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Slangbusters Branding Studios

Slangbusters is a branding studio focused on creating timeless brands through clear communication. We are here to create timeless brands, by making it easy for you to understand the process of branding so that you can be an integral part of branding your own business. We help you identify and create your tribe. We assist your business or organization to connect with them at a deeper, emotional level.

Branding and Non-Profits: a match made in heaven. Slangbusters Branding Studio. Instagram is the new home of the Internet. Genesis The app will be 10 years old in 2020. Your first social media image could be ten years old! Instagram has become a vital part of not only pop-culture but also how millennials live and create a digital existence. The double tap has become such an involuntary reflex, that sometimes you realize you are looking at an image which is not on Instagram when it zooms in instead of a heart popping up. You can find the entire timeline of the app, as presented by Instagram on their website. So… we overheard a conversation between two entrepreneurs. “Can I share something with you?”

So… we overheard a conversation between two entrepreneurs

“Yeah, go on mate!” “This is *whispering* Top Secret stuff okay?” “I’m listening..” A glimpse into modern packaging design. There are many aspects of how designers conduct packaging design.

A glimpse into modern packaging design

This piece will talk about the why and how of good packaging design. Does this give you a feeling of milk chocolate flavored toothpaste? That is the power of packaging. Branding and packaging Branding itself is a concept that packages the idea and presents it to potential consumers and all other stakeholders. Solutions and Innovations: The do’s and don’ts of the great Indian Jugaad. Indians take a lot of pride in anything that takes us on the global platform- from accreditation of inventing the concept of ‘zero’ to declaring our national anthem as the world’s best anthem, declared by the United Nations like they have nothing else to do.

Solutions and Innovations: The do’s and don’ts of the great Indian Jugaad

We love the attention even if it comes for the wrong things. Jugaad is something that has brought the corporate world to look into the Indian art of getting things done- bringing results in the simplest possible manner, with diminished use of resources. The etymology of Jugaad The colloquial word was coined originally in Punjabi, the regional language spoken by the residents of a northwestern state called Punjab.

Residents- mainly agrarian families decided to mount a diesel engine on a steel frame with wheels and someone witnessing this might have just uttered it in sheer exclamation; not knowing it would be a jargon used while building corporate strategies to cut down resources. In the US, it would be known as D.I.Y. A comprehensive guide to mindful reading. For everyone. □ On World Book Day, we thought of Slangbusting the concept of mindful reading- something that is needed in the days when we are consuming infinite content without any value.

A comprehensive guide to mindful reading. For everyone. □

From bookworms to bibliophiles to sapiosexuals, this is an evolution of exaggerative language that we have seen in the millennial slang- especially in our Tinder bios. Although, it is a sign that nerds are owning up to their liking and finally, intelligence is the new sexy. This is something that we have seen repulsion against; from classrooms where crammers and learners have been wrongfully stereotyped as the same and looked down upon and in pop media where Ross from the hit show F.R.I.E.N.D.S has constantly been ostracized for being passionate about paleontology; something that “nerds” build careers in.

How to reject investors like a pro (What!? and Why?) Hey, it’s not like you are standing in front of all the sharks who are fighting to invest in your idea.

How to reject investors like a pro (What!? and Why?)

But rejecting the wrong investors will prove profitable for your firm in the longer run. If you are asking yourself the question “Is my idea worth rejecting investors?” Yes, it is. And if not, then you should consider rejecting the idea before you reject the investor. Your choice can turn your dreams into realities or nightmares. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Basic Money Management for Indian Millennials. Indian Women Savings Day We are the land of Laxmi.

Basic Money Management for Indian Millennials

Every woman is considered as a carrier of prosperity for the family she belongs to. But that’s that. When it comes to money management, they’re kept at arm’s length. Maybe, that is why we needed a special day to bring to notice how financial sexism is the biggest hurdle on the route to equal and absolute financial literacy. At Slangbusters Studio, we took this opportunity to inspire millennials to likewise become financially independent because when it comes to financial literacy, both- the rural and the young remain clueless.

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Slangbusters Branding Studio. Slangbusters. A guy’s journey from faux to feminism. There are as many definitions and versions of feminism as there are misconceptions about it.

A guy’s journey from faux to feminism.

Now, I was not patriarchal. Slangbusters Branding Studio. Slangbusters Branding Studio. Slangbusters. A millennial’s guide to planning better. Since we are talking about getting shit done, taking inspiration from the professional world we can refer to the Slangbusters Branding Process to understand the next step better.

