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Get Rid of Half of Your Stuff. I had to double, and then triple, check this, but apparently I've never written a post on minimalism before.

Get Rid of Half of Your Stuff

Then again, I live in an RV smaller than your walk-in closet, so I don't suppose this post will come as a surprise to anyone. Still, it's probably worth writing a few paragraphs about it for anyone who is considering paring down, but has some lingering objections to it. Back when I was a professional gambler and made a ton of money, I did what anyone with a lot of money would do: I bought a house. My house was about 1800 square feet, which isn't a big house by today's standards, but is quite a lot of space for one person. What I didn't consider was that a house comes bundled with pressure to fill it with stuff. So I did. I was first confronted with disposing of some of my stuff when I moved into a loft downtown. And along with the downsides of consumerism, I also began to see the upsides of minimalism.

Every Post In One List - Nightly. The Minimalist Guide to Leaving Your Soul-Crushing Day Job. @suopters: He just got lucky.

The Minimalist Guide to Leaving Your Soul-Crushing Day Job

I've been in a soul-crushing job for the last 1.5 years that is slowly cutting my hours down to almost nothing. I'm living paycheck-to-paycheck (making $14k/year less than before I went back to college). I have dreams that I can't follow because I can't even afford to take a week off. So you are right, this definitely doesn't apply to everyone else. @suopters: I will give you your last point, that at the moment he is living(we assume) off the money he is making by writing about it, but that doesn't mean he doesn't make a bunch of valid points. First point, you said he is a 20 something year old, but really, except when you are freshly moved out from mom and dads, at what point does it get harder? Also "..for one whole year. I am not trying to flame you at all, all I am saying is be positive, or at least offer up some of your own wisdom to fill in the gaps that you see in his. What are the minimal possessions with which the average person could reasonably live? - stuff things life.

My Minimalist Clothing List. By Matthew - March 10th, 2010.Filed under: Minimalist Experiment, Personal.

My Minimalist Clothing List

Hello fellow adventurer, glad to have you stop by! You may want to subscribe to my RSS feed so you can follow along. Thanks for visiting! (This message will self-destruct after 5 visits...) As part of the Minimalist Experiment, I got rid of many of my clothes over the weekend. 7 undershirts4 fleece/hoodies4 jackets/coats (including one for rain and a leather jacket)5 pants (jeans & dress)3 sleep/sport pants10 t-shirts (two of which are seasonal)5 long-sleeved t-shirts4 polos6 button-down dress shirts3 sweaters15 pair long socks (6 daily, 6 dress, 2 hiking, 1 seasonal)10 pair ankle socks (4 daily, 6 new)14 underwear2 shorts (1 is swimtrunks)1 sport coat1 vest2 suits 96 items of clothing, and I still feel like it’s too many.

Some of the items I kept won’t be used often, but are worth keeping for when I do need them (such as the suits). (1) Alternative living. 7 Furniture Units for Compact Urban Apartments. Seven portable furniture units for compact urban apartments. As space becomes more and more confined in modern times, it becomes necessary to make do with less crowding in for creating the required space.

Seven portable furniture units for compact urban apartments

Portable storage units are ideal for home, office or business establishments without the added burden of bulky transportation. These portable units are becoming the rage as people are trying to cut down the clutter in their homes and office for greater space mobility. These portable units come in varying sizes ranging from a small table to semi trailers size. Depending on the space and need of an individual these have become essential commodities at varying price range. They are more so perfect for small cramped offices and small apartments in the city where every inch of space is precious. 1. The Kruikantoor mobile office was created by Tim Vinke, with wheels for easy mobility from place to place. 2.

Miss minimalist. :mnmlist. The Minimalist Guide to Saving Money. Simplifying starts with tentative baby steps.

The Minimalist Guide to Saving Money

Your first step is always the hardest. However, after you get started you’ll be off and running in no time. For example, at the beginning of 2008 Logan and I sat down and decided we were going to live a minimal, debt free life. Writing down our goals was one way we paid off our debt quickly. We also implemented a number of money saving strategies into our routine. Below are 51, simple, micro-actions you can use to spend less and save more. 1. 2. 3. 4. Becoming Minimalist. » Archives. The Minimalists.