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Skylar Engle

To YOU, thanks for taking the time to listen to me rant: I hate hypocrites and slow drivers- that break check me and cut me off. I am not an optimist: I am not a pessimist: I am a realist. You might think that I am negative and that I bitch a lot- but I really just can't stand ignorant, stupid Americans, which in then turns me into a raging cunt. I hate when people don't use full sentences via texting and instant messaging. This has led our youth to be illiterate. I can't stand new age parents and their bratty children. People need to be required to take exams, have an IQ that's at least 120, and take parenting classes before they procreate. We have to be 18 to vote, we have to be 21 to drink, we have to be 24 to rent a car...Why is there no age limit for having kids??? Especially with the over population problem. I don't understand this country and its laws against gay marriage. If women have the right to their own bodies with the topic of abortion then why can't people have the right to marry who they want <not for the holy, sacred bond of Christianity> but for the legal advantages such as health insurance and taxes? Oh that's right...because the fucking Bible dictates what we can and cannot do in this "open" to all religions country. I love my parents < SONJA AND JOHN ENGLE> - They're my hero's. <3 They have taught me to be open minded, sincere, compassionate, and to appreciate everything that is done for me, given to me, or said to me. Thank you mom and dad for giving me this life. I love you and don't know what I would do without you. Things I <3: Reading. Art. Painting. Drawing. Printmaking. Ceramics. Weaving. Carving. Crocheting/Knitting/Macramé. Beading. Sewing. Wrapping Boxes. Hair Styling/Cutting/Dying. Labeling. Organizing. Cleaning. Poetry. Dance. Running at Night. Nalgene Bottles. Big sunglasses. Cardigan Sweaters. Over Sized Sweaters. Hooded Sweaters. Dark Denim. Cut-Off Denim Shorts. Green. Turquoise. BLACK. Red Lipstick. Scarves. Leggings. Beer. Grey Hounds. Gin n’ Tonics. Skinny Dipping. Glaciers. Pink & Purple Sky’s. Snowboarding. Sour Straws. Now and Laters. Zots. Hi-Chews. Bagels. Grapefruits or Artificial Grapefruit Flavored Candy. Hot n’ Spicy McChicken with Cheese and Honey Mustard Sauce. Frenchies. Biking through the Mountains of AK. Bodies of Water. Bridges. La Lune. Kayaking. Hemp. Underwear. Cut off sweat pants. Tea. Slippers. High heels. Eyes. Angelina Jolie. Peace Corps. Surgery. Law. Lotus. Orchids. Birds. Cherry Blossoms. Glasses. Bangs. Silver. Driving in the Mander with Carrie singing Pat Benetar's Hit me with your best shot and Christina's Come On Over. Beaches. Wind. Rain. Snow. 1:23 am. Collar bones. Achilles Tendons. Lesbians. Rainbows. Tapioca Pudding. Black and White Photos. The numbers 3,7, and 19. Ink Roller pens and mechanical pencils. Clouds. Mittens not gloves. Collages. <3 Girls don't fart or burp, therefore we have to bitch or we explode. ...

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