elegant for the wearer.

Your engagement ring has to last for a lifetime. Attention to detail is essential—from carefully choosing the perfect diamond to deciding on a setting. It has to do the stone justice. A hidden halo is a sparkling circle of diamonds sitting beneath the stone. The ring looks like a striking solitaire with the rock taking center stage- this is the view from the top. The Basics of Buying the Hidden Halo Engagement Ring The hidden halo is a modern version of a traditional design. Do You Have These Six Jewelry Essentials In Your Collection? Jewelry is the best way to adorn yourself and flaunt your signature look. A locket, signet rings, and a charm bracelet are classic pieces. But jewelry essentials of today are far different from the trends in your grandmother's era. Your jewelry collection must have certain pieces that can transform your staple outfits into adorable looks. It may include custom necklace with chain or diamond studs.

Script Necklaces are a fashion staple! – Slate & Tell. Sure, Carrie Bradshaw’s nameplate from 2000 may feel frozen in time, but there’s a reason your mom passed down your grandma’s signet ring, or that you gave your BFF a customized necklace with her new initials as a wedding gift: Personalized jewelry will always be an accessory staple. Slate & Tell provides you the ultimate personalized shopping experience by offering a greater selection than you’ll find anywhere else! You can choose from a plethora of options: – Sterling silver, yellow gold plating or rose gold plating – 14K, 18K or Platinum upgrade options – Diamond pave or Cubic Zirconia (CZ) or simple without diamonds – We can even customize your necklace with the font of your choice!

This option isn’t available on our website, but if you email we can create any necklace of your dreams! Nameplate necklaces are timeless – every woman needs at least one. Personalized Charm Necklace: Fashion at Its Best: slatetelljewelr — LiveJournal. People have been wearing jewelry since the dawn of civilization. Be it wooden jewelry, or jewelry made of metals, precious stones, and bones; they have been there in every culture in the world.

But now things have changed, and jewelry like personalized charm necklace has two purposes: first being a fashion statement and the other is that of an endearing gift from a loved one. These two causes are enough to give forth a wide variety of necklaces that can be worn by both genders. Essential Aspects to Consider While Buying Engagement Rings: slatetelljewelr — LiveJournal. You can never prepare enough for the most momentous day when you will be united in holy matrimony with the love of your life. Slate and Tell. Diamond Engagement Rings for Women Online. Halo diamond Engaement rings. Personalized Bar Necklace - SPD125-35-N-SSPLWG. Personalized Script Necklace - NS110-SSPLWG. Personalized Pave Script Necklace - NS110-SSCZPLWG. Birthstone Initial Necklace - BNH0115-SSPLWG. Why It Makes Sense To Buy Fashion Jewelry Online? The number of people shopping online is increasing every single day. The benefits of buying things online go beyond convenience.

And it applies to jewelry shopping as well. Whether you are planning to purchase stackable initial rings or a fashion necklace set, you can find a perfect deal online. The Following Are the Five Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Shop Your Jewelry Online- 1 – It Is Convenient The most significant advantage of purchasing jewelry online is it’s convenient. You don’t have to travel to the city and visit various stores until you find the piece you like. Secret’s Out! NEW: Secret Halo Ring – Slate & Tell. Secret Halo Setting. Summer’s Hottest Trends – Slate & Tell. Why Buy Stackable Rings? A Look at 4 Compelling Reasons. 3 - You can even enjoy your personalized stack. Jewelers' provide options for you where you can choose your designs, the stones, and the metals.

Halo Engagement Rings. Custom Sterling Silver, Gold Necklace for Women. Gold Necklace with Charms SlateandTell. Personalized Overlapping Two Stone Ring - SR139-SSCZWG. Pave Initial Stone Open Ring A - SR176-A-SSCZWG. Personalized Single Stone Footprint Ring - SR144-SSCZWG. Personalized Single Stone Ring - SR130-SSCZWG. Slate & Tell. Free Articles Directory : Submit Articles - AbiLogic. Things to Know Before Buy Stacking Name Rings. How to Choose a Bracelet Style Article. Bracelets, well, let’s say they never go of style. And there is nothing as “Bracelets don’t go with an outfit.”

These are one of the universal accessories than manages to fit in with almost every type of ensemble. In the 19th century, bracelet chains became stylish; they got attached with cameos and medallions decorated with ivory and coral. With the evolution of centuries & demand, the bracelet was mass-produced and made in more affordable metals and Jewels.

Trendy Styles Worth Considering Multiple varieties of materials get used in making the bracelets. 3 Tips for Summer Jewelry – Slate & Tell. Summer is the best time for new jewelry. As you shed off the layers, there’s more room to show off the glitz. To fully maximize your look and take advantage of the warm weather, try these 3 summertime essentials: Slate & Tell Personalized Jewelry Store: Why Are Stacked Rings Such A Rage? As the name may suggest, stacked rings are rings that come up one after the other on your finger. Stackable Rings are not one or two rings, but quite a few numbers of rings on top of each other. You have to wear them on a single finger. Personalized Jewelry For Everyone - Slate & Tell. Personalized Overlapping Two Stone Ring. Personalized Birthstone Jewelry for Moms.

Slate Tell (slateandtell) Fashion Ring Stacks – Slate & Tell. Get summer ready! We have all the gossip and tips on how to build the perfect layered stack! Why Are Stacked Rings Such A Rage? - stacking name rings stackable name rings custom name rings mother's name rings birthstone name ring. Statement Stack. Personalized Jewelry For Family & Friends - Slate & Tell. Gold, Sterling Silver Mothers Jewelry. Together Stack - RBNH023-SSPLWG. Statement Stack - RBNH020-SSPLWG. Pave Initial Stone Open Ring A - SR176-A-SSCZWG. Personalized Heart Print Ring - SR591-SSPLWG. Personalized Flat Top Cuff. Alphabet Stone Bracelet. Personalized Rectangular Bracelet - SBR103-SSPLWG.