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Sky Glass are Structual and Architectural glaziers, specialising in Roof Lights, Walk on Glass, Glass Balustrad, Glass Partitions, Juliet Balconies and Doors

Post System And Rails Option. What is the difference between a skylight, rooflight or roof window? What is the difference between a skylight, rooflight or roof window?

What is the difference between a skylight, rooflight or roof window?

What is the difference between a skylight, rooflight or roof window? If you are looking to add value, extra natural lighting or even an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home or commercial space we might have just the thing for you. For some choosing a skylight is the style for them, for others, a rooflight is favoured and in some cases a roof window is the preferred option, but what are the differences between these 3 glazed products, and which would suit your property? Now to most of us, all 3 options sound very alike, and in some ways there are similarities, but let’s have a proper look to understand the differences and what might be right for you… Skylight Bespoke options, beautiful addition to your property. Rooflight Usually fitted on a flat roof, the Rooflight is often a popular choice as it comes in a huge range of styles, shapes and sizes.

Eave Rooflights In London. Walk on Rooflight In London. Flat Rooflights Design & Manufacturers. Glass Juliet Balcony - Glass Balustrades - Sky Glass Ltd. We adore the romanticism and origins that gave Juliet Balconies their name.

Glass Juliet Balcony - Glass Balustrades - Sky Glass Ltd

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this story made this style of balconies a very popular and classic choice for commercial and residential properties alike. We can all picture a Juliet balcony in our minds when we think of the play itself. Regal and sophisticated, I wonder if that is why they are such a popular choice for our clients. As Sky Glass, we pride ourselves on our highly expert and professional team, from our customer service to designers, installation to aftercare. We love what we do and it shows.

Value and Visual Adding value to any property with a Juliet balcony is really a no-­‐brainer. Has the Room got bigger Added space with the balcony may not actually add as much as you think but the illusion of extra space is a real game-changer for the overall feel of the room. ROOFLIGHT – SKYLIGHT – SKY GLASS LTD used. Rooflight - Flat Rooflight - Skylight - Sky Glass Ltd London UK. Our tailored solutions mean providing you and your home with stylish, durable and high-quality rooflights; it is our passion and our pleasure.

Rooflight - Flat Rooflight - Skylight - Sky Glass Ltd London UK

We are experts in assessing, advising and installing the right rooflight to fit your needs. Whether your home needs more natural light, and aesthetically pleasing feature or you are looking to add more value to your property; installing a rooflight is a smart and affordable choice. At Sky glass, our expert team can offer many installation services to suit your home. A particularly popular area of demand from our clients is Rooflights for Flat roofs. But why are they so popular? Energy Efficient Keeping track of your carbon footprint is everyone’s cross to bear. Money-Saving With more light and heat coming through the rooflight, utility bills are known to reduce quite drastically.

Let there be Light With more natural light flooding your home daily, your home can truly become a place of calm, tranquil and relaxing. Balcony Constructions - SKY GLASS Ltd United Kingdom. A Juliet balcony is a very narrow balcony with a safety railing on the high storey of a building or home.

Balcony Constructions - SKY GLASS Ltd United Kingdom

There is growing use of the first floor and above modern and full height glazing that opens up. Giving more light and air to a property it is an attractive solution. Balcony constructions are complex to install, there is wide use of basic barrier solutions known in the UK as Juliet Balconies. Walk On Glass London.

Stylish Staircase. In my point of view good looking or stylish staircase add beauty or elegance to your place.

Stylish Staircase

In these days, trends change into the traditional staircase to glass balustrade staircase because the people like the simple and graceful look. The interior designer has emphasized the importance of staircases in a home’s interior design and has also designed many unique kinds of staircases for their clients across the world. Everybody wants an impressive and dissimilar staircase for their house. Skylight - Roof Light Glazing - Sky Glass LTD London. Skylight Glazing Mostly we wanted a skylight glazing to improve our home’s energy efficiency.

Skylight - Roof Light Glazing - Sky Glass LTD London

There is a different kind of skylights are available in the market for this purpose, but you have to decide on the orientation and the climate of your surroundings. you may even want different types of glazing for different skylights throughout your home. Skylight glazing can be consisting of either plastic or glass. Other glazing technologies may also be used for solar heat control. Flat Rooflights London. Onefinestay. Flat Rooflight Manufacturers London. Shower Enclosures. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Glass Balustrad - SkyGlass. Glass BalustradesAt Sky Glass we understand what truly makes for a stylish, reliable and robust glass balustrade.

Glass Balustrad - SkyGlass

With safety in mind, all of the glass balustrades we offer perfectly balance modern, elegant design with strong, robust materials, able to provide your home with an ergonomic and sophisticated feature. Able to turn functional into fashionable, they provide a room with a unique quality that simply can’t be matched.​Design and AppealWhether you are thinking of getting a glass balustrade for your staircase, pool, balcony or patio we have a style for you. Always a popular architectural design choice thanks to their versatility, durability and stylish sophistication. Allowing light to naturally flow into any room they are in, it’s a fantastic way of brightening up a space that might be a little dark.

Not only are they able to create an illusion of space but they are also easy to clean and will fit with any type of decor seamlessly.

Sky Glass Structual & Architectura Glaziers London, UK