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The surprising reason why lesbians get paid more than straight women. (Amy King/The Washington Post; iStock) Melinda Gates, the philanthropist and mother of three, gathered from listening to her kids and their friends that the next generation of American spouses expects to evenly split the household chores.

The surprising reason why lesbians get paid more than straight women

“I’m sorry to say this, but if you think that, you’re wrong,” she wrote to high schoolers Monday in her annual open letter, co-penned with her husband Bill Gates. “Unless things change, girls today will spend hundreds of thousands more hours than boys doing unpaid work simply because society assumes it’s their responsibility.” She backed her case with global data. Women worldwide devote an average of 4.5 hours each day to unpaid work — cooking, cleaning, changing the baby’s diaper. The domestic division of labor remains staggeringly unbalanced in the United States, where female breadwinners now support 40 percent of homes. [The best age to get married if you don't want to get divorced] “This isn’t a global plot by men to oppress women,” Melinda wrote. DON’T LOVE YOUR ENEMY, LOVE YOUR SISTERS. (We are a group of activists who are revisiting the statement by Leeds Revolutionary Feminist Group (“Love Your Enemy”,1979) about political lesbianism.


Building on our sisters’ work, we’ve addressed the challenges we face today as radical lesbian feminists by producing a new statement.) We believe… In the fundamental power of a POSITIVE ALTERNATIVE to compulsory heterosexuality And that: Erotic desire between women can be politically and personally life-changingAll women have the POTENTIAL to be lesbians (but we recognise that, sometimes, it can be a long process and some women never choose the option).The fact that a POSITIVE option EXISTS is an important message for all women. POLITICAL LESBIANISM IS……a radical lesbian feminist-centered collective resistance to compulsory heterosexuality. A POLITICAL LESBIAN IS…a woman who is politicized through her radical feminist consciousness to choose to be/come out as a lesbian as a cornerstone for her radical feminist political activism. When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Lesbian. There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Lesbian

A baby girl is born. It’s a girl! Redress Alert. LEGL 4500/6500 - Employment Law ..........................................Dr.

Bennett-Alexander University of Georgia. It’s Not ‘Butch Oppression’, It’s Lesbophobia. With words, I like to know exactly what they mean and use them appropriately.

It’s Not ‘Butch Oppression’, It’s Lesbophobia.

This is why I use the word “man” to describe an adult biological male, even if he has glitter on his face and calls himself a dyke. There has been a lot of discussion lately, on Facebook and on the blogosphere, about ‘Butch’ as an identity and whether this is compatible with radical feminist politics. Female Chauvinist Pigs: (chapter 4) Womyn to Bois. Female Chauvinist Pigs, by Ariel Levy.

Female Chauvinist Pigs: (chapter 4) Womyn to Bois

Chapter Four; PDF here. Text supplied here for ease of reading only, any formatting or other errors are not in the oringial. Please refer to the PDF version for actual published material. If you were to put the last five or so years in a time capsule, womanwise, it would look like a period of ex­plosive sexual exhibitionism, opportunism, and role re­definition. These were the years of Sex and the City, Brazilian bikini waxes, burlesque revival, thongs-the years when women learned how to score, or at least the years when popular culture spotlighted that behavior as empowering and cool. This freewheeling nonchalance about sex is evi­dent on the Internet. The sense of purient sexual opportunism doesn’t abate offline.

Her friend nodded and kept her eyes on the blonde go-go dancer in tiny white shorts undulating on a tabletop near the bar. There was a point at which lesbianism seemed as much like a fringe political party as it did a sexual identity. Lesbian Is Political Whether It Is Or Not (or Any Woman Can Be A Lesbian) I have a confession to make: I hate anti-political-lesbian rhetoric.

Lesbian Is Political Whether It Is Or Not (or Any Woman Can Be A Lesbian)

HATE it. I hate it when it comes from queers but I hate it even more when it comes from radical feminists.