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More than a Vignette: The Simple Secrets of Dodging and Burning
‪Chaîne de PhotoExtremist‬‏
Kelby TV - Online Shows for Creative Professionals. PhotoshopUser TV: Combining and Burning Tricks - Episode 377 April 10, 2014 Photoshop User TV Photoshop User TV Photoshop User TV
2 Minute Photoshop Tricks Guide: Noise Reduction - Step by Step 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks Guide: Noise Reduction - Step by Step Step 1:First open an image that has a lot of noise in Photoshop. Images with a lot of noise will look speckled with red, green and sometime blue dots. Other times noise will take other forms, but digital noise almost always comes from shooting a picture in a digital camera while using a high ISO or film speed. Step 2: Go to the “Image” menu then “mode” then “Lab color” this will convert the image from the RGB mode to the lightnes and a and b mode. Lab color mode splits the image into a lightness channel that stores the black and white information of the image along with the detail and two color channels a and b that just store color information.
Learn Photography A whole new way to learn photography I’ve spoken with thousands of people who – despite the beginner or even intermediate courses they’ve taken – are still confused about the basic elements of photography. It’s obvious that many traditional methods of teaching photography just don’t work! Stuff You Need Stuff You Need
photos by Steve McCurry photos by Steve McCurry Pokhara, Nepal, 1985 Jaipur, India, 1982 Sylhet, Bangladesh, 1983 Goa, India, 1983
photos by Joel Meyerowitz
photos by Irving Penn photos by Irving Penn The Hand of Miles Davis Georgia O'Keeffe, Gypsy Rose Lee Ballet Society, 1948 Truman Capote, Spencer Tracy