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Range of Heavy Duty Shelving Rack Options supporting over 1600KGs available online. Ergonomic Office Furniture including Chairs & Desks for your office.

Pallet racking for sale in Melbourne. SkyTeck is your one stop online shop for all your Heavy Duty Storage and Shelving needs in Melbourne.

Pallet racking for sale in Melbourne

SkyTeck Shelving system's original designs suits both, your home and professional needs. Our products provide you with solutions for shelving, racking and storage in your garage, workshop or heavy industrial setup. Whether it is metal shelving, pallet racking, industrial or steel racking, SkyTeck has got it all.

We have products that can handle weights ranging from 150kgs to 1600kgs. Buy Ergonomic Office Chairs online Melbourne. Wall Mounted Storage Boxes & Panels. Wall Mounted Storage Boxes have become a necessity.

Wall Mounted Storage Boxes & Panels

Be it a home based garage or an industry standard workshop or a mobile business, wall mounted storage boxes are quickly turning into a must have gear for professionals. This highly functional storage system keeps your work area clutter free, while separating and storing parts and individual tools. SkyTeck's wall mounted storage boxes are an easy way to organise small accessories while having quick access to them. It provides the perfect place to easily stash and retrieve frequently used items while keeping the work area neat and organised. It is a simple solution to freeing-up valuable floor space in a garage, attic, basement, workshop or other areas of operation. Our wall mounted storage boxes are made of heavy-duty material. The storage boxes that SkyTeck uses for its wall mounted storage can withstands extreme temperatures, high humidity and everyday wear and tear.

SkyTeck offers 20 & 28 piece Wall Mounted Storage boxes. How a few simple changes to your office can help boost productivity. A normal working person spends almost one-third of their day at work.

How a few simple changes to your office can help boost productivity

These days, most people are confined to sedentary desk jobs that offer little mobility. This has proven to cause several health concerns such as obesity, sugar, blood pressure, and mainly spinal issues, back pains, and related problems. When one is made to sit on a chair for extended hours, it is important that they are provided with ergonomic office chairs to comfortably complete their tasks. However, several employers do not understand this and provide their staff with mediocre-quality office furniture and chairs that do not offer proper back support and end up causing physical ailments in employees.

This eventually leads to decreased productivity, which affects the overall performance of the organisation. Reduce injury – Sitting on improper chairs for a long time can lead to musculoskeletal system disorders. Adjustable – Every employee is of a different size and height, and they come with different requirements. Computer Chair For Sale. SkyTeck offers a wide range of workstation furniture in Melbourne.

Computer Chair For Sale

We deal in a variety of Computer chairs and desks. Our furniture products have been designed and engineered to suit the requirements of your job. SkyTeck Computer Chairs come is various sizes and shapes to accommodate different body types. We have computer chairs that have backs extending to the upper back for greater support. The high back design helps in relieving tension in the lower back which prevents long term strain. PALLET RACKING FOR SALE MELBOURNE. The Benefits of Racking Systems for Businesses Large and Small – Sky Teck. A racking system is a carefully designed structure of racks, usually used in industries and factories for storage purposes.

The Benefits of Racking Systems for Businesses Large and Small – Sky Teck

Industrial racking systems are usually made of metals such as stainless steel to ensure strong structures that can hold weight. Though normal organisations and office spaces can utilise racking systems to store various commodities, they are an absolute necessity in warehouses and factories. Here are some of the benefits of racking systems for businesses: 1.Storage – When it comes to factories and production units, storage space is a very important factor. One cannot increase the floor area but can stock up items in a horizontal manner.

Industrial Steel Workbench For Sale Melbourne. Workbenches are an essential gear for any sort of lightweight or heavy duty operation in a garage, a workshop or an industrial set up. These days it has become a necessity for professionals to have a highly functional workbench to carry out their tasks. At SkyTeck we understand these requirements and have some of the best workbenches for sale in Melbourne. Our multi functional workbenches are comfortable and are built at an ideal height that is good for working while seated or standing. We provide enough and more space on the workbenches by providing top and bottom shelves that are perfect for storing, and accessing tools. The heavy duty steel construction ensure that you have a quality and highly durable product that you can depend on no matter what setup you are working in.

SkyTeck workbenches combine storage space with functionality. These mini workstations can support heavy duty machinery and can also bear heavy loads. Office Computer Table and Desk For Sale In Melbourne. SkyTeck offers a variety of quality office furniture in Melbourne.

Office Computer Table and Desk For Sale In Melbourne

We deal in a wide range of computer desks and Reception desks. Our office furniture products have been engineered to fulfill the needs and requirements of your daily office operations. Reception area is the space where your customers and employees are first introduced to when they come to your office. In order to make that flawless first impression you need to have a Reception Desk. SkyTeck offers a variety of Reception Desks that not just have an impact on the look and feel of your office space but also adds to its functionality. Looking For Ideal Office Furniture on Sale in Melbourne? – Sky Teck.

Furniture shopping for your office can sound easy but there is a lot more to office furniture than buying a couple of desks and chairs.

Looking For Ideal Office Furniture on Sale in Melbourne? – Sky Teck

Your choices affect the overall productivity and environment of your office. It’s always a good idea to understand a few things before buying office furniture especially online. For instance, if you are buying a computer desk for your office, here are some quick tips that will ensure maximum benefit from your purchase –1.Needs of the end user i.e. the employees2.Size constraints of your premises3.Should match your office environment4.Think comfort and ergonomics5.Ease of portability in the long run6.LongevityBuying furniture for your office shouldn’t be a challenging task but quite often it can turn into a nightmare. You might have come across of hundreds of cheap furniture sale advertisements but think again before getting lured into a deal that just rips you off!

Like this: Like Loading... Ergonomic Office Chairs & Reception Desks. Install Garage Shelf Racks And Reap The Amazing Benefits – Sky Teck. Having a garage is a big advantage for homeowners.

Install Garage Shelf Racks And Reap The Amazing Benefits – Sky Teck

This space is not only used to keep the vehicles safe, but it can also be used to store extra things at our home. At times, we forget the key purpose of a garage. There are many companies in Melbourne that offer steel racking for sale to utilize the space in the garage.Why install shelf racks in garage? Sufficient storage racking in the garage will completely transform the way your garage looks and allow us to make the maximum use of the space. Garage shelving systems Melbourne are available in different sizes and also be customized to suit your need. Like this: Like Loading... Range of Heavy Duty Shelving Rack Options supporting over 1600KGs available online. Steel Racking For Sale In Melbourne. Steel Work Bench For Sale Melbourne.