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A partir de quel niveau d'ivresse est-on trop ivre pour avoir un rapport sexuel? À celles qui voudraient, comme Lou Doillon, une émancipation balisée. Kiyémis, blogueuse afro-féministe, répond aux propos sur le féminisme de Beyoncé ou Nicki Minaj tenus par Lou Doillon dans El País.

À celles qui voudraient, comme Lou Doillon, une émancipation balisée

Dans une interview au quotidien espagnol El País, la chanteuse et mannequin Lou Doillon s'est exprimée cette semaine sur le féminisme, et la façon dont il est parfois, selon elle, déformé. Notamment par des artistes pop américaines. Danemark. Vol de photos de nu : “Je me sentais comme la putain du village” Le Meghalaya, l'Etat où les chefs de famille sont des femmes. Feminism is in danger of becoming toxic. The scientist of Rosetta mission fame, Matt Taylor, is arguably better known at the moment for a shirt he wore, depicting scantily clad women than his extraordinary scientific breakthrough.

Feminism is in danger of becoming toxic

After a massive kerfuffle, led by feminists, Taylor broke down in tears at a briefing recently and said: “I made a big mistake and I offended many people, and I am very sorry about this.” Many would hail this as a feminist victory: a big-name scientist apologising on TV and being reduced to tears for his apparent sexism. We must have come a long way to wield so much influence. TV’s geek girls need to rise above being tech support · For Our Consideration. The 1999 animated series Batman Beyond took place in Gotham’s dark cyberpunk future, where old age forced Bruce Wayne into retirement until he found cocky high school student Terry McGinnis to follow in his crime-fighting footsteps.

TV’s geek girls need to rise above being tech support · For Our Consideration

It turns out that it’s a lot harder to keep your secret identity when you’ve got classes, a little brother, and a girlfriend than when your sole obligation is “billionaire playboy.” Soon, classmate Maxine Gibson figures out how Terry is spending his nights and demands to help. She tells Terry he can’t call her Robin, though, and he agrees—dubbing her Alfred instead. It’s a bad joke, because Robin’s a public persona, and understanding who Alfred is would require her to know a lot more backstory on the original Batman. Worse still, it defines how Terry, and the series, treated her. It’s as if writers feel that if they give women an interest in a male-dominated field, they’ve done enough to defy gender roles. L'essor de la misandrie ironique. Chaque mois, le Misandrist Book Club [club de lecture misandre, NdT] se réunit pour faire progresser sa machination secrète axée autour de la haine des hommes: deux douzaines de femmes, jeunes, actives et vivant aux quatre coins du pays, lisent des livres écrits exclusivement par des femmes –Trois amies de Judy Blume, The Flamethrowers de Rachel Kushner ou encore Americanah de Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie– et en discutent via une liste de diffusion.

L'essor de la misandrie ironique

Pourquoi les femmes sont en train de perdre et les homos de gagner aux Etats-Unis. Dans certaines parties des Etats-Unis, la contraception est plus polémique que le mariage homosexuel.

Pourquoi les femmes sont en train de perdre et les homos de gagner aux Etats-Unis

When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men. In the 1600s, a man named James Mattock was expelled from the First Church of Boston.

When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men

His crime? It wasn’t using lewd language or smiling on the sabbath or anything else that we might think the Puritans had disapproved of. Rather, James Mattock had refused to have sex with his wife for two years. Though Mattock’s community clearly saw his self-deprivation as improper, it is quite possible that they had his wife’s suffering in mind when they decided to shun him. The Puritans believed that sexual desire was a normal and natural part of human life for both men and women (as long as it was heterosexual and confined to marriage), but that women wanted and needed sex more than men. Yet today, the idea that men are more interested in sex than women is so pervasive that it seems almost unremarkable. The idea that men are naturally more interested in sex than women is ubiquitous that it’s difficult to imagine that people ever believed differently.

Yet the times were clearly changing. What if 'he' and 'she' were interchangeable in a game's story? Comments made by Assassin's Creed Unity developers during E3 kicked off a conversation about the gender of playable video game characters, and one game writer recently pondered whether it would matter if a character's gender were simply made interchangeable.

What if 'he' and 'she' were interchangeable in a game's story?

In response to Ubisoft's statement that more than 8,000 animations would have to be redone in order for Assassin's Creed Unity to offer female avatars in its co-op mode, an animator who worked on Assassin's Creed 3 told Polygon that developers could just "replace a handful of animations" since male and female skeletons aren't usually very different — although he admitted that would be a "compromise in quality. " The Danger of the Monster Myth.

Tom Meagher One of the most disturbing moments of the past eighteen months of my life was hearing my wife’s killer form a coherent sentence in court.

The Danger of the Monster Myth

Jill had been murdered almost six months earlier, and Adrian Bayley’s defence team were presenting a rather feeble case for a four-week adjournment of his committal hearing. Bayley appeared via video-link as I sat flanked by two friends and a detective. The screen was to my right, mounted high up and tilted slightly towards the bench. It was uncomfortably silent apart from the occasional paper shuffle or short flurry of keyboard clicks. Three days after Jill’s body was found, 30,000 people marched respectfully down Sydney Road. 1) Lack the ingredients of an archetypal villain and a relatable victim, 2) Are perpetrated and suffered in silence and 3) Are perpetrated by somebody known to the victim. Since Jill died, my inbox overflowed with messages from thousands of women who shared with me their stories of sexual and physical abuse. Like this: Le dernier film que vous avez vu passe-t-il le test de Bechdel? Des cinémas indépendants suédois attribuent un label aux films qui ont deux personnages féminins qui se parlent à un moment d'autre chose que d'un homme.

Le dernier film que vous avez vu passe-t-il le test de Bechdel?

Pas si facile... Réfléchissez deux minutes au dernier film que vous avez vu, au cinéma ou à la télé et posez-vous ces trois questions: 1) Est-ce qu'il y avait au moins deux personnages féminins dont on connaissait le nom? Hen: le nouveau pronom neutre qui fait polémique en Suède. Pour la plupart des gens, la Suède est un paradis pour femmes libérées.

Hen: le nouveau pronom neutre qui fait polémique en Suède

On y trouve le taux d'emploi féminin le plus important au monde et environ 2/3 des diplômes sont obtenus par des femmes. Le congé parental y dure en moyenne 480 jours, dont 60 exclusivement réservés aux papas, ce qui fait que, pour certains, ce pays a ouvert la voie à un nouveau type de masculinité nourricière. En 2010, le Forum économique mondial avait désigné la Suède comme le pays le plus sexuellement égalitaire du monde.

Mais pour de nombreux Suédois, l'égalité des sexes ne suffit pas. Beaucoup font pression pour que la nation nordique ne soit plus simplement sexuellement égalitaire, mais devienne sexuellement neutre. Selon cette idée, le gouvernement et la société ne devraient plus tolérer la moindre distinction entre les sexes. Le féminisme à l'épreuve du sextrémisme. Sexisme chez les geeks : Pourquoi notre communauté est malade, et comment y remédier. J’aimerais préciser quelque chose. Texte traduit.