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Potentiometric Titrator. If you want to download this product information Please click here Application: Widely used in food additives, food safety, pharmaceutical production, petrochemical, quality control, research institutions Typical titration applications: Features: 1.

Potentiometric Titrator

The compact designed integrated titrator and convenient automatic titration system a). Burette valve integrated design, easy to replace, to avoid different titration, mutual interference of different solutions b). 2. 3. 4. Refractometer. Solar Radiation Simulation Tester. Product If you want to download this product information Please click here.

Solar Radiation Simulation Tester

Melting Point Tester. If you want to download this product information Please click here Features: 1.

Melting Point Tester

Differential Thermal Analyzer. If you want to download this product information Please click here Differential thermal analysis: temperature under program control, the relationship and difference of temperature between the measured material and the material and the reference.The DTA curves is to describe the changing relationship depending on temperature and time between the measured material and the reference compound.

Differential Thermal Analyzer

During the test, the sample temperature changes due to the phase change or an endothermic or exothermic reaction effects. For example: the phase transition, melting, changing the crystal structure, boiling, sublimation, evaporation, dehydrogenation, cracking or decomposition reaction of oxidation or reduction reaction, destroy the lattice structure.Technical parameters:1 . Temperature range : room temperature ~ 1150 ℃2 . Measure Range : 0 ~ ± 2000μV 3 . Melt Flow Indexer. If you want to download this product information Please click here To determine the melt mass-flow MFR (ɡ/10min), the melt volume-flow rate MFV(cm3/10min)and the melt density of thermo resin, for the engineering plastics of polycarbonate, nylon and fluorine plastics, etc, whose melt temperature are higher, but also fit for the plastics tests of polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS resin and poly-formaldehyde resin, etc, whose melt temperature are lower, it is widely applied to the fields of plastics materials, product, petrochemicalStandards: GB 3682, ISO 1133, ASTM D 1238, DIN 53735, UNI-5640, JJB878, and made according to JB/T5465 (Technical Standard of Melting Flow Rate Instrument).Tests performed: 1.

Melt Flow Indexer

Adopts PID temperature control, digital display, 2. It can cut material automatically and manually, 3. It has two measuring method: melt mass-flow & melt volume-flow: MFR and MVR, 4.Print out the test report with built-in printer. 5. Dry Oven. Dry ovens are the devices that are used to remove water as well as other solvents from the substances placed inside.

Dry Oven

Whether they are used in the home to dry objects like flowers safely and quickly, or on industrial scales with the conveyor belts feeding the foodstuffs into the ovens all day long, the elementary functions of the dry oven remain the same. They remove the moisture through convection process and collecting it elsewhere so the items become dehydrated. Dry ovens are devices used to eliminate the moisture from items without cooking them. Hand Sheet Former. For the production of laboratory sheets for several physical tests, the design of drainage system caters with a uniform flow across all the length of wire, thus permitting especially uniform sheets.

Hand Sheet Former

Laboratory sheets that are prepared by Hand sheet former from the suspensions of pulp are utilized for determining physical properties like apparent density, tear index, folding endurance light scattering coefficient, air resistance, and tensile index. The conditions of sheet making need to be similar to commercial production. Melt Flow Indexer. Microwave Digestion. Microwave is a technique which is used to dissolve the solid sample matrices into the aqueous liquid.

Microwave Digestion

This is simply achieved by placing a sample in the concentrated acid matrix in a closed vessel & exposing it to the microwave irradiation. Kjeldahl Apparatus. The traditional Kjeldahl apparatus for digestion consists in 250-ml flask capacity.

Kjeldahl Apparatus

Macro Kjeldahl Apparatus started to appear for the volume from 400 – 800 ml, suggested for the samples that have very low amount of nitrogen & handle comparatively big sample size. Smaller version which appeared on the market was micro Kjeldahl, consisting of minor capacity flasks of 30 – 100 ml volume, generally used with the low sample amount. Aluminum heating blocks are planned to accept numerous straight digestion tubes together. They generally accommodate from 6 p to 20, at the same time. Melting Point Tester. The automatic melting point tester is a device that uses the latest technique in digital image processing, to correctly identify the melt of few samples simultaneously.

Melting Point Tester

It comes with a color VGA display. Melt can be watches on this in real time. It can capture the melt video for later use as well. The melting point tester is a fully programmable device that is used via touch screen display. Polarimeter. Polarimeters are scientific instruments that are used to measure the rotation of a plane of polarized light because it passes through sample of a compound that exhibits optical activity. Several chemical compounds exist in more than single optically active form. Each isomer or optically active form of a compound will be capable to rotate polarized light plane by an amount of characteristic of that isomer. Polarimetry is a very sensitive and nondestructive method to measuring optical activity exhibited by some organic and inorganic.

Portable Gas Detector – Its Types. Portable Gas Detector, also referred as gas alert monitors, is actually a device that helps in gas detection. Differential Scanning Calorimetry. Kjeldahl Apparatus. Halogen Moisture Analyzer for Moisture Examination. Halogen Moisture Analyzer helps to analyze precision moisture content of samples. It determines the exact level of moisture in high level & trace moisture contents in the solids, liquids and gases. A wide arena of the industries has moisture examination as a key factor in the Quality Control.

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester. Polarimeter. If you want to download this product information Please click here. Refractometer. Melt Flow Indexer. SKZMD01 Microwave digestion. SKZ1040 Melting Point Tester. Portable Gas Detector. The professionals who work in hazardous environment require safety gears & devices for keeping themselves safe from the unforeseen danger. They make use of safety gears & devices according to the needs of industries they’re working in. Portable Gas Detector are safety devices which are used for the detection of any kind of gas leakage in atmosphere. This Portable Gas Detector is available for both the industrial and domestic usage. Potentiometric Titrator. Haze Meter. Brightness Meter.