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Differential Thermal Analyzer. If you want to download this product information Please click here.

Differential Thermal Analyzer

Hand Sheet Former. Refractometer. Potentiometric Titrator. If you want to download this product information Please click here Application: Widely used in food additives, food safety, pharmaceutical production, petrochemical, quality control, research institutions Typical titration applications: Features: 1.

Potentiometric Titrator

The compact designed integrated titrator and convenient automatic titration system a). Differential Thermal Analyzer. The process of ‘Differential Thermal Analysis’ is the most common method owing to its wide range of evidence provided.

Differential Thermal Analyzer

A Differential Thermal Analyzer is a potential machine designed to deliver highest calorimetric sensitivity in short time along with a condensation free sample chamber. Such features guarantee baseline stability and superior resolution over the entire instrument lifetime. Halogen Moisture Analyzer. Halogen Moisture Analyzer is an instrument of choice for the repetitive and routine moisture determination of some similar samples in the lab or in production, if reproducible and fast results shall be obtained.

Halogen Moisture Analyzer

It needs up to two different drying methods and gives accurate & reproducible results by sample. Some specific settings are needed to get such outcomes. Potentiometric Titrator. Looking for a device/instrument that will help you in titration process, you should go with that one which is reliable & simple to operate yet upgradeable and expandable?

Potentiometric Titrator

The potentiometric titrator offers the complete solution – the characteristics you asked for at a price you can afford. A potentiometric titrator can easily be upgraded to fit your mounting demands. Automatic potentiometric titrator is an essential diagnostic tool for chemical analysis and quality control. It is a very important laboratory instrument. It is compact in size and is capable of detecting multiple correspondence points.

With such facilities, a potentiometric titrator can work a solid helpful laboratory instrument. Microwave digestion Equipment. Metals that include platinum dissolve quite easily on a hot plate after adding aqua regia.

Microwave digestion Equipment

Melt Flow Indexer. The melt flow indexer is one of the most advanced devices available that is for the measurement of the melt characteristics of the thermoplastic polymers.

Melt Flow Indexer

To understand the melt flow, it is a key indicator for the producers, converters, and processors of plastic materials as it commands the pressures and temperatures required to manufacture the top and consistent quality products. The real barrel temperature can be measured using melt flow indexer to ensure that every examination is performed with the complete compliance full test documentation. It performs different types of tests such as MFI/MFR, Melt Density, Melt Volume Rate, Melts Viscosity, Shear Stress/Rate, and Spread values. Haze Meter. The haze meter is an essential tool for the industrial purpose.

Haze Meter

A haze meter offers fast & accurate measurement of optical quality of the transparent materials including plastic films and much more. This instrument measures the complete transmission & haze according to ASTM D1003 (CIE C), the most significant standard used in most of the QA applications. Produced in the direct response to industry requirements, the haze meter is offered at huge savings than to other instruments that contain superfluous additional test methods.

The meter features an intuitive user-friendly interface that minimizes the test time & makes it a perfect choice for both R&D and QC. Uncompromising design, tough built, smooth working, high-quality materials & robust manufacture make the haze meter the ideal choice for QA environment or any laboratory. The Haze meter has a spontaneous touch sensitive interface that makes it incredibly convenient and easy to use. Kjeldahl Apparatus. Bursting Strength Tester. Portable Gas Detector. Thermo gravimetric analyzer. If you want to download this product information Please click here.

Thermo gravimetric analyzer

Microwave digestion. Potentiometric Titrator. Refractometer. Solar Radiation Simulation Tester. Product If you want to download this product information Please click here.

Solar Radiation Simulation Tester

Melting Point Tester. If you want to download this product information Please click here Features: 1. Adopts the photoelectric automatic detection, dot matrix graphic LCD, touch panel. With functions of melting curve automatic recording, initial melting, final melting automatic display 2. Differential Thermal Analyzer. Melt Flow Indexer. If you want to download this product information Please click here To determine the melt mass-flow MFR (ɡ/10min), the melt volume-flow rate MFV(cm3/10min)and the melt density of thermo resin, for the engineering plastics of polycarbonate, nylon and fluorine plastics, etc, whose melt temperature are higher, but also fit for the plastics tests of polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS resin and poly-formaldehyde resin, etc, whose melt temperature are lower, it is widely applied to the fields of plastics materials, product, petrochemicalStandards: GB 3682, ISO 1133, ASTM D 1238, DIN 53735, UNI-5640, JJB878, and made according to JB/T5465 (Technical Standard of Melting Flow Rate Instrument).Tests performed: 1.

Adopts PID temperature control, digital display, 2. It can cut material automatically and manually, 3. It has two measuring method: melt mass-flow & melt volume-flow: MFR and MVR, 4.Print out the test report with built-in printer. 5. Dry Oven. Dry ovens are the devices that are used to remove water as well as other solvents from the substances placed inside. Whether they are used in the home to dry objects like flowers safely and quickly, or on industrial scales with the conveyor belts feeding the foodstuffs into the ovens all day long, the elementary functions of the dry oven remain the same. They remove the moisture through convection process and collecting it elsewhere so the items become dehydrated. Dry ovens are devices used to eliminate the moisture from items without cooking them. They’re used for various of purposes, from sterilizing the laboratory equipment to parching foodstuffs like raisins to extend its shelf life in the supermarket. Hand Sheet Former.

For the production of laboratory sheets for several physical tests, the design of drainage system caters with a uniform flow across all the length of wire, thus permitting especially uniform sheets. Laboratory sheets that are prepared by Hand sheet former from the suspensions of pulp are utilized for determining physical properties like apparent density, tear index, folding endurance light scattering coefficient, air resistance, and tensile index. Melt Flow Indexer. Microwave Digestion. Microwave is a technique which is used to dissolve the solid sample matrices into the aqueous liquid. This is simply achieved by placing a sample in the concentrated acid matrix in a closed vessel & exposing it to the microwave irradiation. Kjeldahl Apparatus. The traditional Kjeldahl apparatus for digestion consists in 250-ml flask capacity. Melting Point Tester. Polarimeter. Polarimeters are scientific instruments that are used to measure the rotation of a plane of polarized light because it passes through sample of a compound that exhibits optical activity.

Several chemical compounds exist in more than single optically active form. Each isomer or optically active form of a compound will be capable to rotate polarized light plane by an amount of characteristic of that isomer. Portable Gas Detector – Its Types. Portable Gas Detector, also referred as gas alert monitors, is actually a device that helps in gas detection. Differential Scanning Calorimetry. Kjeldahl Apparatus. Halogen Moisture Analyzer for Moisture Examination. Halogen Moisture Analyzer helps to analyze precision moisture content of samples. It determines the exact level of moisture in high level & trace moisture contents in the solids, liquids and gases. A wide arena of the industries has moisture examination as a key factor in the Quality Control.

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester. Polarimeter. If you want to download this product information Please click here. Refractometer. Melt Flow Indexer. SKZMD01 Microwave digestion. SKZ1040 Melting Point Tester. Portable Gas Detector. The professionals who work in hazardous environment require safety gears & devices for keeping themselves safe from the unforeseen danger. They make use of safety gears & devices according to the needs of industries they’re working in. Potentiometric Titrator. Haze Meter. Brightness Meter.