HTML5 Game Development

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Box2dweb - Box2DFlash port to javascript. Overview This is a port of Box2DFlash 2.1a to JavaScript.

box2dweb - Box2DFlash port to javascript

I developed an ActionScript 3 -to- JavaScript compiler to generate the code. There already exists a port to JavaScript called Box2dJs, but it's not up-to-date and you have to import a big amount of JavaScript files in every project, whereas my version is stored in a single file. The Box2D physics engine was developed by Erin Catto (visit for further information) Live Demo. JsGameSoup: A Free Software framework for making games using Javascript and open web technologies.

GameJs. A Developer’s Guide to HTML5 Canvas. Indie Game Developer McFunkypants. HTML5 Multiplayer with Node.js and Socket.IO. Open Source multiplayer platform for HTML5 based games. 15 Icon (@font-face) Web Fonts to Improve your User Interfaces. Nowadays web applications have greatly increased and they make extensive use of icons for their user interfaces.

15 Icon (@font-face) Web Fonts to Improve your User Interfaces

Thanks to @font-face rule we should include icons within our web pages using icon web fonts instead of single images. In this post we have collected 15 sets of icon web fonts that you can use to design your user interfaces. Html - Sublime Text 2 Keyboard shortcut to open file in Chrome. Canvas From Scratch. PHP Scripts, WordPress Plugins, HTML5, jQuery, and CSS. Bouncy Mouse. Introduction After publishing Bouncy Mouse on iOS and Android at the end of last year, I learned a few very important lessons.

Bouncy Mouse

Key among them was that breaking into an established market is hard. Adventures in JavaScript Development. Taming the SVG Beast. Mobile Game Primer. Until recently, performance of browser-based games for mobile devices has lagged significantly behind desktop performance.

Mobile Game Primer

If you wanted to create a Canvas-based mobile game, performance was terrible and you needed to build your game around the limitations of the platform. Developing a usable game meant using tricks like scaling up from very low resolutions or doing partial screen updates instead of full refreshes, meaning your game design was limited by the platform’s weaknesses rather than your creativity. SXSW 2012 - Do Gamers Dream of HTML5 Sheep? - Game Developers. Build New Games.

2D Game art for HTML5 Game Programmers. Posted 16:16PM on March 17 2012 by Pascal Rettig Chris Hildenbrand has a great blog called 2D Game Art for Programmers targeted at programmers designing art for 2D games, focusing on using open-source tools such as Inkscape.

2D Game art for HTML5 Game Programmers

Also check out Chris' introductory post on GamaSutra which covers a lot of the basics and is a huge boom to indie-developers without design skills. Cloud9 IDE – Your code anywhere, anytime.