A millennial’s guide to planning better

We have divided the whole process into three phases- Knowledge, Understanding, and Action. Planning We are a generation that constantly rejects ‘the plan’ and believes in carpe diem, to live in the moment, to face problems with a ‘come what may’ approach, and Hakuna Matata tattoos on our wrists. But we are also the generation that knows of these pop culture references through Instagram; with the daily average of an atrocious amount of hours spent scrolling and going to sleep with the regret of not having shit done. The entire day. To both- skeptics and procrastinators, planning might seem like a waste of time, given its probability of failing.

Get shit done this April Fool’s Day✔ We conducted a digital literature review about new year resolutions and how people make them.

Get shit done this April Fool’s Day✔

This, with the knowledge that they’re not going to follow it for a period longer than their new year hangovers, we found how writers got into the psyche of a resolutioner, through the type of blog titles that turned up: “20 New Year Resolutions that you should take”“Realistic New Year Resolutions”“How to keep New Year Resolutions”“The impossibility of New Year Resolutions”“New Year Resolutions don’t last. Slangbusters Branding Studio. A rough guide on polishing The Big Idea. If you are looking for the 5 Cs and 10 Ps and XYZs of “bringing your idea to life,” the SEO gods have betrayed you.

A rough guide on polishing The Big Idea

This piece is not a micro crash course that will claim to give you a D.I.Y. -instant-idea-to-product-recipe because, as much disaster too many cooks can bring to the broth, one novice can guarantee a mess. Your recent Google search history could have phrases like, “I have an idea and who do I speak to” “I have a startup idea what do I do next” “I have an idea but I don’t know how to start it” Or, “I have a startup Idea but no money” And we are not assuming here, these are actual Google suggestions when you start typing “I have an idea…” in the search bar.

These are the phrases that future entrepreneurs search for, but perversely end up reading pieces that are primarily keyword cocktails with no educative value. We are here to Slangbust some concepts and terms by following our maxim: We Explain Better. Slangbusters Branding Studio. Rebranding the concept of Idea: Thinking outside the ‘bulb.’ Why do we need rebranding of a concept? Basically, how a brandmark or a logo depicts a brand, a symbol represents a concept or a word. Semiotics is the study of signs and sign processes, indication, designation, likeness, analogy, allegory, metonymy, metaphor, symbolism, signification, and communication. Why don’t MSMEs prioritize branding? The contribution of MSMEs across economies is significant. It’s about time we talk about the role of branding in the most exciting sector of our economy.

Branding as an industry has had clients that wanted to brand a product that was basically carbonated sugar water (Coca Cola) to remote controlled skateboards (Boosted Board). But these brands did not start out as multi-nationals. Slangbusters Branding Studio. Branding vs Sales — How selling the brand is different than generating sales? When people seldom confuse marketing and branding, they forget about the standard business practice to have separate departments for marketing, branding, and sales.

The friction between the three either results in a creative conflict, or a never-ending blame game. The most important factor when it comes to brand impact can be experienced by imagining yourself as a consumer. We did a small survey with ~110 randomly chosen people and asked them what aspects they would consider before buying something as small as a bar of chocolate when they had a craving. These are the attributes, arranged from most important to least important, that people preferred in the survey 1. Let’s Google brands: Oh did I just use a brand name as a verb?

Have you ever wondered why you say “bring me a coke, will you?” Slangbusters Branding Studio. Where do jargons go when we have said them? Nov 19, '18 Scientifically, jargons are basically words and words, they are just sounds that are created from the vibration of your voice box. These soundwaves decay as they spread out and get reflected or refracted. Basically, words dissolve back into the infinite potential of the air that was used to create them.

Branding Myths busted by Slangbusters Studio. Myth 1: It’s costly In the longer run, not branding would be more expensive. Would you choose not to build a foundation for your building just because it would be costlier? Slangbusters Branding Studio. Slangbusters Branding Studio. Key Differences Between Branding, Marketing and Advertising. Slangbusters Branding Studio. The clear understanding of Branding, Marketing and Advertising. Even the people in the business of branding, marketing, and advertising are not able to point out the subtle differences. Slangbusters Branding Studio. Slangbusters Branding Studio. Slangbusters Branding Studio. Microenterprise Branding Service. A shiny piece for precious ideas. New blog up!