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How to make a 2d Platform Game – part 1. Hello, and welcome back to my blog!

How to make a 2d Platform Game – part 1

Its been a long time coming, but finally I’ve managed to get some time to work on the blog again… In this first instalment of a series blog articles, I’m going to be explaining step by step how you make this 2d platform game: Click the game to give it focus… Apologies for the programmer art, and my level design (not my best qualities!) The language is actionscript 3.0, but the techniques are applicable to all languages. Inspiration. XKlibur — Blog & Design Bunker. Desarrollo de videojuegos: Entrevista a Xklibur. Flash Game Dojo: Getting Started. Code. We love to publish source code and tutorials and you’ll find plenty of them on this site.


We’ve split them into 4 main sections: HTML5 Game Development. Flixel a flash game library and coding community - Homepage.