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Loomis's Scheme for Tonal Organization. Illustrator Andrew Loomis developed a practical scheme for organizing the tonal values of a picture.

Loomis's Scheme for Tonal Organization

In his book Creative Illustration he presents squares of four different tones: white, light gray, dark gray, and black.If you let one of those tones dominate, you can arrange them four different ways: 1. Grays and black on white, 2. Black, white, and dark gray on light gray, 3. Understanding Digital Colors. When used correctly, color can change the mood of the image, or impact the story.

Understanding Digital Colors

It can also draw the viewers eyes to a focal element. In the image below, digital colors are used effectively to focus your attention on the tube. And the controlled color palette also helps keep the image calm. Created by Cornelius Dämmrich. ZOOTOPIA -  MATTHIAS  LECHNER               art direction-production design. Because the Fox Barks / Tutorial (NSFW) Because the Fox Barks / Allegory of DeathBastien Lecouffe Thanks to Laureline.

Because the Fox Barks / Tutorial (NSFW)

Soundtrack —> Current93. Think With Forms, Not Lines: Take Your Drawing to the Next Level. Why Painting Value/Tone Is More Important than Color. Value Does the Work, Color Gets the Credit Color is the most attractive quality of a painting but, believe it or not, value is more important than color to the design and success of a painting.

Why Painting Value/Tone Is More Important than Color

Think of a black and white movie. Dota 2 Workshop - Character Art Guide - Dota 2 - Workshop. Designing first-class items for Dota 2 requires more than just ability and a great idea.

Dota 2 Workshop - Character Art Guide - Dota 2 - Workshop

The aesthetics of Dota 2 are built from a set of principles that help keep each hero immediately and uniquely identifiable from above during gameplay. We’re going to go over exactly what these principles are, how we used them to design the heroes and how you can apply them to custom items.