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Games & Mods. Movil. Actionscript 3. C# Programming. SproutCore, la competencia en JavaScript a Flex y Flash. 10 tecnologías web a aprender en el 2012. Serious HAXE. Principles of Color and the Color Wheel. Add the right feeling and mood to your site using the color wheel, mix and match hues and create effective color schemes.

Principles of Color and the Color Wheel

The first color wheel has been around for more than 300 years and was developed by Sir Isaac Newton, according to ColourLovers. Other color charts, though, existed before that time. The basic design has evolved over time but the concept remains the same – almost any color combination from the wheel will work together. A basic color wheel features 12 colors that can be combined in a variety of ways to create a number of different effects.

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5 presentaciones de Node.js. Webintenta - blog de recursos y desarrollo web. Serious jQuery. CodeJobs - Share codes & find a job! Kendo Blog Posts > Building Your First Kendo UI Mobile PhoneGap Application. Build a Contacts Manager Using Backbone.js: Part 1. In this tutorial, we're going to look at building a fully functional contacts manager using Backbone.js, Underscore.js, and jQuery.

Build a Contacts Manager Using Backbone.js: Part 1

We'll take a look at the basic components that make Backbone tick as well as some of the convenience methods exposed by Underscore. What Exactly Are All These Libraries? Backbone is an architectural framework that allows us to easily create non-trivial JavaScript applications using MVC-style organisation and structure. Backbone isn't considered true MVC – C is for Collection not Controller, but it still offers many of the same benefits and enables us to write powerful yet maintainable code. Underscore is a utility library that provides enhanced functionality to JavaScript, adding additional functions for working with arrays, collections, functions and objects. Ender - the no-library library. 15 Icon (@font-face) Web Fonts to Improve your User Interfaces. Nowadays web applications have greatly increased and they make extensive use of icons for their user interfaces.

15 Icon (@font-face) Web Fonts to Improve your User Interfaces

Thanks to @font-face rule we should include icons within our web pages using icon web fonts instead of single images. In this post we have collected 15 sets of icon web fonts that you can use to design your user interfaces. The Return of Adventure Games. The Return of Adventure Games Growing up I never really took a shine to adventure games.

The Return of Adventure Games

I was very impatient and didn’t like to be mentally bested by a game. How to make a gravity-based platformer. There has been a bit of interest and intrigue about how I made the gravity mechanics in AirScape.

How to make a gravity-based platformer

So I have decided to write my first tutorial on how I did it, and show how simple it really is. The first thing I must say, is that this method was conceived by Yann Granjon. I did not come up with the idea, I simply implemented it. Building a platform game - a beginner's guide. You'll learn how to:- Best use built-in behaviors- Switch animations: standing > running > falling ...- Test for progress and award points Building blocks - the objects to insert Key to a platform game are two types of objects: Solids and Platforms. Solids are obvious: they form the floors and walls that restrict players' movements. Platforms have a name which might confuse you initially: rather than being the platforms on which players stand and fight and run and jump, they're the objects that do the standing and fighting and running and jumping.

Apuntes sobre Game Design y programación web - HTML5 Game Makers : Lost Decade Games.

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HTML5 Game Development. Beginning HTML5 Game Development. Goals: Learn to use the <canvas> tag.Learn to separate logic to separate source files.Setup a basic game loop.

Beginning HTML5 Game Development

One thing I never liked about programming tutorials is that most are derived from some completed project. Now there’s nothing particularly wrong with this other than the author doesn’t take the time to provide a well documented skeleton to work from, something free of the bloat code specific to their game. Case Study: Bouncy Mouse. Introduction After publishing Bouncy Mouse on iOS and Android at the end of last year, I learned a few very important lessons.

Case Study: Bouncy Mouse

Key among them was that breaking into an established market is hard. Moe Fundamentalism. Pickle. Flixel a flash game library and coding community - Homepage.

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Aplicaciones para programar. Resumen del curso HTML5. Python. Serios Python. Serious Ruby. Serious Javascript.